30 Chic Ideas to Achieve a Beautiful Ash Brown Hair


If you want to give yourself a trendy hair makeover, you should definitely try coloring it ash brown. This is not only a gorgeous color that, once you’ve found the right shade, can flatter just anyone, but it’s also a low-maintenance color that will let you enjoy a care-free and easy hairstyle. If you ask us, ash brown hair is a must try!

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Finding the perfect ash brown hair look

The name “ash brown” may not sound as exciting as other color names, but don’t be fooled! This gorgeous combination of silver and brown is a great way to step up your natural brown or blonde color.

Ash brown hair is especially suited for women that have skin with cool undertone, since it has a slight nod to grey. However, if you have a warm undertone, you can still add ash brown highlights, if you have natural dark hair, or lowlights for light hair color.

Whichever is your case, there’s no denying that this fabulous color has a real potential. Proof of this is the wide array of celebrities who have decided to rock this color.

Fashion models like Lily Rose Depp or Barbara Palvin  are among these celebrities. Natural blondes or brown hair girls like them will definitely rock this color with no effort at all. Chic and completely flattering, ash brown brings out the best of your complexion.

30 Stunning ash brown hair ideas

If you’re unsure whether ash brown is the color for you, try checking out first these 30 hair ideas that will, hopefully, convince you that this color is worth trying. Whether you want to try something new or simply are on the look for the best hair color, these ash brown hair ideas will inspire you to try it. 

1.  All-ash brown hair color idea for long lengths

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If you have long, healthy hair, what better way to show it off than with a monochrome ash brown look? This is a stunning example of how chic and classy this color can make you look. You can add subtle and soft highlights for some extra shine, or let it speak all by itself with a solid look.

2.  Gorgeous wavy ash brown hair

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Forget about high and lowlights. An all-solid ash brown hair is enough to make a statement, especially when you have long and thick hair like the example. Soft waves will help you elevate your gorgeous hair color, adding texture and shine. Chic and elegant, this hairstyle idea is a great every-day look you can easily recreate.

3.  Pretty dark hair with ash brown highlights


If you have natural dark brown hair, adding a lighter ash shade will help you illuminate your face. The best part of this look is that it’s easy to maintain and will let you enjoy a fabulous hairstyle that won’t require many visits to the hair parlor.

4.  Ash brown and blonde color melt idea for chocolate hair

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Chocolate brown and ash brown are a perfect match, and this color melt hairstyle is the living proof. The best part of both shades is that they blend perfectly, resulting in a subtle gradient look that looks natural. Add blonde highlights for some extra shine and voilà! A gorgeous and elegant way to step up your brown hair game. 

5.  Light ash brown with blonde highlights


Ash brown hair with blonde highlights is a great way to lighten your hair. Whether you enjoy light hair colors or simply want to shake things up, adding blonde highlights will always be a complete yes.

6.  Chic and classy medium-length hair with ash brown highlights

Long Hair With Ash Gray Coloring

Update your classic brunette hairstyle with ash brown highlights. Dark chocolate hair is the perfect excuse for rocking ash brown anything. Pair it with thin golden highlights for some extra glow and get ready to steal tons of compliments.

7.  Stunning ash brown balayage for shoulder length hair

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If you have a shoulder length bob, try doing an ash brown balayage to step up your look. Whether you have natural black hair or any shade of brown, a beautifully done gradient look that finished with ash brown will always be a great idea.

8.  Soft ash brown and blonde highlights for light hair

Chocolate Ash Blonde | It's time for a color change. Among the many hair color trends for 2018, hues with a little smoke are on the rise to the top. Traditional blondes and brunettes covered with a veil of gray are the ultimate cool-girl hair color now. These ash blonde hair colors are all over Instagram and Pinterest too. If that color sounds a little too out there for you, there are some subtle ash blonde trends that might surprise you too. Take a peek at a few of our favorites.

Ash brown and ash blonde go perfectly together. If you enjoy light hair colors, try recreating this look that combines both colors with the help of high and low lights. It’s not entirely brown nor blonde, which will let you enjoy the best of both worlds.

9.  Dark rooted ash brown hair color idea

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Dark rooted ash brown hair looks absolutely chic, especially on short bobs. The texture and dimension of the look makes short hairstyles like this one look much more sophisticated. It’s a great idea for women who are looking for low-maintenance hairstyles as well.

10.    Sleek ash brown hair dye

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An all-ash brown hairstyle is enough to make a strong statement. Try straightening your hair and adding hair oil drops for some extra shine, and you will have this beautiful and sleek ash brown hairstyle look that will elevate any outfit.

11.    Ash brown balayage for long hair

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If you’re looking for a way to update your hairstyle without chopping it off, don’t worry! You can keep your length as it is and simply opt for a brown ash balayage to shake things up. Sleek and elegant, a long hairstyle like this one is a complete attention grabber.

12.    Stunning ash brown highlights that illuminate the hair


Ash brown ribbons look absolutely chic on short, wavy bobs. The contrast between the natural black or dark brown hair against this lighter shade of brown, along with the soft waves are a powerful combination that will add movement and dimension to your hair.

13.    Cool ash brown color block idea for dark hair

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If you enjoy unique and bold hairstyle that aren’t too over-the-top, a cool ash brown color block will definitely do the trick. All you need to do is dye the bottom half ash brown and let it create an eye-catching hairstyle look that won’t go unnoticed.

14.    Black to ash brown hair color idea


Black hair and ash brown are a perfect combination, especially if you opt for a flawlessly made balayage. A black upper half that melts into ash brown is a great way to step up your usual black hairstyle. Beach wavy hair will make your hair look effortlessly chic!

15.    Subtle dark ash brown balayage

Smokey Ash Blonde – Salon Guys

If you love natural-looking hairstyles, try this subtle ash brown balayage. The trick here is to have a natural brown hair that melts into a dark ash brown, creating a subtle gradient effect that will illuminate the hair in a very natural way.

16.    Chocolate hair with thin, light brown highlights

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Opting for thin, delicate ash brown highlights that contrast with dark hair is another great option for those who love to illuminate their hair. A small addition like these thin highlights is enough to lift up your usual brown hair.

17.    Eye-catching long hair with ash brown color melt

Image discovered by Athina Siamou. Find images and videos about hair on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love.

A beautiful ash brown color melt is one of the chicest options for women with long, straight hair. The result? A sleek, elegant and flirty healthy-looking hair that will make you regret you didn’t try this earlier. Add subtle caramel highlights for an extra dimension.

18.    Pretty dark ash brown hair dye

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Dark ash brown hairstyles are just as gorgeous as lighter looks. This all-dark ash brown idea demonstrates that sometimes, going basic is simply as stunning as opting for multi-dimensional hairstyles. Chic and classy, this dark ash brown hair will flatter just about anyone.

19.    Ash brown hair idea for medium bobs

RX_1802_Mushroom Brown Hair Color Trend_Muted Metallic

Medium bobs are one of the trendiest haircuts of the moment, but if you want to make yours stand out, try a chic hair color like ash brown. It’s not as popular as caramel or chocolate brown, yet it’s a chic twist on the classic brunette look that help you achieve that unique looking bob.

20.    Gorgeous caramel hair with ash brown color melt

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Chestnut or caramel brown hair that melts into ash brown is a gorgeous option to elevate your hairstyle. A light ash brown color melt like this one will make you look chic and sophisticated, especially if you have healthy and shine hair.

21.    Blonde hair with ash brown lowlights

Mushroom Brown Hair Is Trending And It’s Prettier Than It Sounds - Southern Living #lightbrownhair

If you don’t want to go fully blonde, a light ash brown hair dye with blonde highlights will do the trick. This color combination is powerful, helping you pull-off a sophisticated and shiny hairstyle that will stand out.

22.    Gorgeous thick hair with light ash brown color melt


A paler version of ash brown, this killer dark rooted hairstyle idea is a great option for women who enjoy bold looks. The trick here is to make a cool contrast between the ash brown and the dark roots. It’s definitely an unusual hair color dye that won’t go unnoticed.

23.    Pretty ash brown and blonde highlights


As we have mentioned, blonde and ash brown are two colors that blend beautifully. This dark brown hair combines these two colors into thin highlights, illuminating the entire look. If you have a shoulder-length bob, you should add this idea on the top of your list.

24.    Long wavy hair with ash brown ends

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Long, thick hair like this one is a great excuse to show off a gorgeous ash brown balayage. Simply stunning, wavy ends will help you achieve a multi-dimensional and textured hairstyle that will add that sophisticated factor to your outfits.

25.    Light ash brown with dark roots

Greige Hair Is Trending—And You’ll Actually Want to Try This Cool Neutral | Southern Living

A light ash brown balayage is a great option for women who don’t want to go too dark. A soft smokey shade of brown styled into soft beach waves can become your new signature style. This is a subtle nod to blonde hair that will make you look unique and cool. 

26.    Short bob with caramel and ash brown highlights


Caramel and ash brown are another powerful color combo that looks stunning over brunette hair. Try adding both with thin highlights that will make your natural brown hair look natural and chic. A great way to elevate your short bob, these caramel and ash brown highlights will add shine and texture to your hairstyle.

27.    Beautiful chestnut hair with ash brown ends

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If you’re looking for a way to shake up your usual chestnut hair, try adding ash brown highlights. This hairstyle idea is a gorgeous option that will take your chestnut color to the next level. The result? A unique and eye-catching hairstyle that will steal tons of compliments.

28.    Sophisticated textured ash brown hair 

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Brunettes should always strive for that multi-textured ash brown hair look. This idea is a must! Combining soft golden and ash brown highlights, a gorgeous multi-textured effect has been achieved while still maintaining a natural-looking hair.

29.    Ash brown and golden highlights for short hair


A great way to illuminate a short bob hairstyle is with the help of golden and ash brown highlights. Easy and chic, this hairstyle idea will help you look classy on a daily basis, elevating a chic haircut in the easiest way possible.

30.    Perfect ash brown highlights for an extra shine

Perfect Medium Length Haircuts

If you have dark brown hair, adding multiple highlights is will be the key to achieving a shiny and multi-textured hairstyle. Mix golden, blonde and ash blonde highlights together for a stunning and sleek medium-length hairstyle look that will make you look sophisticated and stylish on a daily basis.

Ash brown hair should be included at the top of your to-do list. Not only is it a low maintenance color that will save you tons of time (and money), but it is also completely breathtaking and chic. Whether you include subtle nods to it with highlights, or go all-ash brown, this hair color will never let you down.