30 Best Asymmetrical Bob Ideas that Suit Every Style


Regular bobs might be too conventional for women who enjoy fearless and edgy looks. That’s why rocking an asymmetrical bob is the key to stepping up your fashion game and adding a fun element to your everyday style.

An asymmetrical bob displays a side that’s longer than the other, resulting in an uneven look that sets itself apart from the regular bob. The asymmetry can be achieved in different ways, being longer front and shorter back the most popular one.

Another way you can pull-off a gorgeous asymmetrical bob is with different lengths on the front sides. The asymmetry can be from a subtle 2 inch to a bolder 6 inch difference.

How asymmetrical you want to go will depend on the type of look you’re aiming for. You can perfectly sport a classy chic asymmetrical short bob or an edgier and bolder long bob.

You also need to keep in mind that bobs, whether asymmetrical or not, tend to frame the face and accentuate different features. If you want to soften or accentuate yours, you might want to consider the length, especially the front sides’ length in order to achieve that desired effect.

30 stunning asymmetrical bob cuts to try

Get inspired with these 30 fabulous asymmetrical bob ideas that will make you fall in love. Beautiful, modern and chic, these hairstyles will give you the key to a drop-dead-gorgeous style.

1.    Asymmetrical short blonde bob

Asymmetrical Bob for Straight Fine Hair

This easy asymmetrical bob cut look is a great option for women with fine hair. The blonde highlights add texture and dimension to the hair, and the uneven front cut adds an interesting flair to the look. Feel free to part your hair at the middle for a sleek look or at the side for an edgier look.

2.    Asymmetrical bob with long-short cut

Choppy Blonde Lob for Thick Hair

Many asymmetrical bobs display an angled cut, just like this one, which is a great idea to shake things up. Angled sides mixed with uneven front sides will result in a cool an interesting haircut that will add an extra dose of edge to your every-day outfits.

3.    Straight and simple asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical Bob For Straight Hair

Asymmetrical bob cuts don’t need a heavy layering technique or a deep angled side cut. A simple (and sometimes subtle) uneven front side is enough to bump up your usual hairstyle. Easy and cute, this asymmetrical cut will be perfect for those who simply want to try a low-maintenance haircut that’s fresh and modern.

4.    Short asymmetrical bob with pink highlights

14 Exciting Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts Every Woman Wants To Try - Sippy Cup Mom 14 Eye-Catching Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

This short asymmetrical bob has been taken to the next level thanks to the gorgeous pink highlights and the razor cut side. The dark black roots contrasting with the pink highlights, along with the uneven and stacked layers result in a stunning multi-textured bob cut that will make you stand out.

5.    Asymmetrical pixie bob for a spiced up look

54 Pretty Short Hairstyles and Haircuts Ideal for Women with Straight Hair  #hairstyles

Short and wavy asymmetrical bobs are a gorgeous idea to showcase a sophisticated style. Dark rooted blonde hair along with a multi layered cut will bring out the best of your uneven cut. This is a great idea for those who have thin hair and want to volumize their hairstyle.

6.    Edgy asymmetrical grey bob

Side Parted Asymmetrical Bob

A deep uneven front side like this one along with textured layering is a flattering option for those who want to add volume to their hair. Great for thin fine hair, this bob cut idea will transform your regular cut into a killer and statement-looking hairstyle.

7.    Beautiful asymmetrical bob with blonde balayage

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People think that asymmetrical bob cuts are bold and edgy, but this idea right here proves that a subtle asymmetrical cut can work for those who love all-things-classy. A gorgeous balayage will complement this subtle uneven cut, updating a regular bob and making you look stunning.

8.    Gorgeous asymmetrical bob cut

14 Exciting Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts Every Woman Wants To Try - Sippy Cup Mom 14 Eye-Catching Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts #asymmetricalBob

If you have copper red hair, why not take your unusual hair color to the next level? An asymmetrical bob cut will edge up your already gorgeous hair, adding an exciting element that will be hard to compete with. Easy to style, this haircut idea will let you enjoy an effortlessly chic style.

9.    Asymmetrical layered short bob with texture

Asymmetrical Lob | Asymmetry is popular amongst many short cuts, not just lobs! An asymmetrical pixie or bob gives the same dimension and personality as this longer length, but the asymmetrical lob makes it a bit more noticeable and fresh for 2018. #short #hairstyles #trends #southernliving

As we mentioned, asymmetrical bob cuts are also a great option for women who enjoy classy looks. A heavy highlighted hair with several layers styled in a side swept look will make your asymmetrical cut look like a thousand bucks. Chic, classy and glamorous, make sure to add this idea on your to-do list.

10.Eye-catching asymmetrical bob with silver highlights


Silver highlights can be easily spiced up with an asymmetrical pixie cut like this one. An uneven front side displaying a jaw-line side bang and razor cut side is a great option to add that extra factor to your every-day looks. Cool and edgy, try this hairstyle whenever you feel like option for a fierce and sharp look.

11.Subtle asymmetrical straight bob

HAIR CUTS :: A very cute longer A line bob on Brittany Snow

If you’re unsure whether asymmetrical cuts might flatter your face, try going subtle. This asymmetrical bob displays uneven front sides that are barely noticeable, with probably two inches difference. Yet it looks completely chic and sleek, letting you enjoy an uneven haircut that will freshen up your hair.

12.Sleek asymmetrical bob look for a sophisticated style

Angled Bob w/ Deep Side Part (Actress: Marion Cotillard)

A sleek deep side parted asymmetrical bob is the key to mastering a gorgeous head-to-toe style. Perfect for thin hair, this idea will make the best of your hair type by keeping it short and sophisticated. This short bob surely makes a statement as the asymmetry is enough to step up your hairstyle game.

13.Asymmetrical bob for women over 40

Asymmetrical Bob | Blunt is the new black. Layers are usually treated like the icing on top of the cake. But unlike frosting a cake, which is always an absolute given whether going for the barely-there smear or the heavy-handed slather, layers are totally negotiable. This season, it’s all about being effortlessly stylish; and there’s nothing more low maintenance than the one-length hairstyle. It’s the classic silhouette that lets you rock a middle or deep side part, long or short strands.

Asymmetrical bobs are flattering for everyone, regardless of their age or style. This side parted asymmetrical cut is a gorgeous option for women over 40 who want to look modern and fresh. A layering technique will volumize the hair and make the bob cut look super flattering.

14.Retro asymmetrical bob cut for a statement look

When she debuted this cut in 2007, Rihanna's iconic angled bob prompted millions of women to head to the salon for her cool asymmetrical style. Nowadays, it's still a great option if you want a sexy cut that can be styled several different ways.  - GoodHousekeeping.com

You can perfectly recreate Rihanna’s iconic 2000s asymmetrical bob cut if retro and bold is what you’re aiming for. A deep asymmetry along with the sleek straight hair will bring some instant 2000s nostalgia back.

15.Edgy high low asymmetrical bob

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Who says asymmetrical cuts only work on short bobs? This gorgeous long bob is a great example of how asymmetry can be achieved in all types of lengths. Subtle layers will help give movement to the hair, and straight cut front sides will add a modern twist to your typical bob.

16.Colorful asymmetrical pixie bob

18 Fabulous Asymmetrical Haircut Ideas To Freshen Up Your Style   #asymmetrical #fabulous #f Undercut Long Hair asymmetrical fabulous Freshen Haircut Ideas Style

Fancy a unique hairstyle? A colorful asymmetrical short bob is the answer! Straight and sleek, this deep asymmetrical cut is essential to flaunt a statement style. Different rich shades of blue and purple bring out the best of this edgy haircut.

17.Gorgeous undercut pixie bob cut

Asymmetrical Pixie with Temple Shave - Best Asymmetrical Haircuts For Women: Sexy and Edgy Lopsided Uneven Hairstyles #asymmetrical #haircuts #hairstyles #womenshaircuts

A shaved side is one of the best ways to sport a killer asymmetrical pixie cut. It’s edgy, fun and sophisticated, and will let you enjoy an edgy every-day style. Add blonde highlights for some extra texture.

18.Long asymmetrical bob with deep side part

14 Exciting Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts Every Woman Wants To Try - Sippy Cup Mom 14 Eye-Catching Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

Long asymmetrical bob cuts are a great idea for those who want to keep their length yet still sport a modern and edgy hairstyle. Bold and eye-catching, this dark rooted chestnut hair displays long side parted bangs and subtle layers.

19.Shoulder length asymmetrical bob

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Asymmetrical Cut - Jenna Dewan-Tatum's asymmetrical bob at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar party was all about cool elegance!

Sleek, elegant and fabulous, this gorgeous shoulder length asymmetrical bob cut is all you need to step up your fashion game. Forget about layers and angled bobs and choose a sleeker version of the classic asymmetrical bob. This is a great idea for women who enjoy styling their hair to the side.

20.Natural wavy asymmetrical bob with side bangs

Another angle

If you want natural wavy and thin hair, a choppy asymmetrical bob with long side bangs will be a great idea. Nothing screams fashion pro than a messy yet put-together hairstyle, and this multi-layered short bob does exactly that.

21.Curly asymmetrical bob with multi color highlights

15 Ways To Add Bright Color To Your A-line Bob Haircut – CircleTrest

Asymmetrical bobs work perfectly fine with curly hair. All you need to do is cut your hair into several layers that will take off the extra volume while adding an interesting texture. Straighten your bangs for a cool and edgy hairstyle.

22.Choppy multilayered asymmetrical bob

Shorter Asymmetrical Haircut for Fine Hair

This heavy stacked pixie cut has been taken to the next level thanks to the choppy sides and super long side bangs. This fabulous asymmetrical cut will let you flaunt effortlessly an edgy and fashion forward style. For an edgier look, try adding thin highlights throughout the hair.

23.Voluminous asymmetrical black bob

Finding the right haircut for neck length hair can be tricky, but with this cute gallery of hairstyles, you’ll surely find the one that'll really suit you!

This gorgeous voluminous hair is all you need to sport a classy asymmetrical bob cut. A mid-neck length bob will frame beautifully your face, making you look sharp and chic. Sport your natural dark hair with this asymmetrical bob that’s easy to maintain yet completely eye-catching.

24.Heavy layered and messy asymmetrical bob

Short Bob Hairstyle For A Round Face

This messy multi layered short bob is a great way to add a cool texture to your asymmetrical hair. It’s not your typical and obvious asymmetrical bob, yet still manages to balance the uneven layers and take them to the next level. Long side bangs will complement this cut, framing your face and making the whole hairstyle look much edgier.

25.Wavy asymmetrical short bob


Styling this A-line asymmetrical pixie cut into soft waves is for sure an awesome way to volumize and add a gorgeous texture to the hair. Forget about highlights, as the choppy layers are enough to add sophisticated to your hairstyle. Chic and beautiful, this asymmetrical bob idea will steal tons of compliments. 

26.Sleek long asymmetrical bob with bangs

15 Cool Asymmetric Haircuts Because Perfect Hair Is Overrated

If you want an easy to maintain hairstyle, why not try this subtle asymmetrical bob cut? It’s a gorgeous way to add an exciting factor to your typical bob cut, making you look both modern and effortlessly chic. Add some thin choppy bangs for a sweet finish.

27.Long asymmetrical wavy bob cut

Asymmetrical Wavy Lob

Long asymmetrical bob cuts may be the best option for those who enjoy low maintenance hairstyles. A balayage finish will transform a so-so hairstyle into a cool and interesting look, taking your asymmetrical cut to the next level.

28.Chic angled asymmetrical bob to try

modern hairstyles for women over 50

The best part of cutting your hair into a short asymmetrical bob is that, once it grows, you can still keep the asymmetry. Long bobs like this one look absolutely chic and modern, so make sure to keep your length once your short bob starts growing out. 

29.Side swept subtle asymmetrical bob

15 Most Flattering Haircuts for Women with Thin Hair #bobstylehaircuts

You don’t need to sport a strong asymmetry to make a statement. This beautiful and subtle uneven bob cut is a great way to freshen up your classic hairstyle. Illuminate your hair with blonde highlights to add depth and dimension to your bob.

30. Gorgeous jaw-line asymmetrical bob for blondes

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For a modern twist on the classic short bob, try cutting your front sides unevenly. This asymmetrical short bob is enough to elevate any outfit. Perfect for those who enjoy easy-to-style haircuts, this idea has the potential of becoming your new signature style.

Asymmetrical bobs are too often considered bold and audacious, yet the truth is that anyone can perfectly sport his look, regardless of their style, age or hair type. These 30 gorgeous asymmetrical bob cuts are a clear example that, from the classiest to the boldest, this hairstyle should be tried at least once in our lifetimes.