30 Awesome Black Braided Hairstyle for a Show-stopper Look


Black braided hairstyles are a fascinating way to grab everyone’s attention, but they’re also highly convenient for girls who are always on the go since they don’t require an every-day styling. Save tons of time by braiding all your black hair into awesome and unique hairstyles that will make you look gorgeous every single day.

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Awesome braiding techniques for your black hair

There are endless options when it comes to braiding techniques. From classic cornrows to creative updos or half-dos that sport perfectly made braids, you will be blown away by the fabulous ways in which you can style your hair.

The options are limitless, and finding the one that best fits your personal style or special occasion is a no-brainer. For example, you can rock a classic cornrow look on a daily basis and opt for a half-do on a special occasion.

That’s the best part of an all-braided hairstyle: you can easily transform it into a chic updo whenever you feel like elevating your look. It’s all about creativity!

Braided hairstyles for black girls are a great way to show off your personality and uniqueness. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind all the possibilities you have in order to choose the one that best “feels like you”.

All-braided hair will always be in style, so there’s really no risk in choosing to sport an eye-catching braided hairstyle.

30 Mind-blowing braided hairstyles for black hair

Whether you’re planning on an every-day braided hairstyle to simplify your life or want to sport a chic updo for a specific event, these following 30 ideas will spark your imagination. Chic, bold, edgy and fashionable, these cute braided hairstyles for black girls will make the most of your personality and your fabulous thick hair!

1.   Thick and thin spiral cornrows for black hair


If you’re a lover of all-things edgy, this awesome black braided hairstyle is for you! Featuring a unique head design using thin and chunky cornrows (also named goddess braids), this hairstyle is enough to make a statement. You can braid all your hair or leave the bottom half loose for a relaxed look.

2.   Classic all-braided hairstyle for black women


Allover braids are timeless and a complete yes, regardless of your style or the occasion. If you want to shake things up, try box braids! These, as the name suggests, display a square block where the strands of hair are braided. It’s a twist on the classic allover black braided hairstyle that will make you look modern and trendy.

3.   Gorgeous high ponytail to show off your braids

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Whether it’s too hot outside to leave your hair down, or you just want to elevate your every-day outfits, a high ponytail with allover braided hair will always be a great idea. Cornrows arranged into a tight and high ponytail will easily elevate any type of outfit you wear.

4.   Black braided bun hairstyle idea for an elegant look

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If you’re looking for an updo hairstyle for black hair, a high bun will always do the trick. Opt for thick and thin cornrows and arrange them into a tight high bun to showcase your sophisticated style. An edgy twist on the classic high bun, this black hairstyle idea will step up your elegant style.

5.   Cute braided updo idea for thick, black hair



You can get creative when it comes to cornrow designs. Try a geometric pattern like these vertical and horizontal rows and braid all your hair into a high chignon. This hairstyle is perfect for black women with short hair. Simple and classy, this cornrow design will definitely steal tons of compliments.

6.   Simple and elegant low braided buns for black hair

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If braiding all your hair is not precisely your cup of tea, you can still make the most of your thick black hair with cool hairstyles like this one. A zigzag parted hair that features two braided low buns is enough to make a statement without having to arrange your hair into intricate hairstyles.

7.   Stunning black braided hairstyle with highlights

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Take black braided hairstyles to the next level with chestnut brown highlights. Thick rope braids will create a stunning effect, showcasing your beautiful dyed hair with the help of a highly texture look. Simply breathtaking, this hairstyle idea should be included at the top of your to-do list.

8.   Brown dyed braided updo idea for a casual chic look

2019 Haircut trends: Give that old-fashioned v cut hair a rest and try these modern and trendy hairstyles.

Chestnut brown is a fabulous hair color for black women, especially when arranged into an allover braided hairstyle. For a casual chic look, opt for a messy updo. Leave some loose braids at the front for a youthful and effortlessly cool effect.

9.   Thick cornrow hairstyle idea for black hair

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Goddess braids (or thick cornrows) that simulate a spiral-like pattern are a popular way to spice up your black braided hair. You can finish this design with two classic braids, or arrange your hair any way you want: a ponytail, loose hair, multiple braids, low buns… Cool and modern, try this hairstyle whenever you feel like updating your usual allover braided look.

10.     Sleek back cornrow idea look for every-day style

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A fabulous braided hairstyle for black women is a sleek back cornrow look. These cornrows go from the top of the head to middle, leaving loose braids that can be styled any way you want to. You can leave your hair loose on casual occasions or opt for a low chignon if you feel like pulling-off a dressier outfit.

11.     Chic black braided hairstyle for medium length hair

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Medium length black braided hairstyles look absolutely cute. A thick braid at each front side will add that youthful vibe to your look, but if you want to take things to the next level, a black half do hairstyle with a cool tied scarf will make your braided hair look much trendier.

12.     Bold braided hairdo idea for long black hair

Black Braided Mohawk With Pompadour

If you’re bored of the same braided hairstyle, get creative and try something eye-catching and fun. This black allover braided hairstyle mixes different techniques and styles such as cornrows, high bun, french braid, low ponytail…. The trick to mastering a unique hairstyle for black hair is to combine different classic hairstyles into one, just like this example.

13.     Killer low loose hairsytle idea for black braided hair

Pretty curly hairstyle. Perfect for summer. How do you like?

Arranging your hair into cornrows that go from the top of the head all the way to the nape is a great way to leave your hair loose without worrying about styling it. The sleek back cornrows will make your curly hair stay put, letting you enjoy a cool hairstyle that’s low maintenance and looks super fun.

14.     Allover braided black hairstyle idea for an elevated look

Summer is upon us and for many of us this is the time to give our hair a break from heat and manipulation.   If you're working to retain your length one of the biggest things you can do for your hair is to protective style it.

Cornrows are a fabulous idea for anyone who enjoys unique and bold hairstyles. For an elevated look, try this classic high bun that’s been spiced up with a cool spiral-like cornrow pattern. You can get creative and experiment with different patterns whenever you feel like shaking up a classic hairstyle.

15.     Black braided hairstyle for short hair

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Cute braided hairstyles for black girls don’t necessarily need long hair lengths. This short braided hairstyle proves that allover braids are a complete yes, regardless of the length. Add a pop of color with a artificial strands braided with your natural hair for a fun twist.

16.     Eye-catching black braided half do

Knotless Braids vs Box Braids: What they are,Tutorials & Differences

Bored of the usual cornrow look? Try box braids! These add a cute pattern to your allover braided hair and will make you stand out from the rest. If you want to make a strong statement, opt for a high bun half do. Cool and edgy, this braided hairstyle idea for black hair will grab everyone’s attention.

17.     Sleek back braided hairstyle for long black hair

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Nothing scream stylish and polished louder than a sleek back braided hairstyle. Easy and chic, this idea is perfect for women who enjoy classy looks that are low maintenance. A side parted loose hair will give you versatility and plenty of styling options on a daily basis.

18.     Cool box braided updo idea for every-day looks


Box braided updos are all you need to step up your hairstyle game. Whether you wear a ponytail, a half do or a chunky high bun like this one, displaying a box braided pattern will mark the difference between a so-so look and an edgy and modern look.

19.     Cute and sophisticated braided bun hairstyle

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For a unique and fun black braided hairstyle, two high buns and a couple of hair beads will do the trick. Leave a loose rope braid at each front side for a youthful look, and get ready to steal everyone’s attention!  

20.     French black braided low bun idea to spice up your style

40 Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Tight french braids pulled back into a low braided chignon is a gorgeous way to elevate your casual outfits. This hairstyle idea for black, thick hair is a must that will save your day because it’s classy, elegant and feminine, complementing effortlessly any type of outfit.

21.     Gorgeous updo idea for black curly hair

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Classic pulled back cornrows that are arranged into a high ponytail displaying your cute, thick curls is a major way to make a statement. It’s both elegant and relaxed, making it one of the best options for complementing any dressy casual outfit.

22.     Classy black braid hairstyle idea to try

Let's seriously talk about Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi's hair game.  The nineteen year-old renaissance woman has been rocking a plethora of braided styles on and off screen so much so that she’s become a great source of hair inspo.

Two classic long braids are a wholeheartedly yes. If you have long hair and want to showcase your feminine and classic style, this idea should be your go-to option. Gorgeous and eye-catching, side braids will always make you look put together.

23.     Thick cornrows pulled back

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Thick goddess braids pulled back to show-off your thick curly hair is a great way to step up your dressy casual style. This is a stunning hairstyle idea for women with short hair and should be included at the top of your list.

24.     Cornrows with high ponytails and rope braids

30 Awesome Black Braided Hairstyle for a Show-stopper Look 2

A high ponytail with thick rope braids will always be a great idea, especially for those who enjoy making a strong statement. Add a golden thread to your braids for a cool and edgy finish.

25.     Gorgeous rope braids for an edgy look

30 Awesome Black Braided Hairstyle for a Show-stopper Look 3

What better way to show-off you long black hair than with thin rope braids? Opt for a box braid style to add a cool texture and let your hair down for an edgy casual look. This is one of the most versatile braided hairstyles for black women that will let you enjoy a wide range of styling possibilities.

26.     Creative braided hairstyle idea for black women

30 Awesome Black Braided Hairstyle for a Show-stopper Look 4

If you’re feeling artsy, try a fun and unique cornrow pattern! Combining thick, straight cornrow braids with zigzag ones that finish at the nape are is a great way to showcase a bold personality.

27.     Gorgeous French braided hairstyle for black hair

30 Awesome Black Braided Hairstyle for a Show-stopper Look 5
attends the 48th NAACP Image Awards at Pasadena Civic Auditorium on February 11, 2017 in Pasadena, California.

French braids should be your go-to option whenever you feel like sporting a feminine and chic look. Honestly, any pulled-back braided hairstyle will give you the key to an elegant look, so feel free to style your French braids however you want.

28.     Crisscross braided updo for black hair

30 Awesome Black Braided Hairstyle for a Show-stopper Look 6

A cool way to style short black hair is with a crisscross cornrow pattern pulled back into a high ponytail, showing off your curly hair. Cool for any occasion, this braided hairstyle will make you look drop dead gorgeous.

29.     Medium length braided hairstyle idea for black hair

30 Awesome Black Braided Hairstyle for a Show-stopper Look 7

A braided half-do hairstyle is one of the trendiest ways to sport medium length hair. Pulled-back cornrows arranged into a high bun along with single braids at the front sides is a cool way to sport a trendy hairstyle.

30.     Unique allover black braided hairstyle

30 Awesome Black Braided Hairstyle for a Show-stopper Look 8

Allover braided hairstyles for black women include a wide range of stunning possibilities. Simply put yourself in the hands of an experienced hair stylist that will be able to pull-off the most unique braid techniques that will blow your mind.

Braiding your hair is a great way to simplify your life. Forget about styling it on a daily basis and embrace your thick, black hair with any of these 30 awesome braided hairstyles that will grab everyone’s attention.