30 Breathtaking Chestnut Hair Ideas to Recreate


If you want to give your hair a trendy makeover but don’t know if going chocolate brown is the right option, then a beautiful chestnut hair is the answer. A lighter shade of brown, chestnut hair color is the perfect choice to display highlights and lowlights since its hue, though rich, is really versatile, allowing you to enjoy a low-maintenance and multidimensional hairstyle.

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Pretty shades of chestnut to color your hair

There are many different beautiful shades of chestnut hair color, and the right one for you will be that which complements your skin undertone. Our best suggestion is that if you have a naturally warm skin color, opt for golden or red chestnut undertones.

If, on the other hand, you have a cool undertone,  a true brown or slightly golden chestnut would be ideal. Avoid any shade that’s too reddish, as it will crash with your beautiful cool skin.

But that’s about the only thing you need to keep in mind. Whether you have a dark or light skin tone, chestnut hair will always be flattering, as long as you complement it with your skin’s undertone.

You will find an array of possibilities: from dark red chestnut to soft and light chestnut with blonde highlights. The truth is that this fabulous color is one of the chicest colors you could ever try.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the many celebrities that have rocked chestnut hair throughout the years: Anne Hathaway, Priyanka Chopra, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Lilly Collins, Rashida Jones…. Endless fashion icons that have opted to rock this modern look!

30 amazing chestnut hair ideas to copy

Whether you try all-solid chestnut or opt for a cool balayage effect, a chestnut hair will liven up your features. Check out these 30 amazing chestnut hair ideas that will convince you that this color is a must-try.

1.   Glorious red chestnut hair

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A true red chestnut hair with lowlights is a classy way to showcase an easy style. Truth is, you can never go wrong with this beautiful hue, especially when you have long and healthy hair. Style your hair in soft waves to show-off your gorgeous chestnut color.  

2.   Pretty chestnut bob with red undertone

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Shoulder length bobs are one of the trendiest cuts of the moment, so what better way to spice things up than with this chestnut hair with red undertone? Nothing will bring your style to the next level than with this cool hairstyle. Forget about highlights and keep it all solid for a sharp look.

3.   Solid brown chestnut hair idea

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If you’re more into browns than reds, a solid brown chestnut hue might be what you need. Play with subtle low and highlights to give dimension and texture to your hair while keeping it quite natural. Long thick hair will be perfectly complemented with this gorgeous shade of chestnut.

4.   Medium chestnut color for long hair

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A medium chestnut hair color is a gorgeous way to make the best of brown while rocking a light hue, especially if you have soft features. You can add some lighter shades on the ends of the hair, recreating an ombre effect for a sophisticated finish.

5.   Soft chestnut hair with highlights

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Playing with different shades of chestnut into one same hairstyle is the key to mastering the art of highlights. A medium chestnut color as the base paired with thin highlights of golden and caramel shades of this color will give you the ultimate hairstyle look.

6.   Chic chestnut bob cut with subtle ombre

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What better way to sport a chic hairstyle than by recreating the queen of style’s hair color? Olivia Palermo displays a gorgeous brown chestnut hair with soft and subtle lighter ends that illuminate her face. This is a great idea for medium bobs that will give you plenty of styling versatility.

7.   Gorgeous red chestnut highlights

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A dark chocolate hair illuminated with gorgeous copper chestnut highlights is a great way to step up a dark hair color. You get the best of both worlds: the edginess of a dark color and the glorious multidimensional effect of highlights. Take it a step further and add soft waves for a sophisticated textured finish.

8.   Dark chocolate hair with thick chestnut highlights

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If you want a bolder look, try adding thick chestnut highlights to your dark brown hair for a cool effect. This awesome idea will add an extra texture to your hair, letting you style it as you wish without losing the effect.

9.   Dark brown hair with subtle chestnut lights

Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Babylights

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Long and layered hair can be taken to the next level with a dark shade of chestnut, along with caramel highlights. Playing with high and lowlights will make your hair look much more sophisticated, especially when you have a long, healthy hair to show off.

10.     Pretty multidimensional chestnut brown hair dye

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For fair skin and light eyes, a soft chestnut shade will be the best complement. You don’t need to go over the top with highlights and lowlights. A few of each subtly done will be enough to illuminate your hair. This is a beautiful color to sport during fall.

11.     Copper chestnut hair with waves

Sensual Copper Hues

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One of the spiciest shades of chestnut is red copper. Leave the roots a bit darker to add dimension to the hair, and style with waves for some added texture. Eye-catching and bold, this color is a gorgeous option for fair skin women.

12.     Chestnut hair with golden highlights

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This is beautiful balayage that will make you look sophisticated and modern. Dark chestnut hair fading into golden ends is a fabulous way of rocking this color. This is a great idea for absolutely anyone: from dark to fair skin, a perfectly done chestnut balayage can become your signature hairstyle.

13.     Dark brown chestnut hair for a bold look

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If you’ve always wanted to sport red hair but feel unsure whether it would be too harsh for you, try this dark brown chestnut with a red undertone. Gorgeous and fierce, this is a nod to copper hair that will let you enjoy the best of brown and red together,

14.     Golden chestnut hair for summer

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If red shades of chestnut is a no-go for you, a golden undertone might be just what you need. This gorgeous solid golden chestnut hair displays a subtle play of high and lowlights that result in a natural-looking hair color that’s classy and elegant.

15.     Pretty light chestnut hair

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A light chestnut hair color with a golden undertone is a cute way to give yourself a fresh look. This monochromatic finish demonstrates that you don’t need anything fancy to illuminate your face. This is a beautiful color that will never go out of style, so make sure to try it next time you go to the hair parlor.

16.     Chic chestnut roots to golden ends

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A beautifully made balayage can instantly transform a so-so chestnut hairstyle into a killer one. Dark chestnut roots ending with strands of gold and light chestnut strands is a fabulous way to add dimension and texture to your hair.

17.     Simple and classy chestnut brown hair with subtle highlights

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This is a classic brunette color that’s been warmed with a chestnut undertone, proving that chestnut hair dye don’t need much in order to speak for itself. A simple and subtle lighter shade applied as a gradient on several strands is enough to add depth and illuminate your hair.

18.     Gorgeous chestnut ombre hair for medium bobs

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Recreate this sleek ombre effect whenever you feel like updating your hairstyle game.  Deep chestnut roots fading into lighter shades is a chic way to show off your healthy hair. Nothing fancy yet completely on point, this subtle ombre effect will make you fall in love with this hair color.

19.     Natural medium chestnut hair color

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A medium chestnut hair color is the perfect option for those who feel unsure whether dark or light is for them. Get the best of both worlds with this brown chestnut hair color which you can illuminate with thin and subtle highlights in lighter shades to recreate a natural looking hair color.

20.     Solid chestnut red hair for a cute look

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If you like simple and chic hairstyles, opting for an all-solid shade of chestnut might what you need. This gorgeous chestnut hair bring us some major copper hair vibes without being too obvious. It’s the perfect combination of light brown ang light copper that we all want to try at least once in our lifetimes.

21.     Textured dark chestnut hair color

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A dark red chestnut hair color bring out the best of any fair skin woman. Bold and chic, this color won’t need much to speak for itself: just add a few subtle highlights and a couple of layers to achieve a beautiful texture and voilà! A chic take on classic chestnut hair.

22.     Deep brown with chestnut highlights hairstyle

Partial Matte Copper Balayage

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Rich chestnut highlights and dark chocolate brown make up a great combo, especially over a medium length layered hair. The trick here is to add natural looking highlights that will illuminate your dark hair. Either black or dark brown, chestnut highlights will always be a great complement. 

23.     Dark chocolate with splashes of chestnut

Dark Brown Bob with Subtle Face-Framing Highlights

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If you have a natural dark brown hair, adding a few golden chestnut highlights on your long side bangs is a great way to illuminate and soften your features. Forget about intricate compositions of several high and low lights and try this simple and chic chestnut hairstyle.

24.     Golden chestnut wavy hair

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A rich golden chestnut hair color don’t need any high or low light to bring out the best of itself. Simply style your hair in sexy beach waves to add texture and dimension to your all-solid chestnut hair. This is a gorgeous shade of chestnut that will guarantee a chic every-day style.

25.     Copper chestnut with lowlights

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This copper chestnut hair color has subtle low lights that result in a stunning and natural-looking hair. Make sure to add some hair oil to bring out a glossy finish, just like Olivia Palermo’s.  Chic, elegant and sophisticated, this chestnut hairstyle is a complete yes for any skin color. 

26.     Natural-looking brown chestnut for medium length hair

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Messy waves and brown chestnut hair make up a great combo. Layers styled into soft waves let the subtle chestnut highlights create a gorgeous texture and movement, adding light to your medium brown natural hair color.

27.     Black roots with chestnut ends

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Priyanka Chopra is the perfect example of how an almost-black brown can be taken to the next level with the help of chestnut ends. Smattered highlights that lighten at the end will make your messy hairstyle stand out. A multi-layered haircut, just like Priyanka’s, will be the best canvas to display this beautiful idea.

28.     Beautiful dark brown chestnut hair

Added Shine

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If you have a natural long dark brown hair color, a smattering of subtle chestnut highlights will add that extra factor by illuminating it and adding texture. You can choose either chestnut with red undertone or with golden undertone, as the result will have the same beautiful effect.

29.     Dark chestnut brown with golden shine

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One of the best ways to spice up a short bob is with the help of highlights which, in this case, happen to be a beautiful shade of gold chestnut. Using a dark brown chestnut as the base, a golden shade of thin highlights has been added to bring out the best of a short bob.

30.     Gorgeous multidimensional chestnut hair

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Mixing rich chestnut with copper, gold and caramel highlights is the key to mastering a stunning multidimensional hairstyle. This game of multi colored highlights will bring out the best of the chestnut color while making you look like a fashion queen.

30 Ways to rock a chestnut hair color

Chestnut hair is a fabulous option that every women should try at least once. Not only is it a favorite among A-list celebrities, but it’s also timeless and completely versatile. From dark to fair skin women, the diverse and gorgeous shades of chestnut will give you plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to complement your skin and features in the best way possible.