30 Ways to Spice Up Finger Wave Hairstyles


Finger waves are a fabulous hairstyle option that’s sleek, elegant and completely chic. Perfect for a statement look, this hairstyle is a fail proof option that can be rocked by anyone: from long straight hair to short pixie cuts. The only thing you need is to put yourself in the hands of an experienced hairstylist that will be able to pull-off flawlessly a finger wave hairstyle.

30 Stunning ideas on how to sport finger waves

For those who are not familiar with the name “finger waves”, going back to the roaring 20s might help. This hairstyle stepped into the world in a decade where women usually sported small bob cuts, and the popular way to style it was with flat waves against the head.(aka “finger waves”).

Fast forward to 2020 and we’re still obsessed with this fabulous retro hairstyle. Many celebrities have opted for finger waves to create a show-stopper look: from young fashion icons like Zendaya and Cara Delevingne to gorgeous Priyanka Chopra.

As the name suggests, finger waves are made with the help of fingers. Over wet hair, a setting lotion is applied to ensure a stay put look. Then, combing the hair a few inches back from the hairline, the ring or middle finger is pressed in front of the comb’s teeth and the comb is slid to the right to create the first wave.

The rest of the waves are created by this playing of finger pressing and comb sliding. You might need to put some duckbill clips as the final step to hold the waves and ensure a fixed hairstyle throughout your event.

Our last suggestion is that, if you’re new to finger waves, opting for a deep side part look is a safe way to frame your face by creating a beautiful and classy asymmetrical look. Remember that finger waves are a chic yet bold hairstyle, so you might want to try a fail-proof look before going all edgy and bold.

1.   Subtle finger wave idea for short bobs

Demi Lovato's Old Hollywood Makeup Is the Perfect Glamorous Look For Your Next Holiday Party  Demi Lovato

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A gelled finger wave look is one of the classiest ways to sport this hairstyle. Make the most of your short bob haircut and try this beautiful finger wave idea: a side parted hair with subtle gelled waves that frame your face and make you look like a modern flapper girl.

2.   Beautiful brown finger wave hairstyle updo

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An elegant updo with side finger waves is a great idea to elevate your fancy outfits. Whether you’re attending a wedding or an elegant cocktail party, this side updo paired with perfectly done finger waves will help you elevate your look.

3.   Classic finger waves to frame your face

The Powder Room collection, fingerwaves on short hair

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Sharp finger waves along your hairline will frame your face like no other hairstyle will. This is a great idea to try for those who enjoy vintage-like looks. A perfect recreation of the signature finger wave look of the 20s, this idea will spice up any type of outfit.

4.   Bold and sharp finger waves for blue hair

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If you thought finger waves mere purpose was to achieve a classy look, think twice. This bold finger wave idea demonstrates that anyone can sport this hairstyle. If you have a short pixie cut and want to look edgy and fun, try sharp gelled finger waves like this example.

5.   Pretty finger waves for short hair

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As we mentioned, A-list celebrities love to rock a finger wave hairstyle. Such is the case of Kylie Jenner, who chose to show off her red colored hair with a classic and sharp finger wave look. If your hair color is bold and eye-catching, a classic finger wave style will be the perfect complement.

6.   Perfect finger wave idea for pixie cuts

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If you have a really short pixie haircut, a simple finger wave hairstyle will be enough to step up your fashion game. All you need is enough hair gel to ensure a stay put look and voilà! A sharp and sophisticated hairstyle is achieved. 

7.   Finger waves for long hair to die for

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This beautiful multi colored finger wave hairstyle is one to remember. However, you don’t need to have multi color hair to sport this look, as the sharp waves along with the vintage curls are enough to make a statement. 

8.   Sleek and polished finger wave look

Long and Beautiful Ponytail Hairstyle for Women – Page 3 of 20 - New Site #ponytailhairstyles Long and Beautiful Ponytail Hairstyle for Women - Page 3 of 20 - #beautiful #hairstyle #ponytail #women - #frisuren

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A perfectly oversized finger wave look achieved with a curling iron will give you instant glamorous vibes to your style. Let your long hair speak for itself and try this breath-taking loose finger wave hairstyle to take your look to the next level.

9.   Edgy finger waves for colorful hair

Short Pink And Blonde Finger Waves

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These edgy finger waves are perfection. For those who have really short and fair hair, a beautifully textured look like this one will ensure a head-turner hairstyle. The trick here is to use a generous amount of gel to keep the short strands of hair in their place.

10.     Stunning oversized finger wave updo

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If you’re looking for a unique updo for an upcoming special event, look no more! This fabulous hairstyle is a complete work of art that features over-sized finger waves at the sides, finishing in a low-bun.

11.     Flawless finger waves for short hair


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Perfectly molded finger waves are the key element in this stunning short hairstyle. A generous amount of hair gel will help you achieve this flawless look, but you will also need to put yourself in the hands of an experienced hair stylist who will be able to pull-off perfectly gelled waves.

12.     Finger waves for long, thick hair

30 Ways to Spice Up Finger Wave Hairstyles 1

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For a thick and glamorous loose hairstyle, large finger waves achieved with the help of a curling iron and volumizer spray will do the trick. This side parted hairstyle is the perfect way to add a sophisticated Hollywood glam to your dressy outfits.

13.     Glossy finger wave updo for prom

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If you’re tired of the same updo styles, shake things up with this glorious idea: glossy side finger waves along the hairline and a simple low-bun. Edgy and glamorous, try this look on your next big event and get ready to steal tons of compliments.

14.     Middle parted finger wave loose hair

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 A middle-parted long finger wave hairstyle is all you need to not only add a fabulous volume to your hair, but also to complement any type of outfit. From a relaxed dressy beach outfit to wedding gown looks, this hairstyle idea is enough to elevate your style.

15.     Vintage finger waves for short bobs

January Jones - Formal Short Wavy Hairstyle - side view

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These finger waves with curls are a gorgeous way to style a short bob haircut, especially if you’re a vintage lover. This hairstyle is done with a curling iron but simulates the classic 20s finger wave look by achieving perfectly waved curls.

16.     Easy and sleek finger wave look

This immaculately crimped and slicked back pixie cut gives off a very ‘20s style vibe. This is a great style for people with straight and fine hair.

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If you want a simple yet sophisticated hairstyle to show off your short pixie cut, try recreating these finger waves. A deep side part will help you frame your face and bring back some flapper girl vibes to the modern era.

17.     Sharp finger waves for an edgy look

fingerwave... looks so good (so hard to do too!)

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Looking for a cool way to twist your usual bun? These super flat finger waves will add that extra edge to your updo. Side part your hair and create a sleek and perfect gelled finger wave texture all over your head, and finish with your favorite updo hairstyle.

18.     Unique finger wave hairstyle with loose hair

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If you want a unique and fearless look, try mixing a loose hairstyle with gelled and glossy finger waves. The trick here is to keep the upper part of the head and the sides styled in sharp finger waves, letting the rest of the hair loose and gel-free for a cool multitextured hairstyle.

19.     Soft finger wave updo idea

Keira Knightley - I fell in love with her during the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

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If you’re not convinced about the whole finger wave look, you can still recreate a subtler version of it. Try doing soft flat waves and add a braided bun for a classic and sophisticated look. Apply extra hairspray to ensure a sleek finish.

20.     Glamorous finger wave updo

Pretty! Another Great Gatsby-inspired look–this chignon (seen at Mark Zunino’s spring 2013 runway show) with its wavy locks is the idyllic look for those who want a classic hairdo with a vintage vibe.

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Another way to include a cute nod to the 20s on your hairstyle is with soft side finger waves. A loose thick strand of hair styled into soft waves and arranged into a simple low bun is enough to add an extra dose of glam to your hair. 

21.     Oversized finger wave look

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A gorgeous and perfect side swing done using the finger wave technique is a great idea for those who want to rock a glamorous hairstyle. It’s an easy look that’s chic and elegant, but that also does its part in adding a vintage flair to your whole outfit.

22.     20’s inspired finger waves for bob cuts

Lily Collins

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A short bob haircut makes the perfect excuse for rocking a classic 20’s inspired hairstyle. Soft finger waves along the side-parted hair is enough to step up your style game. You can also add cute bobby pins at the side for a cute finish.

23.     Fabulous finger waves for a fancy look

13 Finger Wave Hairstyles You Will Want to Copy

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If you’re on the look for a fancy hairstyle, this gorgeous idea will do the trick. Featuring finger waved strands along the side hairline and all over the bun, this hairstyle will help you achieve that regal look that will turn heads as you walk by.

24.     Perfect finger wave hairstyle

black feathered pixie

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Short hair no problem! This awesome idea is perfect for those who want to sport a chic and casual every-day look. Small and messy finger nails along the hair will give your pixie hair a gorgeous and interesting texture that will make you look like a fashion pro. 

25.     Long and sleek finger wave idea

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Finger waves don’t necessarily need to feature a gelled and glossy finish, especially when done over long, lose hair. This beautiful finger wave hairstyle is a great idea for those moments when you need to look put together without looking to flashy. Simply breath-taking, try this finger wave idea on your next special event.

26.     Killer finger waves for an effortlessly chic look

Glamorous brides should consider this sleek and simple ‘down do’ which will ensure your hair remains off your face for the entirety of your wedding day. What’s not to love about it? If you've got long haired this is one of our favourite wedding hairstyles. Click through for 52 more wedding hair ideas

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A half-do can be taken to the next level with lose finger waves like these ones. Simple yet fabulous, this finger wave idea will transform a so-so look into a glamorous and chic look.

27.     Extra-long finger waves for a textured updo

bridal chignon with finger waves

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If you want an eye-catching updo hairstyle, why not add a finger wave texture to the side of your head? This spiral-like waved strand of hair adds that extra factor to what otherwise would have been a simple and cookie-cutter updo look.

28.     Edgiest multicolor finger wave idea for mohawk cuts

13 Finger Wave Hairstyles You Will Want to Copy

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Who says mowhaks can’t rock a classy hairstyle? A bold take on finger waves, this spectacular multicolored mowhak will be hardly outshined. Try this look on those days when you feel like spicing up your every-day outfits.

29.     Finger wave detail to complement your hairstyle

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You can include a nod to the finger wave hairstyle in a cool and simple way like this one. Whether you’re sporting an all-braided hair or a classic ponytail, ultra-gelled and flattened finger waved strands along your forehead and cheek will be enough to make your hairstyle much edgier.

30.     Middle parted short finger waves

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Finger waves are usually styled with side parted hair, but that doesn’t mean that a mid parted hair won’t look as fabulous. If you want a unique and statement-like look, try this mid-parted finger wave hairstyle. Add a generous amount of hair gel to achieve that glossy iconic finish of finger waves.

30 Jaw-dropping finger wave looks

Tired of the same hairstyles? Finger waves are an awesome idea that you can include regardless of your hair length or style. They’re sleek, sophisticated and elegant, helping you achieve that fashion diva style in the easiest way possible