6 Parisian Styles French Women Always Follow



Have you ever fancied about living in Paris, eating macarons in the local patisserie and drinking wine with the view of la tour Eiffel? But most importantly, have you ever dreamed of having that sophisticated French style?

If that’s the case, then this article is tailor-made for you!

I’ll guide you through the components of a perfect French style: what it is, the essentials and how to style your French style clothing.

So take notes and follow me.

What does a typical French woman look like?

You may already know that Paris is considered the capital of fashion, but is that enough as to guarantee that French everyday fashion is the chicest?

In some ways, but French women also have some secrets they won’t share with you. These are some of the things that have allowed them to succeed in the fashion game:

– They spend almost the same amount of time getting ready as Americans
– It’s all about looking effortlessly chic, avoiding anything that might make them look like “they tried”
– They follow a “uniform” and rarely do they steer away from that
– Trends are not a part of their everyday vocabulary
– They have the self-confidence that shines through their style

Yes, we all want to be as cool as French women.

How to dress like a French woman

Having a perfect French style is all about attitude, but there are some things you may want to take into consideration if you want to replicate a French woman’s style.

1. It all comes down to the basics

What makes a French style so unique and chic is that it doesn’t need much in order to look put together. That’s why basics take a critical role in French everyday fashion. If you don’t own these basics, pulling off a chic Parisian style look will be almost impossible.

1.1 White shirt

A white shirt is the synonym of simplicity. That’s why it’s a must-have in the French fashion dictionary.

Owning white shirts means that you’ll be able to create a thousand of different outfits, all following one simple rule: to look as effortlessly chic as possible.

It doesn’t matter what type of white shirts you own, as long as the silhouette is elegant and feminine, any white shirt will do the trick. They can even be white t-shirts!

One thing’s sure, white button-downs are definitely one of the white shirt types you should have in your French style wardrobe.
These can be the typical 100% cotton button down shirt:

Or a silky and oversized style:

French style

You can also get creative and opt for stylish silhouettes. Pussy bow necklines, for example, are typical of a French fashion style:

1.2 Blue jeans

If white shirts are the top staple you need to own, then blue jeans are definitely the bottom staple. A typical and everyday French women look involves pairing a white shirt with perfect fitting blue jeans.

It doesn’t matter the jean style you choose: you can opt for a classic pair of skinny jeans or a trendier style, like cropped wide leg jeans.

Mom jeans are surely one chic and safe way of pulling off a French style look because their relaxed silhouette is what this style is all about: relaxed, simple and comfortable.

As I mentioned, you can perfectly opt for trendier jean styles. It’s all about maintaining the balance with a simple top.

Always remember: when in doubt, opt for simple and timeless pieces. A chic French style is not only stylish and elegant but also timeless.

2. Polka dots

When it comes to prints, French women opt for simpler designs. Polka dots are simple, timeless and elegant, which makes it easy to understand why they’re a go-to among French women.

A cute wrap top with mini polka dots is one of the classiest tops you’ll see French women wearing:

If you opt for a cute polka dot skirt, pairing it with a white or neutral color top is the safest way to pull off a chic French look.

Even their sexiest looks can involve simple yet cute polka dot pieces, like this sheer tight top with black polka dots:

3. Stripes

Just like polka dots, stripes are another print or texture that’s simple and timeless. That’s why you can see it often in any French women’s wardrobe.

The classic striped piece you can’t miss is a striped blue, black and/or white t-shirt. It’s a staple French style clothing that can be worn in many different types of outfits.

Pair your striped t-shirt with light-wash mom jeans and flats, for a casual and laid-back French look:

Switch your leather jacket for a black blazer for a business casual French style look:

Even Victoria Beckham has tried (and succeeded) in channeling her inner French girl:

Stripes are not solely for shirts, but also for dresses and skirts. French women love classics, so always opt for classic silhouettes:

And try to always include neutral colors such as ivory, white, black, grey, camel and navy.

4. Plaids

If you want to add texture to your French-inspired looks, then plaids are your best option.

Not only are they classic, but you can also find them in menswear-inspired pieces such as blazers or straight-leg pants, which make your silhouette look effortlessly chic and relaxed.

The best plaid pieces to include in your French-inspired wardrobe are:

4.1 Blazers

You can pair your plaid blazer with other staples like blue jeans and a white t-shirt:

Or add a pop of color with primary colors: red, blue or yellow.

4.2 Pants

Wearing plaid pants is one trendy yet classic way of pulling-off a French outfit. If you don’t know how to style these pants, opt for neutral color tops or layers for an effortless look:

If you want to take your outfit to the next level, add a beret. Nothing can scream “French style” louder than this accessory:

You can also add a blazer and white sneakers for a business casual look:

5. Berets

There is literally no other accessory that can scream “French style” as loud as a beret. Not only are they a classic among French women, but they also have the potential of transforming a sp-and-so outfit into a head-turner and unique outfit.

Try adding one chic beret into your outfit next time you feel like dressing like a French woman.

They’re cute and perfect for keeping your head warm on those chilly winter days:

6. French women shoes

French women love sophisticated, effortless and comfortable looks. That’s why the classic French style shoes do not involve stilettos or pumps, but rather low heels, sneakers, flats or booties.

6.1 Slingbacks

Slingback shoes are a staple you can’t miss in your French-inspired wardrobe. They’re inspired in Coco Chanel’s classic slingback block heel style.

You don’t have to own the genuine Chanel slingbacks. You can wear any type of slingbacks and still look like a French woman.

The best ones are those that have low block heels. Remember, it’s all about looking comfortably chic.

Kitten heels often feature a slingback silhouette as well. You can opt for these trendy shoes to pump up your French style outfits. They look great with cropped pants, skinny or mom jeans:

6.2 Loafers

Loafers are classic and versatile shoes that will allow you to create multiple casual or business casual looks. They’re a favorite among French women because of their comfy wear and relaxed look.

You can add a pop of color with your loafers. Remember that red is one of the favorite colors to wear for a French chic style.

6.3 Wedges

Wedges are feminine, casual and comfortable. Exactly what French women love!
If you love a feminine look, these are just perfect for you.

You can wear them with trousers, skirts, dresses, jeans… you name it!

6.4 Low heel booties

As long as they’re the low heel and in neutral colors, you can choose any type of booties.

A trendy way of pulling off a French-style outfit with booties is with a pair of mom jeans, creating a chic and vintage look:

Wrap up:

If you’re a French-style lover, then this article will be your go-to guide.

These classic pieces are just what you need in order to dress like a genuine French woman. And remember, it’s all about looking effortlessly chic!