30 Amazing Hairstyles that Flatter Long Faces


Just like there’s many different body shapes with their pros and cons, our faces also have a specific shape that requires attention. If you have a long face, chances are most of the time you feel like wanting to volumize your hairstyle to make your face look rounder or fuller. That’s why knowing which hairstyles for long faces work best will make you feel beautiful and confident on a daily basis.  

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How to flatter a long face with the right hairstyle

Long faces have their unique pros and cons. As opposed to round faces who might not enjoy their full cheeks or might feel too chubby, women with long faces have the benefit of looking slimmer and sophisticated.

However, if styled wrong, long faces can sometimes appear too unproportionate and here’s where the styling tricks and secrets will help you out. Achieving a proportionate-looking face can only be done with the help of optical illusion, which in the case of hairstyle includes many different elements such as length, layers, bangs, side or middle parted…

These many elements will be your best allies in achieving a rounder face, or simply complementing your face in the best way possible. However, deciding the type of bangs, haircut, layers, or length can be overwhelming due to the endless possibilities.

As a rule of thumb, an easy way to make your face look a bit rounder is by “cutting off” some length at the forehead with the help of bangs. Other effective techniques are adding texture and/or volume on the sides of the head with the help of waves, layers, brushed back bangs…

If you want a simple visual guide that will help you understand how to style your hair, you’ve come to the right place!

30 Most Flattering Haircuts for Long Faces

We’ve decided to give a helping hand to those of you who want to know how to style their hair correctly or are looking for a fresh makeover that will make you look gorgeous. We’ve compiled the 30 best and most flattering hairstyles for long faces to help you have a thorough idea of what makes you look perfectly proportionate.

1.  Middle parted hairstyle for long face

Middle parted hairstyles for long faces are a complete yes when you pair it with long layers that build volume at the cheek area. Long curtain bangs can also help you create the illusion of a rounder face by adding weight to the cheeks as well.

2.  Effortlessly chic updo that flatters long faces

For an elevated and chic hairstyle, a classic updo with long bangs subtly parted at the middle will be a great option for you. Bangs will always shorten your face length by covering your forehead, but a slightly middle parted bang look like Alexa Chung’s is a great way to achieve that effortlessly chic style.

3.  Easy long hairstyle idea with layers

Who says long hairstyles aren’t suitable for long faces? If you enjoy flaunting your long, beautiful hair, a straight cut with long layers will be a great option that flatters your face shape. A side part will help you take off some forehead length, making you face appear rounder.

4.  Choppy layered hairstyle for long face

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration if you have a long face is to pull-off a textured hairstyle. Multiple choppy layers like this idea will help you easily achieve a heavy textured hairstyle. If you’re feeling bold, pair your layered hair with choppy, short bangs

5.  Messy hairstyle for long face with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are one of the most flattering bang types for long faces. They make your face look rounder by cutting off the forehead’s length in a diagonal way. Pair your curtain bangs with a heavy layered haircut to add some extra texture.

6.  Wavy long hairstyle for long faces

30 Amazing Hairstyles that Flatter Long Faces 1


Wavy hairstyles for long faces will always be a flattering option because they achieve that beautiful textured look you need to aim for. Remember that textured hairstyles add weight and volume to the hair, making your face appear fuller than it is.

7.  Defined waves for long faces

Defined finger waves are another great option that suits long faces. You can either keep your hair side or middle parted, depending on your forehead’s length. Straight cut hairstyles will also help you achieve more volume on the ends and create the optical illusion of roundess.

8.  Classic long hairstyle for long face shape

Lengthy hair for long faces is a total yes, especially if you add side parted bangs to the equation. A beautifully soft waved hairstyle is a great way to bring your look to the next level while flattering your pretty long face.

9.  Timeless bob that flatters long face

If there’s a queen of hairstyle, that should be Jennifer Aniston. She has a long face that often flaunts a classic lob haircut which you can easily recreate, especially if you have fine, thin hair like hers. Add highlights for an extra glam and get ready to steal compliments wherever you go.

10.    Shaggy side parted bob hairstyle for long face

Shaggy haircuts are a fabulous idea for long faces because they easily create a heavy textured hairstyle that adds volume, making your face look rounder than it really is. For some extra volume, a side parting will not only give you a messy chic look, but will also help you volumize your hair even more.

11.    Perfect haircut for long faces

If you have a natural wavy hair, flaunt it with a multi layered haircut. Shorten your face’s length with the help of thick bangs that will make you look mysterious and chic. This hairstyle idea is a great way to make a statement in the easiest way possible.

12.    Easy updo with wavy bangs for long faces

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An updo with bangs is a killer combo that every long face shaped women should try, even if you have natural wavy hair. Wavy bangs are a gorgeous way to flaunt a sophisticated style while flattering your face shape.

13.    Pretty long bob with long bangs

The long side bangs that Sandra Bullock sports in this example are another great type of bang that you can also choose to cut off some forehead length. The shoulder length bob along with these bangs are an awesome combo that’s extremely flattering for your face type

14.    Beautiful long hair with soft waves

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A long, beautiful hair can also be flattering for long faces. The trick here is to create volume and thickness to prevent elongating your face even more. Soft waves or even thickening hairspray can be your best allies in achieving this.

15.    Textured bob hairstyle that shortens long face

Flattering a long face it’s all about texture and volume. That’s why short bobs like this one are extremely flattering for this type of face shape, especially if you have natural wavy hair. You can also add several layers to help build volume and texture, or style it into soft waves whenever you need to elevate your look.

16.    Beautiful curly hairstyle for long faces

Beste Curly Bob Frisuren für Frauen mit schickem Look | Kurze Frisuren & Frisuren | 2018 - 2019 #amp #beste #Bob #Curly #Frauen #Frisuren #für


One of the best curly hairstyles for long faces is a classic short bob with long layers. Make the most of you curly hair with a short hairstyle like this one to add volume and make your face appear rounder. Extra layers will help you give shape to the hair without taking off too much volume.

17.    Simple shoulder length haircut for long faces

A classic shoulder length haircut with a middle parting is enough to complement your beautiful long face. Unless you have a really high forehead, middle parted hairstyles are always a great idea. A messy loose hair will make your lob look fabulous!

18.    Long hair with baby bangs to shorten long faces

If you’re looking for a bold hairstyle that flatters long faces, this long hairstyle with baby bangs will definitely do the trick. Baby bangs are not only a killer option for women with high foreheads who want to shorten their face length, but they’re also perfect for adding that extra factor to your edgy style.

19.    Voluminous short hairstyle idea for long face

If you have a long face, your go to hairstyle option should always be voluminous waves, regardless of your hair length. As we have mentioned, long faces should be complemented with hairstyles that add volume around the face to simulate a rounder shape. This easy wavy short bob is a fabulous idea that you can sport on a daily basis.

20.    Glamorous waves to volumize hair for long faces

For those who have a long face shape and need to step up their style game, a gorgeous Hollywood glam inspired hairstyle like this one should be on the top of their list. Chunky curls and a sexy side swept will make you forget you even have a long face!

21.    Side parted hairstyle idea for long face shape

Hairstyles for long faces and thin hair should always aim to build texture. Whether it’s achieved with heavy layering or waves, texture and dimension will always be your best allies. In this case, a side swept short bob with soft, messy waves is a great way to shorten your face’s length.

22.    Multi-layered long hair with high bun to flatter long faces

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To make a long hairstyle flattering for long face shape, it all comes down to a great layering technique. Strategically cut layers will help achieve a voluminous and textured long hairstyle, adding weight to the hair and making your face seem like it lost some length.

23.    Classic pixie haircut for long faces

A classic pixie cut with bangs subtly brushed to the side is a perfect option for those who enjoy unique and eye-catching hairstyles. Extremely flattering for long faces, this type of pixie cut doesn’t need much but perfectly cut long bangs that will conceal the entire forehead, making your face look much rounder.

24.    Multi-layered pixie with long bangs

Similar to the example shown before, Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous pixie hairstyle sets itself apart thanks to the short multi layer cut which adds a beautiful texture to the hair. Long, choppy bangs will only make the look appear much chicer, flattering any type of long face shape.

25.    Chic lob that flatters long faces

A classic lob brushed to the side is all you need for an easy and flattering haircut. Dark roots will help you add dimension and weight to the hair, helping you achieve the optical illusion of thickness.

26.    Long hairstyle idea with highlights for long faces

If there’s one celebrity who should be on your radar, that’s Sarah Jessica Parker. Known for her iconic long face shape, she absolutely nails the hairstyle game. The shortest layers rest on the chin level, which helps her achieve a flattering hairstyle that adds volume to the bottom part.

27.    Cute curly haircut idea for long faces

A long, stacked bob is a great way to showcase a fashionable hairstyle that also flatters your face type. Long, stacked layers will help volumize the ends, creating a proportionate optical illusion that will make your face appear less lengthy.

28.    Voluminous long curly hairstyle that flatters long face

Long curly hair with a side parting is the definition of an effortlessly chic hairstyle that flatters long faces. Long layers will help you maintain the hair’s thickness while helping you pull-off a gorgeous look on a daily basis.

29.    Elegant hairstyle for long face shapes

30 Amazing Hairstyles that Flatter Long Faces 2


A shiny wavy hairstyle like this one is to die for! Absolutely flattering for long faces, a side parted wavy hair that rests at shoulder length will add weight from the cheek to the ends, complementing a lengthy face and making it look a much more sophisticated.

30.    Natural curly hair with ombre effect for long faces

If you have a long face and curly hair, one of the best ways to sport a beautiful hairstyle is by keeping it long. Not only will this help you build volume and thickness, but will also make you look extremely fashionable.

30 Modern hairstyles that flatter long faces

Long faces can sometimes appear a bit unproportionate, but styling your hair into a flattering style is a no brainer. These 30 beautiful hairstyles prove that you have endless and gorgeous possibilities that will make your face look simply perfect.