30 best hairstyles for softening square face types


Each face type has its unique pros and cons, and learning how to style it properly will give you the key to mastering a flattering and perfect hairstyle. If you have a square face shape, the following tips will show you exactly what to aim for to achieve a look that makes the most of your face.

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Easy-to-recreate hairstyle ideas for women with square shape 

Consider yourself lucky if you have a square face! This face type is extremely photogenic thanks to the prominent cheekbones and strong jawline, features that are often aimed for with make-up techniques.

This means that, while others try to recreate your natural features, you simply need to enjoy them on a daily basis. However, just like with any other face type, there are certain elements you need to take into consideration to avoid accentuating too much your features.

But before we dive into the do’s and don’t’s, let’s find out if you truly fall into this category. If you’re unsure whether you have a square shape or not, keep in mind the following characteristics of this face type:

  • The length of your face is equal to its width
  • Strong jawline angles
  • Prominent cheekbones
  • Minimal curves

The best hairstyles for square faces should try to “minimize” the jawline. Anything that’s soft and smooth will be extremely flattering for you: subtle ombre effect or smooth highlights are great examples of how you can incorporate dyes into your hair while considering your face type.

Hairstyles that should be avoided are those with sharp, straight lines. Blunt bangs or straight haircuts, for example, will only make your natural features stronger. Anything that adds volume at the cheekbone is a no-go as well.

30 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Square Faces

To help you understand better these useful tips, we have compiled some of the best hairstyles and haircuts that will flatter your natural features. Get inspired with these examples and take notes!

1.   Flattering short bob for square face


Short hairstyles that finish at chin length are often considered unflattering for square face types. However, a textured hairstyle achieved with the help of multi-layers that volumizes the upper part of the head is a great way to sport a short haircut that’s still complementing your beautiful square face shape.

2.   Textured pixie haircut for square face shape

Emily Browning Photos - Actress Emily Browning arrives at W Magazine's Celebration of The Best Performances Issue and The Golden Globes held at at Chateau Marmont on January 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. - W Magazine Celebrates The Best Performances Issue and The Golden Globes - Red Carpet

If edgy and bold is what you’re aiming for, pixie cuts are a great option for you. Side swept bangs are extremely flattering for square faces, so opt for short, choppy bangs for an edgy touch. Add many short layers for a gorgeous textured hairstyle.

3.   Elegant high updo for women with square face

Margot Robbie in a Valentino gown with Repossi jewels attends 'Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' World Premiere on March 1, 2016

A beautiful and elegant hairstyle idea for square face types is anything that sleekly pulls the hair to the back. This killer high ponytail not only does this, but also adds volume to the upper part of the head, elongating the face and making it appear less square-like.

4.   Easy middle parted hairstyle for square face

Lily James

If you have long hair and need to style it into an elegant look, create a voluminous wavy hairstyle with the help of hairspray or hair mousse. Keep your hair to the back for a classic and elevated loose hairstyle that flatters your square face.

5.   Classic shoulder-length hairstyle that flatters square face

You won't believe Emma Stone's beauty secret

A classic bob cut is a great idea for women with square face. Shoulder length bobs with long layers and a middle parting will help you elongate your face. Remember that, for square face shapes, middle parted hairstyles are a complete yes.

6.   Side swept mid length hairstyle for square face

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Another thing to keep in mind when styling a square face shape is that deep side parted hairstyles will also help you achieve an oval-like shape. This gorgeous medium length look features a side swept and long layers that add an eye-catching element on the shoulder area, helping you elongate your face by softening the jaw-line.  

7.   Flattering hairstyle with bangs for square face


Certain bangs can be extremely flattering for women with square faces. Light, straight bangs like Olivia Wilde’s are a great example of how framing your face with bangs can make your square face appear rounder. Long, straight hair is another awesome hairstyle to complement your bangs with.

8.   Fabulous wavy hairstyle for women with square face

50 Highly Recommended Haircuts and Hairstyles for Square Faces

Long hairstyles for square faces should include many layers for an beautiful textured look. A heavy layering technique will give movement and dimension to your long hair, creating the illusion of a voluminous straight line that will soften your square face.

9.   Elevated loose hairstyle idea for square face

Alyssa Campanella Hairstyle - Long Straight Formal Layered - Hair Color: Medium Brunette. Click on the image to try on this hairstyle and view styling steps!

A sleek and straight mid top that evolves into glamorous waves is another great way to add volume to the bottom part of your long hair. This technique will remove any extra attention at the jawline area by adding an eye-catching element below the shoulders.

10.     Voluminous curly hairstyle for square face type

tori kelly | Tori Kelly – 2015 Billboard Women in Music Event in New York City

If you have natural curly hair and a square face shape, leaving your curls au-naturel can be extremely beneficial. With a side parting, loose curls will help you volumize your hairstyle and create a gorgeous texture that will make your strong jawline less noticeable.

11.     Classic medium length hairstyle for square face

Emily Deschanel at the 'Bones' press conference at Four Seasons Hotel...

If classic and timeless is what you’re aiming for, a side parted long hairstyle with long layers will do the trick. Easy and effortlessly chic, this should be your go-to option whenever you feel like rocking a cute every-day hairstyle. Remember that long hairstyles are, most of the times, a flattering option for women with square face shape.

12.     Hairstyle with curtain bangs for square face

Seasonal Essentials For An Effortless Autumn Beauty Look - THE STREET VIBE

Wondering which type of bang flatters a square face shape? Curtain bangs are a fabulous option that will elongate your face, making it appear less square-like. Plus, this type of bangs are one of the trendiest of the moment: they’re feminine and versatile, letting you enjoy a cute every-day look. 

13.     Pulled back ponytail idea for square face

Galerie: Die CFDA Awards Beauty-Looks 2019

Pulled back hairstyles are a flattering option for women with a square face shape. For an elevated look, try a high bun or ponytail and leave some loose strands to achieve an effortlessly chic hairstyle. Cool and elegant, this updo idea is a must for square faces.

14.     Gorgeous bob cut for square face to illuminate your features

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A shoulder length bob with long layers like this one is a great option for women with square faces and thin hair. To take this style to another level, try adding blonde (or lighter) highlights to illuminate your features.

15.     Cute updo hairstyle that flatters square faces

Base Leve

As we have mentioned, pulled-back updo are extremely flattering for square face shapes. For a fun twist, try braiding your upped section just like Hailey Baldwin. Chic, feminine and unique, this hairstyle idea is just what you need to stand out from the rest.

16.     Pretty updo with bangs for women with square face

The Best (and Worst) Bangs for Square Face Shapes - Beauty Editor: Celebrity Beauty Secrets, Hairstyles

Slightly choppy bangs are another great option for women with square faces. This hairstyle idea is perfect for those moments when you simply want to shine: cute bangs and pulled-back ponytail with loose strands along the hairline create a perfect combination.

17.     Sleek side parted hairstyle for square face

Cortarse el pelo a los 40, sin perder el factor cool © Gtres Online/ Cordon Press/ Getty Images

Straight, long hairstyles are an easy option anyone with a square face can recreate. Long hair will elongate your face, making the sharp edges appear softer. Side part your hair for a rounder effect. 

18.     Pulled back hairstyle that rounds square faces

"I love when Emily wears her hair up cause she's just so pretty."-David Boreanaz

This is a beautiful messy updo for square faces that’s extremely flattering. Perfect for elevating any outfit, try this hairstyle idea whenever you feel like pulling-off a killer look.

19.     Straight hairstyle idea for square face

Alessandra Mastronardi attends Vogue Italia 50th Anniversary Event on September 21 2014 in Milan Italy
MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 21: Alessandra Mastronardi attends Vogue Italia 50th Anniversary Event on September 21, 2014 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Stefania D’Alessandro/WireImage)

Bangs that finish at the eye level are a gorgeous way to frame your square face. The best complement for this type of bangs is a long, straight hairstyle that will help to elongate your face.

20.     Multi-layered hairstyle for women with square face

50 Highly Recommended Haircuts and Hairstyles for Square Faces

Any hairstyle that adds volume and texture to the crown area of the head is a flattering option for square faces. Remember that the one thing you need to avoid is adding volume at the cheekbone area, so shifting that attention to another area such as the crown is a complete yes.

21.     Shoulder-length hairstyle idea to round square faces

Asian Choppy Off-Centered Bob

Shoulder-length haircuts are an extremely flattering hairstyle idea for women with square faces. Almost any type of length that’s bellow the mid part of the neck is perfect for this type of face. A subtle side parting will add that sophisticated finish to the look.

22.     Unique and edgy haircut for square faces

50 Best Haircuts for Square Faces That Definitely Work - Hair Adviser

If edgy and bold is how you would define your style, why not try choppy baby bangs? This type of bang is perfect for softening your jawline while adding a fun element to the look.

23.     Bold middle parted hairstyle for square face

50 Best Haircuts for Square Faces That Definitely Work - Hair Adviser

For a cool hairstyle that flatters square faces, try a platinum blonde dye with soft waves. Long curtain bangs, as mentioned, are one of the best type of bangs for square faces, so make sure to add these on your to-do list.

24.     Glamorous wavy hairstyle idea that flatters square faces


For a glamorous hairstyle, a long length hair with voluminous waves will make you stand out from the rest while elongating your face. Perfectly made highlights will help you achieve a shiny and textured look, and a deep side parting will add that glamorous finish.

25.     Edgy shaggy haircut for square faces

50 Best Haircuts for Square Faces That Definitely Work - Hair Adviser

Shaggy hairstyles for square faces are a great idea, especially if you have fine hair. Shaggy cuts help build volume and texture, adding that extra factor to a dull hairstyle. To elongate your face, middle parted bangs will do the trick.

26.     Sleek asymmetrical hairstyle for square faces

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For a glamorous and sophisticated hairstyle, an asymmetrical haircut will definitely do the trick. Style your hair into subtle but eye-catching finger waves to achieve a glamorous look that will also flatter your square face.

27.     Gorgeous chestnut hairstyle idea for square faces

When it comes to hairstyles, not everyone has the time or money to keep really short locks or luscious long hair. Some people need easy hairstyles due to their busy lives and want something that’s still cute, trendy and pretty, but won’t take a long time to fix. #hairhealth #mediumhair #brunettehair #hairstyles #mediumlengthhair

One of the best ways to spice up your usual haircut is by adding highlights next to the face in order to illuminate it and soften your features. Shoulder-length haircuts, as mentioned, are extremely flattering for square face shapes, and perfectly made highlights will only take your style to the next level.

28.     Multi-textured long hairstyle for square faces

Heidi Klum  - HarpersBAZAAR.com

A multi-textured hairstyle like this one is a must for women with square faces who enjoy long lengths. Long layer and a fabulous game of highlighting techniques will make the hair look extra-textured, helping you elongate your face thanks to the volumized effect.

29.     Sexy messy hairstyle for women with square face

Doutzen Kroes Photos Photos - Doutzen Kroes attends the Gala 20th Birthday Of L'Oreal In Cannes during the 70th  Film Festival at Martinez Hotel on May 24, 2017

Nothing’s sexier than a messy, loose hairstyle. Elongate your square face by adding volume to the upper part of the head with a messy side swept like Doutzen’s and let your dark roots shine.

30.     Timeless side swept hairstyle for square faces

Angelina Jolie's Fearless Beauty Through the Years Photos | W Magazine

If you’re looking for an easy and timeless look to elevate an outfit, a side swept loose hairstyle like this one will be all you need. Soft waves will give movement to your long hair, adding volume from the chin down and, therefore, elongating your square face.

30 Amazingly flattering hairstyles for women with square face

Square faces have a wide range of possibilities that are flattering and beautiful. These easy-to-recreate ideas demonstrate that this face type is one of the easiest ones to style and complement. Have fun and experiment with hairstyles that get you out of your comfort zone but are still flattering!