30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night


Homecoming is a day to remember. But what better way to enjoy this unforgettable moment than with an equally unforgettable look? Apart from choosing the perfect dress, there’s no denying that the hairstyle plays an important role as well. Selecting the right homecoming hairstyle can make a huge difference between a so-so look, and one to remember.

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30 Pretty homecoming hairstyle ideas to get inspired 

Putting together all the elements that will compose your whole homecoming look can be nerve wrecking, but once you’ve chosen the right dress, the rest should come naturally.

Make sure to keep in mind your dress when you select your hairstyle. Remember that hairstyles should always complement the whole look in order to pull-off a cohesive look.

Since homecoming is not as formal as prom, making the perfect balance between dressy yet relaxed might be tricky. Our best suggestion is to choose a hairstyle that will either dress down a fancy dress or dress up a relaxed dress.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the 30 best homecoming hairstyle ideas that will give you plenty of inspiration to choose from. No matter if you have short curly hair, or long straight hair, there’s at least a couple of hairstyle ideas that will fit perfectly with your hair and dress type.

We all have one same mission at the end of the day: looking fabulous at our special night. So relax and enjoy this virtual tour of the best hairstyle ideas to match your homecoming look.

1.   Beautiful curly half-do hairstyle for homecoming

All time favorite half up A pull back and twisted half up hairstyle feels relaxed, glamorous, and arguably. It’s the perfect look if you wish...

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If you want to add some fabulous volume to your hair, try styling it into soft curls and arrange them in a cute half-do knot.  You can add cute sparkling pins at the crown of the head to elevate this homecoming hairstyle. This is a great idea for girls who have long hair, as the curls will inevitably shorten the length.

2.   French braid ponytail homecoming hairstyle for medium hair

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 1

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For those of you who are looking for cute homecoming hairstyles for medium hair, this easy and relaxed low ponytail with side French braids will do the trick. Loose strands at the front sides of the face will give you that effortlessly chic vibe without looking too dressed up.

3.   Voluminous ponytail hairstyle idea for homecoming

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Arranging your hair in a cute high ponytail is a stunning homecoming hairstyle idea. Not only will it make you look sophisticated, but a high ponytail will also elongate your figure, making you look a bit taller. You can volumize the ponytail with spray or mousse to simulate a thicker hair.

4.   Pretty half-do with soft waves for homecoming

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Arrange your hair to the back with a gorgeous and intricate half-do for a cute homecoming look. Soft and natural waves will give you a relaxed flair, and you can leave some loose strands at the front sides for a cuter look.

5.   Relaxed braid crown hairstyle with highlights

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Braid crowns will always be a complete yes, especially when chosen as your homecoming hairstyle. A half-do braid crown is enough to elevate your look but still keep it relaxed and easy. Make the most of your blonde highlights with beach wavy hair for an added texture.

6.   Gorgeous homecoming hairstyle idea for shoulder-length hair

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Shoulder length hairstyle ideas for homecoming are simply stunning. Recreate this easy look by leaving your hair down in soft waves and braiding the hairline. Easy and feminine, this hairstyle idea will make you look fabulous on your special night.

7.   Sleek and sophisticated homecoming hairstyle for black hair

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If you love all-things glamorous, a sleek and gelled homecoming hairstyle like this one might be just what you need. Side part your hair and apply hair gel to keep that “wet” look throughout the night, and add some fancy bobby pins on the side for a trendy finish.  This is a gorgeous idea for any type of hair length, however, short bobs will add a special edge to your face.

8.   Fabulous headband swirl idea for homecoming


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Accessorizing your homecoming hairstyle is a great idea to step up your game. Adding a cute bandana or head band and swirling your hair over it will result in a gorgeous updo that will make you look like a style queen. Opt for a sparkly or fancy headband to elevate your look, and make sure that it matches with your other accessories as well.

9.   Low ponytail idea for a feminine homecoming style

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Low ponytails are perfect for keeping your style relaxed yet elegant. This loose and soft waved low ponytail has been taken to the next level thanks to the single chunky side braid that adds texture and sophistication to the look. Add a few loose strands for a cuter finish.

10.     Simple and elegant straight short hairstyle for homecoming

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Sometimes going minimal and simple is the best idea. Whether you already have a short bob or want to give your hair a fresh cut, this short hairstyle idea for homecoming is simply beautiful. A straight bob cut is modern and flattering to almost all face types, so leaving your hair down and straight is a classy way to complement your homecoming dress.

11.     Gorgeous bulky braid crown hairstyle

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For a fabulous updo hairstyle, this braid crown is the answer. Combining texture, volume and a feminine element like this braid, this homecoming hairstyle will perfectly complement your fancy dress. It’s feminine, classy and will let you dance the whole night without worrying about your hair.

12.     Sophisticated updo with pearl pin

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Weaving and looping the whole head into a cute low bun is a gorgeous idea to pull-off a fancy homecoming hairstyle. Giving texture to your hair is the key in this look: without the weaved and braided hair, the low bun would look like a regular low updo. Add a sparkly or pearl bobby pin for a cute and eye-catching detail.

13.     Voluminous high bun to elevate your homecoming look

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 2

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A bulky high bun arranged loosely will make you look classy and sophisticated. Timeless buns like this one styled with loose strands of hair is a great way to update them. To recreate the bulky look, long hair will be essential, but you can also add volumizers such as mousse to help thicken the hair.

14.     Sleek low bun homecoming hairstyle idea

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 3

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If you enjoy classy and elegant looks, this pretty low chignon will do the trick. Chignons are a timeless hairstyle that will always be a great idea, but if you want a modern update, try arranging your hair into a low ponytail and tuck it in the backside, simulating a low chignon.

15.     Wavy and easy DIY homecoming hairstyle

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 4

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This romantic half-do is a simple yet absolutely gorgeous homecoming hairstyle idea for long hair. Soft and messy beach waves will give you a relaxed look, and an easy half-up with a delicate pearl bobby pin will take your style to the next level.

16.     Elegant weaved updo hairstyle idea

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 5

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There are plenty of hairstyle ideas for medium length hair, such as this gorgeous textured updo. Pinned strands of hair arranged into a flat updo is a gorgeous idea that will elevate your homecoming dress quite easily. Leave a few loose strands at the front for an easy and relaxed look.

17.     Messy and relaxed homecoming hairstyle

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 6

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Messy hairstyles for homecoming are the perfect way to dress down any fancy dress while rocking a modern look. This low messy bun is simple yet completely stylish, and will complement any type of dress: from the fanciest to the most relaxed and laid-back dress.

18.     Breathtaking oversized finger wave hairstyle

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 7

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Looking for a glamorous and sophisticated homecoming hairstyle for long hair? This breath-taking finger wave hairstyle is the answer to your prayers. Oversized finger waves done with a hair straightener will make the best of your long and thick hair.

19.     Loose and textured homecoming hairstyle for medium hair

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 8

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If you want a DIY homecoming hairstyle idea for medium hair, leaving your hair down will always be a great option. Waving your hair with a curling or straightening iron is enough to add a fancy texture to your hair while making you look polished and elegant.

20.     Regal weaved high bun idea for homecoming

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 9

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For a regal homecoming hairstyle, this voluminous weaved bun will do the trick. Simply breathtaking, opt for this hairstyle if your aim is to look fancy and classy. A weaved bun is a gorgeous way to shake up a regular and boring bun, and a fail-proof excuse to steal tons of compliments.

21.     Fabulous and chic straight homecoming hairstyle for long hair

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 10

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If you want to show-off your gorgeous balayage, why not leave your hair down? A perfectly straightened hair will never go out of style, and it’s a great way to complement a fancy and elegant look. Add some hairspray to ensure a sleek and polished finish.

22.     Wavy down hairstyle for an unforgettable look

30 Unforgettable Homecoming Hairstyles for Your Special Night 11

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Soft waves with straight ends is a great way to step up a down homecoming hairstyle. Now, if you truly want to make a statement, try coloring your hair pink. This soft pink is a great way to steal compliments, but you need to make sure that it matches with your dress’ color. 

23.     Messy French twist homecoming hairstyle

wedding updos for short hair disheveled french roll short hair wedding updo sasha_esenina

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Opting for messy hairstyles like this one is a fabulous way to complement a fancy dress, especially if you want to dress it down. Natural wavy hair arranged loosely into a French twist will add a gorgeous texture to your hair that will make you stand out from the rest. 

24.     Elegant and sophisticated bun for homecoming

28 Cute

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If you want a polished version of the previous hairstyle, this is what it would look like. A classic French twist is great idea to rock at homecoming, especially if you want to elevate a relaxed or simple dress. Classic and dressy, this homecoming hairstyle is a flattering option for anyone.

25.     Stunning and simple low bun hairstyle

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Simple homecoming hairstyles like this one are enough to elevate your look. A cute and classic low chignon paired with a fancy bobby pin can easily be recreated to complement any type of dress.

26.     Relaxed french braided low ponytail

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If you’re looking for pretty homecoming hairstyles, this messy weaved hair arranged in a low ponytail will be a fabulous idea to showcase a stylish look. A weaved texture and soft waves is a killer combo that will take your style to the next level.

27.     Side braided homecoming hairstyle

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For braided homecoming hairstyles, a sided classic braid like this one will be a great idea that will help you pull-off a feminine and elegant look. Leave a loose peek-a-boo side band for a sweet and relaxed finish.

28.     Classic braided crown with a twist for homecoming

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Crown braids are cute homecoming hairstyles, but if you want to shake things up, try adding two low and simple buns on the bottom part of the head. Updating a classic hairstyle will give you the key to mastering a gorgeous and unforgettable homecoming look.

29.     Easy down hairstyle look to rock at homecoming

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Easy homecoming hairstyles aren’t necessarily boring, and this idea right here demonstrates that the easier the better. Relaxed and chic, this loose hair idea arranged with a simple side twisted strand and a pearl bobby pin is enough to showcase your cool and feminine personality.

30.     Side swept short bob hairstyle idea for prom

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A side swept wavy bob makes a great excuse for showcasing an amazing homecoming hairstyle for short hair. Nothing fancy yet absolutely breath-taking, this look will make the most of your hair length and let you shine on your special night.

30 Beautiful homecoming hairstyles to fall in love with

Pulling-off a perfect homecoming look can be nerve wrecking, but if you sport a gorgeous hairstyle, the rest will come naturally. We hope these cute homecoming hairstyle ideas will help you decide the best one that will make your one-of-a-life-time night a one to remember.