30 Modern Inverted Bob Haircuts to Try


Looking for a fresh haircut that will add some edge to your style? An inverted bob is the answer! Although there are many variations of this haircut, they all have one thing in common: bringing an edgy and interesting vibe that will make you stand out from the rest. Whether you’re trying to take off some length or simply want to refresh your hairstyle, inverted bobs should be at the top of your list.

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How to choose the right inverted bob for you

An inverted bob is an asymmetrical cut that features a long front and a shorter back. The long front sides along with the tapered back create an eye-catching contrast that lets you enjoy the best of medium and short haircuts.

The length difference between the front and the back is what makes the haircut so different and bold, especially for those who enjoy to stay apart from the conventional.

The amount of layers, as well as the difference between the lengths, can drastically vary. For instance, you can choose a subtle blended stack with a medium length front, or go on the complete opposite by choosing a short, defined and multilayered back with a long front.

You can also add bangs into the mix. from classic straight bangs to side swept peek-a-boo bangs, complementing your inverted with an extra element will definitely step up your hairstyle game.

Remember that this haircut is already a statement all by itself, so if you enjoy a classy style, try going for subtle layers and length difference. For an edgier look, it will all come down to creativity: colorful highlights, multi-layers, shoulder-length front… Anything that adds drama will be a complete yes.

30 Awesome inverted bob haircuts design ideas

If you’re still unsure whether inverted bobs are for you, check out these 30 gorgeous ideas to spark your creativity. From classy to edgy, this haircut has a wide range of possibilities that you will find it easy to find the perfect one for you.

1.   Chocolate brown inverted long bob

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This long chocolate brown inverted bob is a great idea for those who want to keep their length yet still give themselves a fresh new cut. Extremely versatile and chic, this inverted bob will give you plenty of styling options while rocking an edgy look. Add subtle caramel highlights for a shinier finish.

2.   Brown inverted bob with caramel locks

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For those who have natural wavy hair, or simply enjoy styling their hair in soft waves, this inverted bob idea will let you enjoy a gorgeous textured hairstyle while still flaunting your medium-length. Caramel locks will help you illuminate your hair and face, bringing your haircut to the next level.

3.   Classy multidimensional caramel inverted bob

light brown bob with babylights graduated bob haircuts

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If you enjoy short haircuts, try this stacked short inverted bob. Classy and modern, this haircut features a subtle length difference between front and bac, which makes it perfect for those who aren’t much into asymmetrical cuts. Add different shades of gold and caramel highlights for a multidimensional and chic hairstyle.

4.   Chic long inverted bob

30 Modern Inverted Bob Haircuts to Try 1

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This is a gorgeous idea for women who want to flaunt a bob while keeping their length. It’s a subtle inverted bob that, thanks to the dark roots and blonde highlights, results in a timeless and versatile haircut that will make you look like a fashion pro.

5.   Gorgeous long inverted bob with bangs

30 Modern Inverted Bob Haircuts to Try 2

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If you’re looking for a statement hairstyle, this gorgeous inverted bob with bangs might be what you need. The long front versus the medium back makes the angled cut look modern and fresh, yet the ultimate detail here are the bangs that frame the face. Perfect for adding that extra factor to your outfits, this inverted bob cut has the potential of becoming your new signature hairstyle.

6.   Pretty inverted bob idea for light hair

30 Modern Inverted Bob Haircuts to Try 3

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A classic inverted bob is a great way to step out of your comfort zone. This idea features a long front and stacked back layers that create a cool bulky effect. A stunning idea to freshen your hair, especially for those with fine hair, this inverted bob will step up your hairstyle game.

7.   Inverted bob for a dramatic look

30 Modern Inverted Bob Haircuts to Try 4

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A long inverted bob with a sharp angled look like this one is all you need to make a statement, especially if you have natural dark hair. Keep the layers to a minimum for a sharper look. Edgy, dramatic and cool, this inverted bob will make you look fierce and stylish.

8.   Layered inverted bob for extra texture


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The best part of inverted bobs is that you get to accommodate the angled sides to your personal taste. This subtle inverted bob, for example, features a subtle asymmetry that’s enough to add that dose of edge necessary to grab everyone’s attention. 

9.   Subtly stacked inverted bob for a sharp look

Bobs are a beautiful and universal hairstyle that looks stunning on anyone. With a bob you have a lot of freedom when it comes to length and style, gi...

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A subtly stacked inverted bob is a great option for those who enjoy pixie haircuts, yet still want to enjoy some hair length. Long side bangs will add a sophisticated touch to this inverted bob, helping you pull off cute and sharp every-day looks. Easy and chic, try this haircut on your next visit to the hair parlor.

10.     Gorgeous blonde inverted bob

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Dark rooted blonde hair and inverted bobs are a perfect match. This multi layered bob cut along with the various shades and highlights result in a gorgeously textured haircut that will make you look modern and edgy. A dramatic contrast between front and back is the key to mastering a cool and bold inverted bob cut.

11.     Edgy and long black inverted bob

mais um dia cheio de sol com um dos meus óculos preferidos da @lbashop MODELO DO ÓCULO

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Dark black hair doesn’t need much to make a statement, but this inverted bob demonstrates that this haircut is the perfect complement to add a final touch of drama. A long front will let you experiment with different styling ideas, giving you freedom to express your personality on a day-to-day basis.

12.     Medium inverted bob with multiple highlights

Bob Wig Wavy Lace Front 130% Density Color #3/8/22

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This beautifully textured inverted bob features a wide range of highlight colors. If you’re a blonde or want to color your hair lighter, this fabulous haircut along with the long and short asymmetry will definitely make a statement.

13.     Light chestnut inverted bob idea

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The angle you achieve with an inverted bob will depend on how classy or edgy you want to go. A subtle inverted bob like this one screams classy and chic from afar, so if you enjoy timeless hairstyles, this would be a great idea to try on your next visit to the hair parlor.

14.     Short and subtle inverted bob

Vamos combinar um curtinho cheio de brilho assim é charmoso demais, né ?! @nina_andrade ❤️

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If you’re unsure about the signature inverted bob asymmetry, try doing a really subtle long-short contrast. This is a barely noticeable inverted bob features a front and back length difference of barely two inches. Perfect for an easy and classy look, this short bob is the perfect excuse to showcase your fashionable style.

15.     Long inverted bob with choppy layers

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Long, choppy layers like these ones are the key to pulling off an incredibly gorgeous inverted bob. If you want to give yourself an extreme hair makeover, try this edgy yet chic haircut. Light and ash blonde highlights will add shine and texture to your hair.

16.     Cool inverted bob with white highlights

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If you love all-things edgy, then this killer white inverted bob will do the trick. The dark grey and white strands add depth to the hair, taking this haircut to the next level. To volumize your hair, long layers will help you achieve that bulky bob.

17.     Shaggy layered inverted bob with tons of texture

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A shaggy inverted bob that features beautifully made highlights is a great option for those who want to try an exciting hairstyle. The multiple layers add texture and volume to the head, making it ideal for women with fine hair or anyone who enjoys a bulky hairstyle. 

18.     Sleek and beautiful pink inverted bob

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Fancy an eye-catching hairstyle? Try this gorgeous pink inverted bob! Dark roots and strawberry pink hair will make your inverted bob cut look absolutely chic and edgy. A perfect attention grabber, this haircut idea will be the best decision you’ll make this year.

19.     Dark brown inverted bob with golden and caramel  highlights

Choppy Angled Bob with Caramel Balayage

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If you have dark brown or black hair, adding caramel and golden highlights will help you achieve a gorgeous and luminous hairstyle. This choppy inverted bob along with the highlights make the haircut look expensive and chic.

20.     Heavy stacked inverted bob for a voluminous hairstyle

Short Inverted Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

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A stacked inverted bob is a great idea for women who want to enjoy a voluminous hairstyle. As you can see, the stacked layers on the back add volume to the crown of the head, resulting in a fabulous hairstyle that’s edgy and modern.

21.     Cute wavy inverted bob idea

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Waves and inverted bobs are a perfect match. For long inverted bobs, styling the hair into soft beach waves will be a fabulous way to showcase your unique hairstyle. Whether you have a special event coming up or simply want to look put-together, wavy inverted bobs are your answer.

22.     Choppy inverted bob with multiple layers

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An inverted bob with multiple choppy layers is a great idea for women with thick, coarse hair. This technique takes off some of the extra volume that this type of hair usually provides, while still maintaining a textured and full hairstyle.

23.     Long inverted bob with balayage

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This layered inverted bob features a gorgeous blonde balayage that takes the hairstyle to the next level. If you decide for a long inverted bob, this coloring technique will give you that extra factor that will make your hair shine.

24.     Black inverted bob with subtle highlights

black hair with highlights                                                                                                                                                     More

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Subtle and thin highlights work well on dark black hair. This coloring technique illuminates the hair and steps up the classic inverted bob cut. Cute and simple, this idea will give you a fresh look in the easiest way possible.

25.     Platinum blonde inverted bob for thin hair

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A medium inverted bob on platinum hair is the best way to give yourself an edgy and fabulous makeover. Eye-catching and absolutely chic, this shoulder length inverted bob is all you need to make a statement on a daily basis. 

26.     Stacked and bulky inverted bob cut

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Perfectly stacked layers are the key element on this short inverted bob with bangs. A really short backside and shoulder length front along with the stacking technique result in an awesome inverted bob that will be difficult to compete with.

27.     Bold inverted bob with long side bangs

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A wavy or curly inverted bob is a complete yes, especially if you happen to have your hair color red. A fabulous way to shake up this timeless haircut, this idea is perfect for those who enjoy staling tons of compliments!

28.     Classy middle parted inverted bob

Shaggy Chestnut Brown Bob for Straight Hair

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Inverted bobs are usually side parted, but that doesn’t mean that a middle parted styling is a no go. On the contrary, this is the perfect idea for women who love looking chic and elegant, as well as for those who have a narrow forehead.

29.     Modern inverted bob cut for an edgy look

Graduated Short Bob Haircut #bobhairstylestrends

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A stacked inverted bob is one of the best ways to make a statement. Add chestnut highlights to the equation and you’d have mastered a stunning haircut. Modern, edgy and versatile, this prominently stacked inverted bob cut should be included on the top of your list.

30.     Eye-catching inverted bob with shaved side

Getting creative with some pastel tones and  a funky asymmetric bob and undercut 🤟🏽 || Lavenders Silvers and peachy pinks || daring to be…

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For a smooth, sleek and bold hairstyle, this inverted bob is the answer. The crown section, thanks to the stacked layers, features a bulkier volume that adds a dramatic touch to the look, and the shaved side is the ultimate hairstyle goal that will take your look to another level.

These stunning inverted bobs demonstrate that cutting your hair into a high-low hairstyle will be one of the highlights of your year. Whether you do it subtly or go for a whole dramatic statement, inverted bobs will add that extra factor that will make you stand out from the crowd.