30 Unforgettable Long Bob Haircut Designs to Try


Looking for a hair make-over experience? Try a long bob haircut! Not too long nor too short, this stylish haircut will make you look absolutely gorgeous. Its versatility will also play in your favor: from blow-dried wavy hair to crown braids and messy buns, a long bob haircut will let you play with endless cute hairstyles for any occasion.

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How to pull-off the perfect long bob haircut

The classic bob haircut is a straight cut between jaw-line and shoulder level. Basically, any short or medium length haircut that displays a straight cut, avoiding any extra layers, is called a bob cut.

A long bob haircut (or lob), as the name suggests, is the one that’s on the longer spectrum. Ending at your shoulder level (or slightly below or above), long bobs are ideal for those who aren’t willing to sacrifice much of their hair yet still want to rock a short/medium haircut.

You can pull-off this haircut in many different ways: with bangs, with a few layers, with highlights, or even combining it with a pixie cut. There’s an array of possibilities that will not only let you play with textures and shapes, but will also allow you to experiment with different hairstyles.

Let your hair down and style with soft waves for an effortlessly chic look, or braid your hair into a crown for a sophisticated and cute look. Ponytails, sleek back hair, half-dos…. A long bob cut length is perfect for basically any hairstyle you already know of! 

30 beautiful long bob haircut design ideas

Whether hot days are coming up, or you simply want to step into the medium-length hairstyle trend, a long bob haircut is simply a wholeheartedly yes. Check out these 30 beautiful ideas on how to rock different types of long bob haircuts that will give you plenty of inspiration for your next hair makeover.

1.   Easy and natural long bob haircut look

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This adorable long bob haircut is perfect for those who enjoy classy styles. Leave your hair color natural and simply display a perfectly cut lob, with one or two subtle layers to take off some volume. Style with a blow-dryer for a sleek look.

2.   Cute layered brown long bob haircut

Medium Hairstyle with Layered Ends

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Who doesn’t love honey highlights? This gorgeous lob haircut showcases a beautiful textured hair with the help of several layers. Curled ends add a sophisticated flair to the look, adding volume and movement to this layered long bob cut.

3.   Wavy long bob haircut for fair hair

Medium Ash Brown Bob Haircut

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A side swept ash caramel blond long bob cut is perfect to showcase a sweet and cute style. Add natural waves for some extra texture and volume, and tuck part of your side hair behind your ear for a modern twist. Easy and simple, yet completely stylish!

4.   Natural long swing bob haircut

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For those who have really thin hair, the best way to pull-off a perfect long bob cut is with the help of layers. Keep the front sides at the level of your jaw-line for an extra volume, and feel free to swipe it to the side for an effortlessly chic look.

5.   Gorgeous long pixie cut bob haircut

Long bob o lob, il taglio di capelli di tendenza per l'autunno

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Brown balayage looks stunning on angled long bob cuts. This choppy and wavy lob idea will be enough to displaying a modern and feminine hairstyle. Perfect for a stylish summer look, or for a cute every-day style, this bob will spotlight your head and steal tons of compliments.

6.   Long angled bob haircut with auburn balayage

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This gorgeous balayage with red undertone is perfect for those who love a unique and edgy hairstyle. Chop your hair into a long-and-short bob cut and curl it for a pretty textured hairstyle that will easily help you pull-off statement outfits.

7.   Pretty long bob haircut with bangs for a stylish look

Cabelo desfiado médio com franja

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A classic bang style with peek-a-boo sides is one of the best ways to frame your face when you already have a long bob cut. It’s a cute twist that will make you look interesting and stylish. Take your hairstyle one step further with soft natural wavy ends for a cool and casual effect.

8.   Honey blonde A-line long bob haircut

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A high-low long bob is one of the best options for those who love statement looks: the shoulder-long front sides are perfect for creating that edgy contrast with the chopped back. Add some honey blonde highlights for a sophisticated look, and style with the help of a blow-dryer.

9.   Razored long bob haircut for fine hair

Best hairstyles long shag shaggy bob ideas

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A razored long bob haircut is a great option to volumize fine hair. If you have natural wavy hair, leave it au-naturel and enjoy a cool textured and voluminous hairstyle that will make you look modern and stylish. 

10.     Colorful and bold angled lob haircut

If you are thinking to replace your existing haircuts with some best styles then we are here to show off you unique styles of long bob haircuts with red shades. You must try this best bob cut for more cute personality in 2019.

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If you love all-things-colorful, this red and purple highlighted long bob haircut might be just what you’re looking for. An angled lob will take your style to the next level by adding some extra edge to your already show-stopper colored hair.

11.     Shaggy and messy long bob haircut with bangs

Este fleco es perfecto, ya que es un mix de tamaños lo que te hará sentir cómoda sin miedo a que te quede muy corto o muy largo. Te lo describimos; a la hora de cortarlo se crea una curva lo que hace que los extremos sean un poco más largos y el centro sea corto. Puedes acomodarlos o despeinarlos y seguirá viéndose padrísimo, esta opción te la recomendamos si es que quieres tener fleco por primera vez.

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Messy and lob haircuts go are the perfect combo for a chic and casual style. Add a classic bang with longer sides to take your hairstyle to the next level, and enjoy a stylish every-day look. Easy and low-maintenance, this idea have the potential of becoming your new signature hairstyle.

12.     Straight long bob haircut with platinum blond ends

Lob Haircut Trend: 63 On-Trend Long Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles to Inspire

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Step up your platinum blond hairstyle with this classy and polished straight cut long lob. The lack of layers make this idea perfect for those who have few hair as well, so make sure to add this lob cut to your to-do list if you fall into this category.

13.     Gorgeous wavy lob haircut with shadow roots

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Beautifully curled long bobs are the definition of a glamorous hairstyle. Make the most of your blonde rooted hair with soft waves along your hair, adding a gorgeous texture that will turn heads as you walk by. To recreate this look, straight cut long bobs will be much better.

14.     Side parted layered long bob haircut


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If easy and simple are your thing, then this natural long bob haircut is just what you need. Few layers will be enough to add some movement to your hair, and a side swept look will also help in adding volume and texture. Easy and chic, feel free to rock this hairstyle au-naturel.

15.     Straight cut long bob with peek-a-boo bangs

Julia Dalavia

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If you want to spice up your usual long bob haircut, add peek-a-boo bangs to the equation. This gorgeous caramel brown hair has been elevated with this powerful combo that makes the model look sophisticated and mysterious.

16.     Ash blonde angled long bob for a classy look

Choppy Angled Bob for Very Thin Hair

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This pretty long layered bob cut is an easy every-day look that’s ideal for thin hair. The several layers at the jaw-line level add an extra volume to the top half of the head, allowing you to enjoy a voluminous hairstyle as opposed to the classic straight cut long bob.

17.     Messy side-parted long bob haircut with honey highlights

Olivia Culpo's layers add texture to her hair

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A messy side-parted long bob cut is a dream, especially for those who are always on the run. Easy and simple, this hairstyle is perfect for frizz-free hair since the several layers styled in a messy way can create too much of unwanted volume for frizzy hair.

18.     Cute long bob haircut idea for dark hair

Best Short Haircuts for Women

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A pretty frayed long bob is all we need to step up our sweet personality. Leaving your hair in its natural color will also add in some extra chicness, showcasing an effortless style that will complement our every-day looks.

19.     Peek-a-boo long bob haircut with curled ends

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This peek-a-boo bang style combined with a long bob cut curled at the ends is enough to showcase a statement hairstyle. Pretty and sophisticated, this lob cut will surely bring some vintage vibes back!

20.     Razored long bob haircut idea to volumize your hair

emma watson-dark-brown-hair-balayage-highlights

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A razored lob cut is perfect for fine hair like Emma Watson’s. As you can see, the finely cut layers help volumize the long bob that, otherwise, would appear too flat. Long bangs placed at the sides are another key element that play in her favor by adding weight to the upper part of the head.

21.     Sleek straight long bob haircut for an elegant style

The RIGHT is what a SOFT UNDERCUT looks like from a blunt cut on the left. #SoftUndercut is a technique that removes bulk, create movement… #undercutBob

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Over-the-shoulder long bobs are a great option for those who prefer haircuts on the shorter side, without going too extreme. This gorgeous textured idea showcases a perfectly straight cut long bob that’s simple yet stunning. Complement a sleek style with this straight lob!

22.     Beautiful balayage A-line lob haircut

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This straight inverted bob is a lovely idea for those who have or are planning on getting a blonde balayage. Sleek, elegant and polished, a super straight loose long bob will always be a complete yes, especially when complementing dressy outfits.

23.     Pretty side-parted straight long bob haircut look

When it comes to hairstyles, not everyone has the time or money to keep really short locks or luscious long hair. Some people need easy hairstyles due to their busy lives and want something that’s still cute, trendy and pretty, but won’t take a long time to fix. #hairhealth #mediumhair #brunettehair #hairstyles #mediumlengthhair

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A long shoulder-length bob with caramel highlights will be enough to elevate and freshen up your style. Swipe your hair to the side for some sexy flair and make sure to let your hair down to showcase your sophisticated style.

24.     Shaggy long bob haircut for curly hair

long curly bob hair

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If you think haircuts such as the long bobs are for straight hair only, think again! This pretty curly layered long bob is the perfect definition of messy and stylish. A short bang framing the head will add some edgy vibes that will make your hairstyle impossible to ignore.

25.     Simple angled long bob haircut idea

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If you’re looking for a cute hairstyle that will dress up your casual outfits, this smoot A-line long bob at shoulder length is your answer. Sleek and elegant, this straight hairstyle is enough to step up your every-day style game.

26.     Middle parted easy look for long bob haircut

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Middle-parted long bob hairstyles are ideal for those who have a narrow forehead. This style looks cute and modern and will complement your face in the easiest way possible. Let your hair down for a fashion pro look and enjoy the tons of compliments you’ll receive.

27.     Honey brown long bob haircut for curly hair

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A long stacked bob haircut is just what you need if you have a beautiful curly hair. This type of haircut is especially idea for those who enjoy a messy every-day look: the curly layers will effortlessly add that extra volume along your head that will make you look both sexy and sophisticated.

28.     Wavy textured long bob haircut idea

As melhores inspirações de cabelos curtos pra você que está pensando em fazer uma mudança radical ou apenas dar uma atualizada. Do castanho ao colorido.

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Finely chopped long layers along with a bob cut style is a power couple that will ensure a gorgeous and modern hairstyle. For a dressy look, a wavy hairstyle will become your favorite go-to option. Sophisticated yet relaxed, this long bob cut will make you look like a fashion pro.

29.     Effortlessly chic lob haircut with bangs and honey highlights

Capelli di colore castano balayage, taglio long bob, acconciatura con frangia #long bob with fringe straight

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This long shoulder-length bob with bangs is a stunning idea for those who love easy looks. Add some highlights for a sophisticated finish and make sure to leave your hair down for a pretty day-to-day look, or style in a messy top knot on hot weather days.

30.     Sweet and simple long bob haircut

For pale skin with reddish undertones | Platinum with dark roots  - Women's Health UK

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Side strands of hair at the jaw-line level and a straight cut long bob are just what you need for an cool and easy style, especially for those who have fine hair. To pull-off a modern hairstyle, avoid any extra layers and stick to a sleek straight cut.

30 Stunning long bob haircut ideas to try

If you don’t want to go too short, long bob haircuts are the answer. Whether you want an edgy angled chopped look or a classy straight shoulder length cut, a bob hairstyle will answer your most desired wishes. Get ready to shake up your style with a fresh new bob cut!