30 Gorgeous Long Layered Hair with Bangs Ideas to Try


Who says you need to sacrifice your hair length in order to have a fresh hairstyle makeover? Everything’s possible with the help of bangs! Enjoy a long layered hairstyle that’s youthful and modern thanks to the addition of bangs. From classic bangs to edgier styles like baby bangs, these are one thing to keep an eye on!

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Cute ways to spice up long layered hairstyles

Long layered hairstyles with bangs are one of the best options out there for fashionable women who enjoy flauting their long, beautiful hair. If you thought that long hairstyles are already eye-catching, imagine adding bangs to the equation!

Not only will this power combo make the best of your healthy hair, but will also add that extra factor to your style that will make you stand out.

Bangs, as many of you know, add a mysterious vibe to the face, probably because they conceal part of the face. Whichever the reason may be, there’s no denying that the right bang style will always complement your hairstyle by making you look chicer and cooler than bang-less looks.

But just like there are many types of hairstyles and haircuts, there’s also a wide range of bang styles you can choose from. The key here is to choose the one that best complements your face type and features.

You can go for a classic look with arched or side bangs, or opt for a bolder statement look with choppy or blunt bangs. Any type of bang you choose will be a perfect complement to your long layered hair.

30 Cool Long Layered Hair with Bangs Design Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the following 30 long layered hairstyles with bangs. From classic and feminine to edgy and fierce, these examples will prove for once and for all that long layered hair and bangs are always a wholeheartedly yes.

1.     Gorgeous long layered hairstyle with ombre effect

Shag, el corte de cabello que a todas nos queda bien


What’s chicer than a beautifully made ombre effect over long layered hair? Add bangs to the equation and the result will be stunning. Slightly arched bangs along with the blonde gradient-like effect are the definition of effortless chic.

2.     Pretty long layered hair with curtain bangs

Long curtain bangs are a great option for women who want to spice up their usual long layered hair but are unsure whether bangs are the thing for them. This type of bangs can be easily tucked behind the ears if you find that you’re not 100% comfortable with bangs. Curtain bangs are classic and chic, and will also be the best complement for your long hair.

3.     Extra-long straight hair with middle parted curtain bangs

If you have a beautiful, extra-long straight hair, why not add middle parted bangs for that extra factor? If you decide to keep you hair color natural, adding bangs will add an interesting detail on your look that will spice up a monochromatic hair color.

4.     Beautiful caramel long hair with light bangs

A shiny and healthy long layered hair with golden locks can only be taken to the next level with light, choppy bangs. This type of bang is perfect for women who don’t want to sport a thick and heavy-looking bang. Chic and sophisticated, this long layered hairstyle with bangs is a must-try.

5.     Wavy long layered hair with long, wispy bangs

Lange Haare schneiden Stile - #Haare #lange #schneiden #Stile


Wavy, long layered hair with bangs is a killer combo that will make you look absolutely stylish. Opt for long wispy bangs for a cool twist that will make your hair much more sophisticated. A subtle ombre effect is always welcomed as well!

6.     Gorgeous beach wavy hair with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs and soft beach waves are a gorgeous option for those who enjoy sophisticated looks. Whether you have straight or natural wavy hair, curtain bangs will always add that extra factor to your hairstyle.

7.     Long layered hair with arched bangs and caramel highlight

If you’re looking for a fresh hairstyle makeover, try arched bangs and add some extra-long layers to your hair. The result? A beautifully textured hair with trendy bangs that will spice up your hairstyle.

8.     Middle parted long hairstyle with subtle, long bangs

Who says bangs need to be noticeable? A long layered hair can be perfectly complemented with subtle, light long side bangs that beautifully frame your face. The best part of a multi layered haircut is that it gives depth and dimension to the hair, so there’s really no need for adding highlights.  

9.     Classic long layered hairstyle with wispy bangs

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Thick, long layered hair can only be elevated with classic bangs. This timeless look can be easily recreated by anyone who enjoys a feminine and easy every-day style. Add subtle highlights to illuminate your hair and make it look much more expensive.

10.  Edgy long layered hair with short bangs

If you thought long layered hair can’t be edgy and bold, think twice! Long layered hair with short bangs are a must-try combo that will make you stand out from the rest. You don’t need to go for baby bangs; a one inch separation from your brows will be enough to accentuate your bangs.

11.  Long side bangs and long layered hair for a stylish look

Long, middle-parted curtain bangs are a great option for those who want to subtly shake things up. As we have mentioned, long layered hair and curtain bangs are an awesome combination that will make your long, beautiful hair look much more sophisticated.

12.  Light, wispy bangs paired with extra-long layered hair

Long, wispy bangs are another great option for women who don’t want thick and blunt bangs, but rather a softer alternative. Make the most of your long layered hair by recreating this timeless look.

13.  Long and wavy layered hair with middle parted bangs

If you want a feminine and classic look, go for a fail-proof long layered hairstyle with bangs softly brushed to the sides. This Dakota Johnson look is effortlessly chic and an absolute gem for anyone who wishes to look chic on a daily basis.

14.  Classic long hairstyle with side parted bangs

If you’d rather keep your long hair natural, you can perfectly go for a dye-free hairstyle. The trick to elevate natural hair is to add interesting elements such as finely cut long layers and side parted bangs that will avoid a life-less look.

15.  Beautiful and voluminous long layered hair with side swept bangs

There’s no denying that bangs give you an instant youthful look. Side parted bangs like these ones flatter absolutely any face type, making it look much younger and fresh. For a dressier look, opt for soft waves to make your long hair shine!

16.   Long layered hair with ombre effect and long side bangs

Long layered hairstyles for fine hair should include highlights or a perfectly made ombre effect. This will give the hair dimension and movement that will complement the multi-layered cut as well. Finish your look with long side bangs for a sleek look.

17.   Thick, long layered hair with long side bangs

For an elevated look, blow dry your long layered hair and make sure to brush to the side your bangs. This hairstyle idea is perfect for women with curtain bangs because of their length which is ideal for a thick side swept look.

18.  Long layered hairstyle idea with long side swept bangs

Long, side swept bangs are perfect for women with high foreheads or diamond face types. A messy side swept like this one will complement your long layered hair to perfection, especially if you want to achieve that effortlessly chic style. 

19.   Chic long layered hair with choppy bangs

If you want to sport an eye-catching hairstyle, choppy bangs and long layered hair should be the two elements you need to mix together. Choppy bangs will give you that edgy vibe while a classic long layered hair will maintain your femininity. 

20.   Pretty arched bangs and long layered hairstyle idea

Looking for a classic hairstyle idea? Let your long layered hair shine with long arched bangs. These will beautifully frame your face and make it look youthful and chic, allowing you to flaunt your long hair like no other!

21.   Beautiful long layered hair with side bangs

A full side bang is a perfect option for women with long hair who want to conceal a high forehead or with long face type. Thick, full bangs will make your face appear rounder by taking off the forehead’s length. The result? A feminine and beautiful long layered hairstyle!

22.   Unique long layered hairstyle with baby bangs

Spice up the usual straight long hair with bangs look with baby bangs. Fun, edgy and eye-catching, this hairstyle is all you need to make a bold statement wherever you go. The long length will make you look feminine and classic, yet the baby bangs will add that unique factor that will turn heads. 

23.  Long layered hair with long layers for an edgy look

Heidi Klum — The supermodel wore her hair in long, mermaid-like waves, complete with a face-framing fringe that hovered just above her bronzed eye makeup.

Long layered hairstyles with long bangs are the definition of stylishly edgy. Perfect for any age, this hairstyle will make anyone look gorgeous and interesting. For a chicer finish, dark roots will add that extra factor to your look.

24.  Long, multi-layered hair with choppy bangs

The Best Bangs for Your Face Shape in 2019 – The Right Hairstyles

If you’re looking for a long hairstyle with bangs that’s far from the usual, choppy bangs and a heavy layered haircut are the answer. Edgy, fun and eye-catching, this hairstyle is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement wherever they go.

25.  Edgy long layered hair with choppy baby bangs

For those who want to take things to another level, choppy baby bangs will deliver! Fierce, bold and unique, this type of bangs will complement perfectly your long layered hair. Go for a shaggy haircut for some extra texture.

26.  Sleek long layered hair with perfectly cut baby bangs

Frisuren-Trend 2018: Der kurze Pony | freundin.de

Who would’ve thought that baby bangs can look sleek and elegant? Finely cut baby bangs like these will add a sleek vibe to your long layered hair. This is an easy look that will turn heads wherever you go.

27.  Edgy long layered hair with side shave and baby bangs

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For a cool and edgy hairstyle makeover, try recreating this look! Combining different elements such as baby bangs, side shave, long hair and ash blonde dye, this hairstyle idea is all you need to step up your unique personality and style.

28.  Gorgeous long layered hair with peek-a-boo bangs

If you’re looking for cute bangs for long hair, long peek-a-boo bangs will do the trick. Highly convenient for those who won’t commit to the responsibility of bangs, this style will let you play with different styling methods that will let your long, beautiful hair shine with no effort.

29.  Pretty long layered hair with middle parted long bangs

Cheveux wavy @femme.coiffurefacile.site

Long, middle parted bangs and long hair are a gorgeous idea that will shake things up in the easiest way possible. Long bangs are ideal for women who enjoy versatile hairstyles, so make sure to keep these in mind if you fall into this category.

30.  Long layered hair with light bangs for a timeless look

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These cute bangs for long hair are all you need for pulling-off a chic and timeless look. Wispy light bangs subtly parted at the middle are a gorgeous option for women who want an effortless look on a daily basis while complementing their long and healthy hair.

Maintain you long length with long layers and bangs that will make you look fashionable and chic. We hope these gorgeous ideas have given you an idea of how pretty this power combo look on all types of faces. Now you know what to ask for on your next trip to the hair salon!