30 Breathtaking Long Pixie Cut Design Ideas


Keeping your hair on the shorter side is always a great option for those who love low maintenance hairstyles. But if classic layered or straight cut hair is too basic, then a long pixie cut will come to the rescue. Cute yet bold, long pixie haircut is the answer for a non-traditional hairstyle that’s low maintenance while making a strong statement.

30 Best long pixie haircut ideas for a statement look

As many of you may know, a pixie cut is one of the shortest hairstyles that are short on the back and sides, yet slightly longer on the top. Most of the time, this haircut features short bangs that make the whole look a combination of cute and edgy.

But what is a long pixie haircut? This one is very similar to the traditional pixie cute, with the difference that you don’t have to sacrifice your whole hair. The top part of the head is visibly longer and usually has longer bangs as well.

The name speaks for itself. It’s simply a longer version of the pixie cut. This is one of the reasons why long pixie cut might be the best option for many: if you’re too scared of really short hairstyles, a long pixie cut will combine the best of both worlds.

It’s a low maintenance hairstyle for those who are always on the run, but it’s also great and really effective for those who also love to make a statement. Few people will jump into this hairstyle look, so rocking one yourself will put you in the spotlight.

Get inspired with these stunning and modern long pixie cut ideas that will change transform a boring look into a head-turner hairstyle.

1.Classy long pixie haircut with bangs

Anne Hathaway, 2013 Golden Globes

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What’s classier than this Anne Hathaway long pixie haircut? Sweet and feminine, the perfect haircut for those who enjoy all-things-classic. A layered top with bangs create a gorgeous texture that adds an interesting flair to the contrasting short bottom and sides. Breathtakingly beautiful.

2.Messy and wavy long pixie cut

Well here she is- figured I might as well post the angles since I get asked about it. A-line cut- ends tip cut to remove bulk. I do shave…

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A side-parted wavy long pixie hairstyle is enough statement to make everyone turn as you pass by. The result is a messy yet sophisticated look that will make you look like a fashion pro. If you have dark roots, this side-parted hairstyle will make the most of it: layered waves along with the dark-and-light color will add that sophisticated texture to your head.

3.Cool textured long and short pixie hairstyle

23 Latest Short Hairstyles for 2019 – Hairstyle Inspirations for Everyone - Street Style Inspiration #shorthair

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Classic, messy and bold, this long pixie cut is one of the best options to rock a short hairstyle. Long at the top and front, yet really short at the bottom, this haircut will let your unique style shine through. Style easily with a blow-dry and you’re ready to go!

4.Gorgeous long pixie haircut with highlights

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Long bangs are the perfect complement for any long pixie cut. If you have thin straight hair, parting your hair at the side and letting your bangs cover your whole forehead will add some extra volume without overpowering your face.

5.Blow-dried long pixie cut for blonde hair

Smooth Black and Blonde Pixie

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If you’re looking for a bold long pixie haircut, try doing so with this with platinum blonde long top and dark short roots. This is a stunning haircut idea that will not pass unnoticed, as the contrast between long-short and light-dark will create a unique a statement-looking texture.

6.Perfect long pixie cut for dark thick hair

Jaimie Alexander Photos - Premiere of HBO's 'The Brink' - Red Carpet - Zimbio                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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If simple and easy are your go-to, this low maintenance long pixie cut might be just what you’re looking for. It’s a classic style that doesn’t need much in order to shine. Leave it au-naturel or blow-dry adding hairspray for some extra volume.

7.Volumized and wavy long pixie cut for a sharp look

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Leave the top of your head at the length of your cheekbones to display a gorgeous long pixie haircut, and style with soft waves to add volume and texture. The result? A bold and edgy pixie hairstyle that will turn heads as you pass by.

8.All-black messy long pixie cut hairstyle

Beach Club Texture Spray - IGK | Sephora

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For a fearless and bold style, make the most of the blonde rooted look and pull back your long pixie haircut. Use some hairspray to ensure that your hair stays in place all-day long. From your workplace to all-girls night out, this bold look will perfectly fit in.

9.Bold pink long pixie haircut with bangs

30 Breathtaking Long Pixie Cut Design Ideas 1

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If you have bold colored hair such as pink, try this gorgeous long pixie cut hairstyle. Leave your roots all-dark to add texture to your hair, and make sure to cut the top at the level of your cheekbones.

10.Curly long and short pixie cut idea

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This long and short pixie cut hairstyle is perfect to elevate your every-day outfits. The wavy look adds an interesting texture to the blond hair while subtly displaying the dark roots. Simple yet classy, rock this hairstyle whenever you feel like showcasing your bold style.

11.Side-parted straight long pixie cut

30 Breathtaking Long Pixie Cut Design Ideas 2

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This shaggy long pixie cut is enough to spice up your style. Simple yet eye-catching, a part-sided long pixie will always be a complete yes. Leave your front hair at the level of your jawline to have versatility: you can pull it back for an elegant look or keep it at the side for a stylish every-day look.

12.Sleek rooted blonde long pixie cut

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An angled long pixie haircut is all you need to make your face the center of attention. As you can see, the front part is almost chin-length long, but once you place it at the side, the result is a sophisticated pixie hairstyle.

13.Glamorous part-sided long pixie cut idea

Scarlett Johansson, Before and After | Beautyeditor

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If you’re looking for a bombshell kind-of haircut, look no more! This long pixie cut is all you need to glam up your every-day outfits. Part your hair to the side and add some hairspray to keep it on its place while adding volume to your hairstyle. Perfect for thin hair, this long pixie look will steal tons of compliments.

14.Messy yet sleek long pixie cut for a unique look

I guess I'll make a tutorial for this one day then? 🙄🌸

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Styling your long pixie cut hair all to the side is one of the best ways to showcase your bold personality. This stunning white bleached white hair takes her style to the next level in the easiest way possible. Simply blow-dry your hair to the side and you’re ready to go!

15.Stunning long pixie cut for curly hair

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Who says curly girls can’t sport a great long pixie haircut? This example demonstrates that the pixie look is made for everyone! Shave your bottom and sides and leave the top part at least at your jaw-line’s level. This long area will give you plenty of styling possibilities, such as this side parted look.

16.Dark brown long pixie haircut for a versatile style

30 Breathtaking Long Pixie Cut Design Ideas 3

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If you have thin hair, this long pixie cut is a great option because the layered style adds volume to the hair, achieving a fuller and thicker look. You can add natural waves to elevate your hairstyle: from business to cocktail looks, this pixie cut hairstyle will be your best complement.

17.Curly long pixie cut idea for vintage lovers

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If you love making bold statements, then this curly long pixie hairstyle is the answer to your prayers. Side parted thick curls at the top of your hair will create that gorgeous contrast between your shaved or short bottom and sides. Add a bright color lipstick for a pin-up kind of look. 

18.Cute short and long pixie cut hairstyle idea

Women's Straight Pixie Cut Style Synthetic Hair Wigs Lace Front Cap Wigs 10inch#wig#short wig#fashion

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This classy long pixie haircut feathers a layered top that’s been styled to the side. Simple, easy and beautiful, this idea is perfect for those who love low maintenance hairstyles. Forget about blow drying your hair for hours! Simply brush your hair to the side and you’ll be just perfect.

19.Messy long pixie cut for thin hair

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Cropped hairstyles like this one is the reason why many bold and edgy women prefer pixie cuts. A messy hairstyle parted to the side is one of the best options for those who want easy yet bold looks, as well as for those who have really thin hair.

20.Pixie cut hairstyle idea to add volume

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If you have thick hair, adding volume to your long pixie hairstyle is not a problem at all. Feathered layers will be your best complement, as well as long front bangs. Pull back your hair for a sleek long pixie hairstyle or style it to the side to create a gorgeous every-day look.

21.Textured rooted blonde long pixie haircut idea

Silvery Blonde Wavy Pixie Bob

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Pulling back your long front layers is for sure one of the best statement looks you can achieve with long pixie cuts. However, if you want an elegant and sophisticated look, try adding some natural waves and pull it all back like this example. This will not only boost your hair volume, but will also add a gorgeous texture. 

22.Sleek back long pixie haircut to spotlight your face

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If you have thin hair, volumizing spray should be your best ally, especially when you want to pull off a sleek long pixie cut hairstyle. Pulling back your hair with the help of this magic spray will be the key to mastering a celebrity worthy hairstyle like this one.

23.Cute long pixie cut hairstyle idea with braids

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The best part of a long pixie cut is that you can style the top part as you wish. Try adding a messy French braid on special occasions, or whenever you feel like adding a little something to your hair. This long pixie hairstyle idea works best on those haircuts that have chin-long front bangs. 

24.Wavy long pixie cut idea for work

Life has been absolutely nuts lately - stay tuned for my news. I managed to get myself together today - and got to wear my #Rocketports due… #pixiecutupdos

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Blonde rooted hair will always be a complete yes for long pixie cuts. This thin pixie hair has made the most of the dark roots by styling the hair to the side, showcasing a gorgeous texture and volume. Nothing flashy yet completely stunning!

25.Gorgeous braided long pixie cut hairstyle

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If you love braids, why not do one on your long pixie cut? A chunky braid at the middle top till transform a so-so look into a killer and sophisticate look. For a sleek and edgy look, keep your hair on its place with the help of styling gel.

26.Pixie cut long on top idea for an effortlessly chic style

Shailene Woodley Cries While Getting Her Hair Chopped Off For Fault In Our Stars

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A sweet long pixie cut such as this one is perfect for those who are always on the run. Low-maintenance and absolutely stylish, long bangs sweeping across the eyebrows will always be a wholeheartedly yes.

27.Elegant pixie cut hairstyle idea

Braids Are Getting Way (Way!) Edgier This Fall—Here's Proof - ruby-rose-braids-2

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Looking for cool ways to style your long pixie cut? This killer idea will do the trick. A diagonal braid across the head will be enough to step up your hairstyle game. Use styling gel to pull-off a perfectly sleek back look.

28.Shaggy pixie cut for thin hair

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Finely chopped layers will be the ultimate key to add a gorgeous volume and texture to any long pixie haircut. An array of lengths will make your hairstyle much more interesting, making you look like the fashion pro that you are.

29.Gorgeous long on top pixie haircut


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This feathered long pixie cut is simply breath-taking. Frayed hair sweeping across your forehead will make you look modern and sharp, letting you rock your natural hair color because pixie cuts like this one don’t need anything else to speak for themselves.

30.Easy long pixie cut hairstyle to elevate your looks

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Pull back your long pixie cut for a simple yet beautiful hairstyle. Making the most of your long layers by swiping them to the side or all the way back, depending on your face shape, is one of the best ways to master an elegant and sleek head-to-toe style. 

30 Gorgeous long pixie hairstyles to spotlight your face

Long pixie haircuts are perfect for any type of hair: from thin to thick, and straight to curly, this hairstyle is all you need to bring a bold texture to your head while spotlighting your face. Get creative and play with all the different possibilities this haircut has to offer!