30 Glamorous Medium Length Hairstyles to Try


Shoulder length hair is probably one of women’s favorite ways to enjoy a nice and healthy hair. Not too long nor too short, this is the perfect length for those who like to keep it classy and feminine. The best part? Medium length hairstyles come in an array of gorgeous possibilities!

30 Modern medium length hairstyles for women

Medium length hair have the best of both worlds: it’s long enough to pull-off intricate and elaborate hairstyles and short enough to wear it down without interfering in your every-day activities.

You can enjoy a wide range of medium length hairstyles: whether you have a glamorous party coming up, or want to pull-off amazing and fashionable vacation pictures, or simply want to look cute for work, shoulder length hair has got you covered.

Why do you think this length is the most popular among women? It’s definitely a fail-proof option for those who enjoy classy looks, but it also brings lots of styling options to the table.

Another great characteristic of shoulder length hair is that it’s incredibly versatile, so having fun with hairstyles is a must that will help you take your style to the next level. Forget about average ponytail or half-dos and dive into the amazing range of possibilities your hair length has to offer.

If you were searching for the perfect hairstyles for shoulder length hair, you have come to the right place. Enjoy this curated selection of the best hairstyle ideas that will help you elevate your looks while stealing lots of compliments along the way.

1.Classic wavy medium length hairstyle

24 Adorable Medium Length Haircut to Shine  #Hairstyles

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A simple look like this wavy hairstyle is a must-try essential. Not only is it the definition of effortless chic, but it’s also a great idea for thin medium length hair as the waves add some extra volume. Rock this hairstyle whenever you please: from work to cocktail, this is just as versatile as the color black.

2.Cute straight mid length hairstyle with tendrils


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Medium length hairstyles are the perfect excuse to showcase your cute and feminine style. This idea, for example, demonstrates that a simple half-do and 90s inspired tendrils are enough to elevate your outfits. You can rock this hairstyle with straight or wavy hair; the effect will be the same: completely breathtaking.

3.Messy half knot for mid length hair

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We will never get enough of top knots, especially when there are such stunning ways to shake it up. A carelessly done half knot sporting messy soft waves is the perfect combination for showcasing a trendy and beautiful mid length hairstyle. Accessorize with statement earrings for a killer look.

4.Loose twisted bun idea for medium length hairstyle

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If you’re looking for a chic way to arrange your medium length haircut, a twisted French bun will do the trick. Add cute pins to glam up your hairstyle, making sure to accessorize with same color pieces.

5.Simple medium length hairstyle for lazy days

Half-up top knot // wavy hair, bun, contrast jacket & sunglasses #style #fashion #hairstyle

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Who says you need to go to the hair parlor to sport a chic medium length hairstyle? When you’re on the run, make sure to try this no-brainer look. A classic half-do that features a messy bun and wavy loose hair is the definition of lazy Sunday chicness.

6.Sleek and straight mid length loose hairstyle

18 Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair #shoulderlengthhair Shoulder Length Lob With Layered Front #bob #mediumhair #layeredhair #bangs

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For a clean and elegant look, make the most of your shoulder length haircut with a classy straight hairstyle. Add some drops of your favorite hair oil for a shiny and healthy finish and you’re ready to go. Remember that easy mid-length looks like this one don’t need much to speak for themselves.

7.Braided sides with lose wavy mid length hair

12 Stunning Medium Hairstyles Design in 2019 Trend - #hairstyles #mediumhairstyles  #hair

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We all love a cute crown braid, but sporting your shoulder length hair in cute waves is the key to spice things up. On blonde highlights like these ones, wavy medium length hairstyles look amazing. From every-day chic outfits to polished business attire, this is a fail-proof option that will guarantee the best looks.

8.Wavy ombre look for medium length hair

There are many amazing medium length hairstyles to choose from to make your hair look incredible. Check out these fantastic hairstyles that will make you want to try. #mediumhair #mediumhairstyles #hair #hairstyles #hairstyle2019 #curlyhaircuts

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Easy and simple, this loose medium hairstyle is enough to complement any type of outfit. Wavy hair is a complete yes on any occasion, so make sure to rock this medium hairstyle idea as soon as possible.

9.Elegant medium length updo hairstyle

30 Bridesmaid Updos - Elegant And Chic Hairstyles ❤ bridesmaid updos low elegant textured chignon mpobedinskaya #weddingforward #wedding #bride #bridesmaidupdos

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When in doubt, choose a low chignon. Medium length hair can be perfectly arranged into chignons like this one, all you need to do is put yourself in the hands of great hair stylists. Leave some wavy tendrils at the front for a cute look.

10.Layered and loose medium length hairstyle for everyday looks

Mid-Length Hair With Subtle Layers

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If you have a layered medium length haircut, a simple blow-dry will be enough to make the most of your hairstyle. This is an easy every-day look that will help you pull-off polished outfits: from special occasions to chic mom looks.

11.Cute and fancy loose bun for mid length hair

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Timeless and elegant, this idea can be rocked anytime by anyone. Whether you’re looking for medium length hairstyles for women over 50, or are attending a prom party, this messy low bun is a complete head-turner without being flashy.

12.Messy medium length hairstyle with bangs

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For those who love edgy looks, try shaking things up with a baby bangs. We can guarantee that your wavy medium length hairstyle will be instantly freshened once you try this idea. Chic and bold, this hairstyle is enough to complement your favorite statement looks.

13.Simple and chic mid-length ponytail look

30+ Ways to Style Brown Medium Hair: Stunning Medium Length Hairstyles

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Ponytails will never be out of style, and rocking a low and messy one is a great way to make the most of your mid length hair. Leave a chunky and wavy pair of tendrils for a fresh and cute look. You can perfectly wear this hairstyle on any occasion as well.

14.Edgy medium length hairstyle for a rockstar look

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Messy curls are the best way to volumize medium length hairstyles. Simply rock a loose side all-curled look like this one and you will instantly transform so-so outfits into edgy and bold outfits worthy of rockstars.

15.Minimalist ponytail idea for shoulder length hair

The 6 Hair Clips You Need To Nail The Most Affordable Trend of 2019! - Style in the Way

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We all love easy and clean hairstyles, especially when we’re not feeling creative. A simple minimalist pin that grabs your hair into a low ponytail is enough to elevate your casual outfits. Simple as that! Keep in hand sophisticated pins like this one next time you feel like adding a cute detail to your shoulder length hair.

16.Clean and polished shoulder length hairstyle for work

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A timeless hairstyle to complement your looks, this medium length bob will always be a great idea. With the help of a blow-dryer, shape your hair into round bottom edges for a classy look, and add some hairspray to ensure a polished all-day finish.

17.Messy low bun for mid length hair

44 Romantic Messy updo hairstyles for medium length to long hair - messy updo hairstyle for elegant look, hairstyle ideas , updo, wedding updo hairstyle ,textured updo

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Low messy buns should be included into your top 5 to-do medium hairstyles. Loose hairs at the front create an effortlessly chic vibe few other hairstyles can compete with. The best part? You can rock this style with polished outfits or casual, flowy pieces like sundresses.

18.Awesome curls for medium length hair

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Curling all of your medium length hair is all you need to pull-off a gorgeous statement look. Make the most of your gold blond highlights with this idea: the contrast between dark and light strands of hair will look stunning, adding depth to your curls and making you look like a beauty queen.

19.Cute shag hairstyle for shoulder length hair

12 Winter Haircuts Trending At L.A.’s Most Popular Salons+#refinery29

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A shag haircut is a must-try for medium length hair. The different layers styled in soft waves will add some messy chic vibes to your look, so make sure to rock this hairstyle with your best casual clothes. From students to moms, this shoulder length hairstyle will work perfectly.

20.Beautiful curly half-do to elevate your outfits

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If you want to elevate your hairstyle, this curly half-do is just what you need. Cute and lovely, a messy swirl knot will add that extra factor to your hairstyle, glamming up your dressy attire. You can finish this look with pearl or rhinestone pins to add some sparkle.

21.Clean and feminine braided half-do for mid length hair

princess hairstyles for prom cinderella.Do you wear skirts today? Try this hairstyle princess hairstyles for prom #ShortHairWeddingStyles

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This beautiful ash medium length hair looks adorable in a simple half-do that sports a pair of twisted strands on each side. Forget about fancy hair pins: a simple black elastic band is enough to maintain the whole look put together. Nothing flashy, yet completely breathtaking!

22.Messy scarf bun for a cute summer look

11 Hair Scarf Styles | Here are my favorite hair scarf styles of the season! These include hair scarf ponytail styles, hair scarf bun styles, and silk hair scarves. If you're looking for where to buy hair scarves or how to tie hair scarves, I've included a section on that as well! Any of the cutest hair scarf styles will dress up any casual outfit; I'm loving hair scarves this season! #hairscarfstyles #hairscarf #hairscarves

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If you’re looking for a trendy summer look, a colorful scarf will be all you need. Simply arrange your mid-length hair into a messy bun or ponytail, and wrap a scarf around it to pull-off a cute and perfect summer hairstyle. Easy and effortless, make sure to have a scarf at hand on your next summer vacation.

23.Sleek and elegant top knot idea for medium length hair

Told you the braid was AH-mazing...

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If you’re looking for medium length hairstyles for women, this cute top French braided bun will do the trick. A tightly braided top will keep your hairstyle into place, ensuring a sleek and polished look. Rock this mid-length hairstyle with straight hair for a glamorous finish. 

24.Cute French braid look for hot weather days

boxer braids

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One of the best ways to style your mid-length hair is in two classic french braids. Forget about complicated hairstyles, this cute braided look is proof that you don’t need to go over-the-top to showcase a stylish look. Perfect for summer or hot weather days, make sure to rock this classy hairstyle right away.

25.Simple straight hairstyle for medium length hair

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If you love all-things classy and simple, try this medium length hairstyle with bangs look. Nothing out of the ordinary, but straight hair will always be a great idea to complete a polished outfit. This one is especially a great excuse to demonstrate your sense of fashion: pair this sleek look with minimalist or monochromatic outfits.

26.Wavy side hairstyle idea for shoulder length hair

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Sided medium length hairstyles are enough to make a glamorous statement. All you need to do is fix your look with hairspray to ensure that your hair won’t be changing sides throughout the day. Add some extra volume with natural, soft waves for an extra dose of glam.

27.Perfectly waved medium hairstyle to elevate your outfits

25 Mid-Length Blonde Hairstyles To Show Your Stylist Pronto

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Tired of the typical wavy hair? Make the most of your shoulder length hairstyle with this perfectly polished wavy look. An ombre color hair will also add in an extra glam that will give us instant Hollywood red carpet vibes.

28.Glamorous sided curls look for mid length hair

25 Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair Featuring Hair Clips - Icy Dimes

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If you enjoy vintage looks, this medium length hairstyle with curls might be just what you’re looking for. Sophisticated and elegant, this hairstyle is enough to elevate any so-so outfit. Add in some sparkly bobby pins for a trendier finish and voilà! You’ll be turning heads as you walk by.

29.Loose wavy hairstyle for thin medium length hair

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For a major 40s glam inspired look, this cute yet sexy medium length hairstyle is all you need. Soft and natural styled curls and a side swept hairstyle will make you shine like an A-list celebrity.

30.Wavy hairstyle with bangs and multi layers

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Let’s never underestimate the power of a messy medium length hairstyle. Easy and lazy, a natural wavy layered hair with bangs is all you need to show off a trendy and effortlessly chic look. This is a great idea especially for those who have different highlights: the soft waves create texture and depth that makes the look much more appealing.

30 Breathtaking hairstyles for shoulder length hair

If you don’t like the “all or nothing” life motto, shoulder length hair is just what you need in your life. Rock the best of both worlds with stunning medium length hairstyles that will instantly transform your looks, making you look like a beauty queen.