30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020


You don’t need to go all over the place to show-off stunning nail looks. Elegant and sophisticated shades of nude color can come together to create gorgeous nude nails that will demonstrate the truth behind “less is more”.

How to pull-off sophisticated nude nails

You can truly do wonders with the nude color: from an icy off-white to a cream-like beige, there are endless shades of nude you can choose from, and this is where it gets tricky.

Nude nails look stunning paired with any outfit, but choosing the right color is the deal-breaker. Since our skin color is different from person to person, having subtle cool or warm undertones, the nude nail polish that you choose should match your skin’s natural color.

If you have a pink complexion, then creamy versions of pale pink or a soft pale blush are great options for you. For an olive undertone, a milky beige, soft caramel or creamy off-white will do the trick.

If you have dark skin with a cool undertone, a soft mauve or a dark beige with a subtle hint of pink will look great. If, on the other hand, your dark skin has a warm undertone, a dark caramel or milky chocolate will enhance your rich colored skin.

Don’t fall into the mistake of choosing the wrong nude nail polish for your skin tone only because that’s the one that your nail salon has. You can opt for any nail design you want, but the best one will be the one that features the right shade of nude for your skin tone.

30 Nude Nails to Glam Up Your Casual Outfits

Once you’ve pinpointed the right shade, all there’s left to do is get inspired with these 30 incredibly beautiful nude nails that will step up your nail style.

1. Easy matte nude nails with rhinestones

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 1

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If you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated nude nail design, then search no more! This stunning nude nail polish with matte finish will elevate your every-day clothes in the easiest way possible.

All you need to do is choose a shade of matte nude that matches exactly with your skin tone, and apply several layers onto every nail. Finish with one single rhinestone decorating the bottom of your nails, right next to the cuticle.

2. Cute star pattern over nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 2

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This cute nude nail look is perfect for adding a fun element to your mani. Make sure to make an appointment with an experienced nail artist that will be capable of drawing flawlessly this star pattern.

Choose short-length nails for a simple look, and make sure to wear this nude nail art with all-black clothes for an edgy and modern casual style.

3. Classy gold nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 3

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Rocking your nude nails is ten times better when you pair them with a gold element. In this case, the ring and pinky fingernails have been adorned with gold flakes over the nude base layer.

A nude with a pink undertone will make your nails look feminine and elegant. For a sharp finish, choose almond shaped-nails and add an extra coat of high-gloss polish.

4. Chic nude nails with silver tips

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 4

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Nude nails will always look stunning, but if you want to add an extra factor, try this easy yet sophisticated nude nail look.

All you need to do is choose a pale blush pink polish as the base layer and add a silver polish gradient starting at the tips and finishing in the middle of your nails. Pair this nail design with silver accessories, such as rings and bracelets, for a classy style.

5. Edgy stiletto-shaped nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 5

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If you love all-things-edgy, then this nude nail design might be the best option for you. The trick here is to choose super long and pointy stiletto-shaped nails that will take your nail style to the next level.

Start with a milky beige polish with a matte finish and layer with metallic gold paper placed as color blocks over each nail. Play with different shapes for a fun and unique nude nail design.

6. Adorable mini black heart on nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 6

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If you want an easy and feminine nude nail look, this cute design will do the trick. Over medium-length square-shaped nails, apply several layers of classic milky blush pink, and finish with a small black heart placed over the ring fingernail’s a free edge.

Rock this design witch all sorts of outfits: from casual loungewear to elevated business looks.

7. See-through nude nails with golden details

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 7

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See-through nail polish is the best base layer you can choose for an elevated nude nail design. This design features natural oval-shaped nails that have been coated with transparent nail polish and layered with gem-stone flakes and gold glitter.

Make sure to apply a high-gloss polish as the final step for extra glam.

8. Matte nude nails with adorable text

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 8

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Long oval-shaped nails make the best canvas for a cute and unique nude nail design such as this one. The secret for pulling-off this design is to choose a nude color that matches exactly with your skin tone, making your nails look sharp and much more sophisticated.

Add a sparkly word such as “love” over two of your fingernails as the final step. A matte finish will take your nails to the next level.

9. Polka dot pattern with rhinestones over nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 9

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This is one of the cutest nude nails looks you’ll find out there: a pale mocha nail polish paired with teeny-tiny rhinestones will surely elevate your hands in the easiest way possible.

Place the rhinestones as a polka dot pattern over your ring fingernail, and decorate your pinky and index fingers with one or two rhinestones placed right next to the cuticle.

10. Bold yet subtle detail over nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 10

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If you love simple and minimalist nail designs, this short nude nail look might be just for you. You don’t even need to wear acrylics!

Simply choose your favorite shade of nude and apply it as the base layer over all of your nails, and write a small word over your middle fingernail. Finish with high-gloss polish for a sophisticated finish.

11. Unique design for nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 11

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Minimal nail art is in, so make the most of it and stand out from the rest with a unique yet subtle design. Elevate your nude nails with delicate black space details: the outline of a moon, a black moon, teeny-tiny dots simulating a constellation…

Leave your thumb and pinky fingernail with the nude base only for true minimalist nail art. You can even keep your nails on the short side! Effortlessly chic is the best description of this cute nude nail look.

12. Simple square-shaped matte nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 12

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Nude nails will always be a great idea when you feel in doubt. The best way to twist things up is by adding texture with a matte finish.

You don’t need to do anything else to sport a cool and modern nude nail look. To recreate an exact replica of this design, choose a nude base color that matches exactly with your skin tone.

13. Elevated long nude nails for night-out looks

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 13

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One of the cutest and most elegant nude shade is creamy mocha. Choose this color especially during fall, or to sharpen your night-out looks.

On long coffin-shaped nails, apply several layers of your preferred mocha shade, and add a shimmering accent with small rhinestones placed at the base of your ring fingernail. Accessorize with crystal or diamond accessories for full glam.

14. Girly heart pattern over nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 14

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A heart-shaped all-over pattern is for sure the cutest way to spruce up your style. In this case, a beige with a pink undertone serves as the base layer under which mini hearts have been drawn all-over the nails.

For patterned looks such as this one, keep your nude nails short and natural. Let the pattern attract all the attention!

15. Edgy long coffin nude nails with red color block

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 15

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Red and nude nails can result in the edgiest and coolest nail art. This easy yet bold look features long coffin-shaped nails that have a pale blush pink as the base layer and a hot bright red that’s been added arrow-head blocks on the free-edges.

It’s a bold take on the classy French-mani style and my best recommendation for all those who love to add an extra drama to their outfits.

16. Oval-shaped nude nails with white and gold

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 16

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Nude nails and short, oval-shaped nails make a pretty combo for a girly and classy look. Recreate this feminine design with your favorite pale blush and off-white polish, and subtle accents of rose gold placed over one or two of your nails.

The trick here is to keep some nails all solid, and others with that subtle accent that’s in charge of elevating the look.

17. Cute nude nails with gold metallic border

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 17

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Bored of sporting the same-old nude nail look? Shake things up with a metallic gold accent on the base of your nails, right next to your cuticles.

This gold and nude nail look take the best of oval-shaped nails and the trendy matte finish we’ve seen A-list celebrities rocking. Show off your sophisticated style with this nail art: pair it with all-black outfits for a polished look, or with sparkly sequin dresses for a glamorous night out with friends.

18. Ombre nude nails with small beads

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 18

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Ombre nails are one of the most popular nail looks of the past years, so there’s not really anything new. But you can step up your nail game with a combination of ombre and solid nude nails.
Alternate between a dark dusty purple that fades into a milky beige at the free edges, and this same beige as a solid color. Embellish your ring fingernail with small golden beads and pearls placed in a line starting at the base.

19. Elegant gold-leaf decorating nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 19

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Sometimes all you need for cute nail art is a delicate motif placed as an accent on one nail. These pink nude nails demonstrate that less is definitely more.

A gold leaf placed diagonally over the ring fingernail adds that extra sophistication, resulting in elegant nude nail design. For a modern look, keep your nails matte and in an oval shape.

20. Edgy black and nude nails for winter

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 20

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For cool acrylic nude nails, a glossy true black paired with a soft milky beige will do the trick. Leave three of your fingernails covered in solid black, and the rest in beige. On these nails, place black beads in different shapes at the base of the nail.

Keep the beige nails with a matte finish for a cool matte-and-gloss contrast.

21. Shimmering mocha nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 21

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Mocha nude nails are definitely the best way to sport a polished and sophisticated style. If you’re looking for ideas to elevate your long acrylic nails, then this design will do the trick.

Choose a milky mocha or chocolate (depending on your skin tone) and use it as the primary color, applying it on four of your fingernails. On the ring or index nail, apply several layers of rose or bronze glitter, and finish the look with an extra layer of high-gloss polish.

22. Unique nude nails with floral and bead embellishments

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 22

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This stunning embellished nude nail design is to die for: the combination of 3D flowers and golden beads over an ombre base layer make up an amazing combo. This design is perfect for elevating a black-tie outfit.

Try pairing it with cocktail dresses or a wedding nightgown, and accessorize with pearls and/or crystals.

23. Classy nude nails with shimmering tips

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 23

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A French-style mani will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try shaking things up a bit. This gold rose adorns the tips of short square-shaped nails, bringing out the best of the dusty pale blush base layer.

Add a final layer of high-gloss for a polished look. This design is the perfect go-to for dressing up your every-day wear: from t-shirts and jeans to a cute maxi sundress and sandals.

24. Stunning coffin nude nails for fall

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 24

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Alternating two contrasting shades of nude is one of the easiest ways to pull off a cool nude nail design. In this case, a dusty mauve with a matte finish is paired with soft glossy blush pink, and golden beads have been placed in an arrow-head shape at the base of the mauve nails.

The combination of textures (matte, gloss and metallic) is the key element in this design. You can choose any of your two favorite shades of nude, just make sure that they create a beautiful contrast.

25. Gorgeous clear nude nails with gold flakes

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 25

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Clear nude nails is another awesome idea you can try for a trendy and unique look. Clear acrylics have become a thing among A-list celebrities, so make sure to step into this trend with a classy design.

A neutral pink covers the nail beds, and the free edges have been left in clear acrylic, with gold flakes adorning them to add extra pizzazz.

26. Modern French-style nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 26

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If you love all-things-classy, then a subtle yet modern take on the French mani might be just what you need. These oval-shaped nails have been decorated with a cute ombre effect, simulating the classic French style.

Choose your favorite pink nude and, right in the middle of the nails, fade it smoothly into an off-white color. This nude nail look makes the best compliment for your casual outfits!

27. Long coffin-shaped nude nails with white tips

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 27

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If edgy and bold is the combo that your nails need, try these super long coffin-shaped nude nails. All you need to do is choose a creamy café-au-lait polish and use it as the base layer. On the free edges, draw a pointy arrow-head color-block in white, nodding a French-inspired look.

Complement these nude nails with cool street style outfits: oversized t-shirts, bold sneakers or pointy booties, the 90s inspired shades…

28. Easy and elegant nude sparkly nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 28

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This fun nude nail art features a pale blush pink that matches exactly with the skin tone, and small rhinestones outlining the natural shape of the nails.

You can rock this look with any type of nail shape and length, but if you want to keep it simple, medium-length nails with an oval shape will do the trick. Your nude nails will effortlessly glam up your whole style.

29. Cool and bold holographic nude nails

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 29

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Holographic nails have become quite a trend among beauty lovers, and what better way to spice it up than with cute nude nails. For a sharp look, choose long stiletto-shaped acrylics.

Apply the holographic effect from the middle to the tips, creating a cool ombre effect. These nails will look stunning paired with winter outfits.

30. Short nude nails with cute mini gold leaves

30 Unique Nude Nails to Try in 2020 30

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An almost transparent nail polish serves as the base layer in this breathtaking design, placing golden leaves over each nail to add a sophisticated accent.

This is the perfect example that, when it comes to nude or natural nails, it all comes down to the accents! Leave your nails au-naturel and let the golden leaves speak for themselves. Last but not least, make sure to add cute minimalist golden rings for the ultimate polished look.

Nude nails are anything but boring! You can create stunning designs using different shades or adding a subtle shimmery accent, or you can even take it to the next level with a cool combination of bright colors. The best part of rocking nude nails? You can wear absolutely any type of outfit without risking your polished style!