30 Modern Perm Hairstyle Ideas to Glam Up Your Look


Perm hairstyles bring us immediately some major nostalgic vibes from the 80s and 90s. But, believe it or not, perms are now back in trend. We can see many A-list celebrities sporting a sexy, voluminous perm hairstyle that makes them look absolutely chic. From wavy to heavy curled hairstyles, perms are definitely worth the try!

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Fabulous types of perms that will step up your hairstyle game

First of all, what is a perm hair? For those who are not familiar with the 80s or 90s hairstyle, a perm (which is the abbreviation of permanent) is a hairstyle that’s been set into the hair. With the help of chemicals that change the hair’s texture, you can achieve fabulous curls or waves that will last, depending on your hair type, from three to eight months.

If you’re wondering what the process is like, let us warn you that you would have to spend somewhere around 2-3 hours at the hair salon, so make sure to take off a morning or afternoon on the day of your appointment.

The first step is to wrap your hair in rods. However, since you can now customize your curls to fit your personal taste, these rods can be switched to many different materials that will achieve different results such as fabric or rollers.

The type of perm you want to flaunt will dictate the material to use. From heavy curls to S-pattern curl or beach waves, the possibilities are all equally stunning!

Once your hair has been set, a perm lotion is applied to set the curls. Then the stylist will rinse your hair and dry it, and will finally apply a neutralizer that will halt the perm process.

Does perm damage hair? Since the process uses strong chemicals, it can get damaged if done wrong. But if you go to a professional hair salon, your hair should be left unscathed. This is really important to take into consideration. Make your research and put yourself only in the hands of professional stylists.

30 Fabulous and Sexy Perm Hairstyles

To make you a firm believer of perm hairstyles, we have compiled 30 fabulous perm ideas that will take your breath away!

1.  Pretty perm hairstyle with blonde highlights

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If having thick and defined curly hair is what you’re aiming for, this perm hairstyle idea is just for you. The trick here is to add highlights to add a sophisticated shine and texture that will bring your perm curls to the next level. Soft and beautiful, this perm hairstyle is simply breathtaking!

2.  Cute wavy perm for thin hair

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Who says perms always have that perfectly defined curl look? If you enjoy casual chic hairstyles, these soft waves will do the trick. You can perfectly opt for laid back perms like this one, especially if you don’t want a voluminous look. Perfect for thin hair, these soft perm hairstyle will make you look understatedly chic.

3.  Medium perm hair  with baby bangs

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Another beautiful example of soft perm curls, this hairstyle features subtle chestnut highlights that add texture and dimension, and baby bangs that frame perfectly the face. These soft curled bangs are a great way to showcase a bold and unique hairstyle.

4.  Glamorous perm hairstyle for a voluminous look

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<> at TAO Hollywood on August 8, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.

This gorgeous spiral perm hairstyle for medium length hair is simply stunning. Definitely brings back some major 80s nostalgia, but we’re not complaining! Zandaya looks glamorous, chic and sophisticated. Dye your hair in a color that brings out the best of your features and go big with this 80s inspired look.

5.  Classic perm hairstyle with multiple layers

30 Modern Perm Hairstyle Ideas to Glam Up Your Look 1

Shakira is our queen of natural-looking perm hairstyle. The secret here is to cut your hair into several layers that will avoid a voluminous hairstyle. Multi-layer haircuts like this one are ideal for women who want to sport a curly perm that looks natural and it’s easy to style on a daily basis.

6.  Long perm hairstyle for a sexy look

30 Modern Perm Hairstyle Ideas to Glam Up Your Look 2

Sexy, long curly perm hairstyles like Camila Cabello’s is a gorgeous idea if you enjoy making a strong statement. This body perm features soft curls that are versatile and easy to style. Sport these curls with your hair down for a bold and sexy statement look.

7.  Spiral perm hairstyle idea for a chic, bold look

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Spiral curls are a great idea for women who want to add volume to their hairstyle, The best part of a spiral perm is that you can style your hair into many different and gorgeous looks. Updos or high ponytails will make your spiral curls look effortlessly chic.

8.  Perfect S-shape perm hairstyle

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A perfectly defined perm curl hairstyle will take your breath away. If you have long hair, this hairstyle idea will be perfect to flaunt your healthy, beautiful hair. You can also add baby highlights or a subtle ombre effect for a extra texture, making your hairstyle look much more sophisticated.

9.  Soft permed bob with straight bangs

Wavy Perm Bob with Straight Bangs

Straight cut bobs are a great excuse to flaunt perm curls. If you don’t want that voluminous look, opt for soft waves like these ones. You can also leave your bangs straight if you want to keep it classy. Remember that curly bangs look gorgeous but they definitely demand time, so choosing straight bangs might be the best option if you’re always on the go.

10.    Chic medium-length perm hairstyle

The Return of the Perm: How to Embrace Your Voluminous Curls

Shoulder length hair will look stunning with soft wavy perm curls. If you love pulling off a relaxed yet chic hairstyle, recreating this look might be the best decision of this year. Soft waves like these ones give you plenty of styling options, letting you enjoy and experiment with different hairstyles.

11.    Gorgeous wavy perm hairstyle idea for blondes

Beach wave perm hairstyles can look extremely classy and stylish if they are done the right way as there is nothing more chic and trendy than beach waves.

Blondes with soft beach waves are a power couple! A relaxed yet stylish hairstyle that will never go out of style, this wavy perm idea is perfect for those who don’t want to go all curly but want to shake up their usual straight hair.

12.    Glorious spiral permed long hair


Now this is what we call a statement look! If you love turning heads wherever you go, then leave your hair extra long and opt for a spiral perm. The result? A voluminous perm hairstyle that, if you take good care of it, will look absolutely gorgeous.

13.    Chic permed bob with platinum blonde highlights

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Short stacked bobs look great with curly perms, especially if you have fine hair. The multi-layer haircut plays in your favor, adding volume and texture to the hair with the help of defined curls. Bold and eye-catching, this perm hairstyle idea will definitely steal tons of compliments.

14.    80s inspired perm hairstyle to make a statement

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Who doesn’t love Blake Lively’s style? She truly knows how to pull-off an amazing 80s inspired perm hairstyle. The secret here is to opt for a perm that’s not too curly not too flat, resulting in a natural-looking and loose S-shape curly hairstyle that will add a fabulous volume.

15.    Stacked bob with perm curls

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If you want to take your stacked bob to the next level, a curly perm with caramel highlights will definitely do the trick. Adding highlights to your curly hair will add dimension and texture to your hair, making your bob look chic and sophisticated.

16.    Edgy perm hairstyle for a voluminous look

Curly hair can be a challenge for some, but it is worth it for the beauty it has to offer. These cute curly hairstyles for women offer up a whole world of style options you may not have realized there. No matter if your hair is naturally curly or you have given it some help over the years, these looks are going to get you thinking about your next style for the whole year.

If you have an eye-catching and bold hair color, what better way to flaunt it than with a spiral perm? Volumizing your hair will make your hair color look edgier and more unique.

17.    Soft perm hairstyle idea for summer

Medium Wavy Perm

Who doesn’t love soft beach waves? Get ready for summer with a loose S-shaped perm that will take your every day outfits to the next level Add baby highlights for some extra shine.

18.    Cool spiral perm with ombre technique


Perfectly defined spiral perms are a great idea if you love grabbing everyone’s attention. But if you want to spice things up, try a cool ombre effect to add that extra factor to your perm hairstyle.

19.    Natural-looking curly perm for a bold style

so want this hair

Carrie Bradshaw inspired perm hairstyle is always a complete yes. Chic and timeless, this hairstyle idea is perfect for any kind of hair, from thick black to thin blonde. Keep your hair on the longer side to have more versatility when it comes to styling.

20.    Cute perm hairstyle for medium length hair

Os fios ruivos tém uma pegada mais estilosa e chama bastante atenção

A beautiful red hair will look absolutely stunning in a natural-looking curly perm. If cute and classy if your thing, opt for curly bangs as well!

21.    Beautiful perm hairstyle for thin hair

15 Gorgeous Examples of Blonde Curly Hair

Thin hair will always benefit from curly perms. As obvious as it sounds, curls build volume and make the hair look thicker and fuller, so opting for a perm will always be a great idea. Soft perm curls are a total yes for a relaxed style.

22.    Loose curl perm idea for a casual chic look

50 Perms That Can Change the Way You Look

Loose curls like these ones are a great idea for those who simply want to add a nice texture to their hair without going completely curly. A gorgeous way to achieve an effortless chic style, these beach waves will take your dark rooted hair to the next level.

23.    Perm hairstyle idea for bob cuts

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Short bobs and curly perms are an awesome couple, especially for those who enjoy edgy and unique hairstyles. This short curly bob will always add that extra factor to your every-day clothes.

24.    Voluminous perm hair to flaunt your color

ruivo natural

An intense red hair color like this one can only be taken to the next level with the help of a perm hairstyle. S-shaped curls will add a fabulous volume to your long, red hair, making you look absolutely stunning.

25.    Soft permed curls for a fresh look

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For short or medium length hair, soft perms like this one are a great idea, especially if you don’t enjoy voluminous hairstyles. Versatile and chic, this perm hairstyle will always make you look youthful and fresh.

26.    Cute soft spiral perm hairstyle

Tinte cabello Rubio

Perms for shoulder length hair will always be a great idea. Opt for loose spiral curls, if you want to achieve a natural-looking hairstyle. Add lowlights for an extra texture and dimension.

27.    Gorgeous short permed hair with chestnut highlights


This gorgeous body perm hairstyle idea can only be improved with subtle highlights. If you have black or dark chocolate hair, chestnut highlights will be a great idea. Subtle but beautiful, this extra shine will make your curls look more expensive.

28.    Gorgeous perm hairstyle for fine hair

40 Styles To Choose From When Perming Your Hair

Perm hairstyles for fine hair will always be a great option that will thicken your hair while achieving an eye-catching look. Dark rooted hair like this one will make your perm look effortlessly chic.

29.    Sexy perm curls for long hair

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For long, thin hair, soft perms like this one will be the key to mastering a beautiful and sexy hairstyle. To avoid a very voluminous look, soft curls and a multi-layer haircut are a must.

30.    Pretty diffused perm hairstyle idea


This loose perm hairstyle really looks effortless and natural. A great option for short bobs, this hairstyle idea will make you look bold and fun. Opt for subtle highlights to illuminate your features and add an extra texture to your soft curls.

Perm hairstyles are a great option for those who want to flaunt sexy curls. Whether you’re aiming for that bold, spiral perm look or a understated and classy gentle wave hairstyle, a perm will always be the key to mastering a stunning and fresh hairstyle.