30 Breathtaking Red Hair With Highlights Ideas to Try


Few hair colors are as fascinating as red. Not only is it eye-catching and a bit unusual, but it also gives you a mysterious look that makes you stand out from the rest. On your next visit to the hair parlor, try giving yourself a bold and chic makeover with a gorgeous red hair with highlights that will illuminate your face.

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Stunning ways to sport red hair with highlights

Whether you have natural red hair or simply want to give yourself a fresh new hairstyle makeover, adding highlights are what will take your look to the next level. These will not only add dimension and texture to the hair, but will also brighten and illuminate your face, making your hair look much healthier and shinier.

Many women think that, as red hair is already an eye-catching hair color, adding high or lowlights will be too much. But, if done correctly, these elements are what will differentiate your hairstyle from the rest.

As there are many different shades of red you can try, all equally gorgeous, it’s important to keep in mind that the highlights’ hue should complement it to perfection. If the red is warm, caramel or golden highlights will do the trick.

If, on the other hand, the red goes more towards a cool, dark wine red, adding black lowlights will be a great option that will add texture to your hair. You can also opt for a bolder look, such as dark red hair with chunky blonde highlights.

There’s definitely a wide array of possibilities you can try. It will all come down to the type of statement you want to pull-off and your personal style.

30 Best ideas on how to rock red hair with highlights

These following 30 red hair with highlight ideas will let you explore the many options you have. From the sleekest to the boldest, let us inspire you with the best ideas!

1.   Natural red hair with lowlights


The Rose Brown can't wrap its arms around you this Winter, but it sure will keep your Hair Colour Warm.

The whole point of lowlights is create a beautiful and textured effect. If you have natural red hair and wish to sport a darker hairstyle, ditch the usual highlights and opt for lowlights instead. Choose a darker shade of your natural red hair to pull-off a natural-looking dark red hairstyle. 

2.   Cute bob with warm red hair with highlights

15 Estilos de cabello Warm Copper para cambiar de color

Short bobs can be easily taken to the next level with the help of highlights. Blonde and chestnut brown highlights will help you make the most of your beautiful red hair color. You can also opt for extra lowlights to add even more dimension and movement to your hair.

3.   Curly dark red hair with lowlights

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Dark red hair and lowlights are a power combo! Dark wine red like this one will match perfectly with a darker burgundy or even dark chocolate brown. Style your hair into soft and messy beach waves for a sophisticated and casual red hairstyle.

4.   Long auburn red hair with highlights

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If you want to illuminate your long auburn red hair to make it look classier, opt for highlights in lighter shades. The trick is to put yourself in the hands of an experienced hair stylist who will be able to make the right highlight color in order to complement your natural red hair to perfection.

5.   Red hair with blonde and brown highlights

Apricot sunset! Copper with blond highlights done by the fabulous Sonja Bush

To bump up your red hair, try adding highlights in different colors. Blonde, copper red, chestnut brown… A beautiful array of similar tones will add texture and dimension to your hair, making it look healthier and shinier. Beautiful and eye-catching, this multi-color highlight hairstyle will take your every-day outfits to the next level.

6.   Bold red hair with silver highlights

Master Colorist and Unicorn Tribe member Sadie Gray (@sadiejcre8s) had a client come in with 1/2-inch grown out level 6 roots and chunky highlights from her previous style. The client expressed an interest in trying out balayage, but rather than jumping right in, Gray decided to complete this transformation gradually over two visits so that she could stretch out her roots and give her the feeling of having darker tones in her hair.

Who would have thought that red hair looked so gorgeous with silver highlights? A beautiful long soft red hair with chunky silver highlights will add that extra factor to your style. The perfect complement if you love all-things bold and edgy, this killer hairstyle should be included at the top of your to-do list.

7.   Chic red hair with blonde highlights

These NaturalLooking Highlights Are the Easiest Way to Refresh Red Hair

Sometimes the sole purpose of highlights is to illuminate your hair with a natural-looking effect. However, opting for eye-catching blonde highlights like these ones can sometimes play in your favor. For those who have natural copper hair and enjoy unique and chic looks, this idea is a complete yes.

8.   Hot copper red hair with lighter ribbons

10 Most Popular Copper Hair Color With Highlights Ombre

A statement look can be easily achieved with the help of hot copper red hair and lighter ribbons. Beautiful and glamorous, this red hairstyle idea will help you pull-off amazing looks, especially if you have a long and healthy hair like this.

9.   Dark red hair with beautiful highlights


If you have dark red hair, copper highlights should be a must. They will add shine, texture and movement to your hair, transforming your entire style into a fashion pro style. The contrast between dark red and hot copper highlights will result in a fabulous hairstyle that will stand out from a crowd.

10.     Pretty red hair with black lowlights

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Playing with highlights and lowlights is a great way to step up your red hairstyle. Dark burgundy or wine red lowlights along with chestnut red highlights will complement any red hair. Opt for chunky highlights if bold and trendy is what you’re aiming at.

11.     Gorgeous natural red hair with highlights

With Carmel Highlights #haircolorideasforbrunettes

This gorgeous long, wavy hairstyle features a dark red base color that’s been illuminated with natural-looking copper red highlights, bringing out a beautiful texture and shine. Wavy hair with multiple layers will add even more texture to your hair.

12.     Red hair with balayage to illuminate the face

Peach Cobbler: el nuevo tinte pelirrojo durazno que iluminará tu cabello

Red hair with a lighter balayage has the power of transforming your entire style. Dark rooted red hair that melts into a orange blonde is a great idea for those who fancy a beach inspired hairstyle. 

13.     Beautiful soft red hair with strawberry highlights


Soft auburn red can be taken to the next level with strawberry blonde highlights. Simply breathtaking, this hairstyle idea is unique and chic, making you stand out from the rest. Add subtle light chestnut brown highlights for some added texture.

14.     Stunning wavy red hair with color melt

Red Ombré Balayage | Say farewell to foils—forever. Some personal realizations occur when sitting under a red-tinted hood of heat and wearing enough foils to make contact with an alien mothership. Sure, you can get six weeks of color before growing roots plant you back in that salon chair; but you can also end up with brassy zebra stripes that bring back memories of ultra-glossy Lip Smackers and frosted cream eye shadow. (The early 2000s called, and they want those platinum blonde stripes back.

A beautiful color melt that features dark red roots and light copper and blonde highlights is a great way to step up your hairstyle. A shoulder-length bob styled into beach waves will make the best of your red hair, making you look absolutely chic and stylish.

15.     Red hair with highlights and lowlights

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If you have a natural red hair, lowlights and highlights should be your best friends. Dark chocolate brown (or even black) lowlights will create a beautiful contrast with hot copper highlights, adding dimension and texture to your hair, especially if you have sleek, straight hair.

16.     Dark red hair with hot red highlights

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Whether you want to illuminate your red hair or simply want to freshen up your usual hairstyle, opting for hot red highlights will always be a great idea. Bold and edgy, this red hair with highlights will look much better on long, wavy hair.

17.     Soft copper red with highlights

Coppery Red with Caramel Honey Balayage | Say farewell to foils—forever. Some personal realizations occur when sitting under a red-tinted hood of heat and wearing enough foils to make contact with an alien mothership. Sure, you can get six weeks of color before growing roots plant you back in that salon chair; but you can also end up with brassy zebra stripes that bring back memories of ultra-glossy Lip Smackers and frosted cream eye shadow. (The early 2000s called, and they want those platinum

Soft copper red hair is one of the prettiest hair colors, hands down. But you can still elevate it with baby highlights. If you love natural hairstyles, opt for highlights that are a shade lighter than your natural hair color. This gorgeous idea is perfect for those who love classic looks that are low-maintenance.

18.     Red hair with highlights idea for short bobs

Copper Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

One fail-proof idea that will instantly uplift your short copper red bob is to add blonde highlights that will illuminate and add texture to your hair. Chic and classy, this short bob hairstyle can easily become your new signature look.

19.     Beautiful red hair with orange blonde highlights

10 Most Popular Copper Hair Color With Highlights Ombre

The best thing of having a natural red hair is that you can play with beautiful highlights in different shades. Blonde, chestnut red, brown, bright copper…. The one thing to keep in mind is that if you want to sport multi-color highlights, you will need to put yourself in the hands of an experienced hair stylist that will be able to achieve just that in a natural way.

20.     Chic soft red hair with lowlights

29 Prettiest Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Soft red hair with a strawberry undertone is a gorgeous way to step up the usual red hairstyle. Chic, unique and eye-catching, this soft red hair can be taken to the next level with the help of baby highlights. Opt for highlights that are a shade lighter in order to achieve a natural-looking hair.

21.     Natural red hair with blonde highlights for a bold look

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Blonde highlights are the perfect complement for copper red hair. But if you really want to stand out, opt for not-so-subtle highlights for a bolder look. A combination between baby and thick blonde highlights will give you that edgy finish to your red hair.

22.     Red hair with baby highlights for an extra shine

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If you want to bring out the best of your red hair, try doing so with subtle baby highlights that are a shade lighter. This will illuminate your hair in a natural way, adding that extra shine and making it look much more healthy. 

23.     Soft red hair with beautiful highlights

Ginger Snap - Behindthechair.com

If you have soft red hair, adding blonde highlights should be a must. This gorgeous multi-layered bob features a breathtaking soft red hair that has blonde highlights from the roots to the ends. The result? A beautiful textured short bob that has dimension and movement.

24.     Red hair with subtle ombre technique

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A subtle ombre technique mixed with baby highlights is one of the trendiest ways to elevate any red hair. This gorgeous middle-length bob features an auburn red hair with soft ash brown highlights along with a subtle ombre effect that makes the haircut look fresh and youthful.

25.     Beautiful long red hair with chestnut brown highlights

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If you have a long and healthy red hair, what better way to show it off than with baby brown highlights and lowlights? Chestnut brown is a gorgeous color that will perfectly match any type of red hair. Add a light blonde or soft ash brown for a multi-texture finish.

26.     Red hair with light blonde highlights for summer

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If you’re ready for a sexy summer look, try stepping up your red hairstyle game with beautiful blonde highlights. A subtle balayage effect will also add that flirty summer look that will make you look young and fresh.

27.     Beautiful red hair with highlights and lowlights for an extra texture

A fun and flirty short choppy bob haircut with blonde highlights

If you have a short hairstyle like this one, one of the best ways to spice it up is with different highlight colors. Using chestnut red as the base color, add blonde and lighter shades of copper for a fun and edgy hairstyle.

28.     Dark red hair with chestnut brown highlights

Dark Red Hair With Highlights

This dark red hair with highlights is the perfect example of how gorgeous a multi-layered haircut can be easily taken to the next level with the simple addition of a subtle highlights. Chestnut brown ribbons will make your dark red hair pop while adding texture and dimension.

29.     Chestnut red hair with subtle highlights


Chestnut red hair and caramel highlights are a power combo you can’t miss. A subtle ombre effect that finishes with a soft caramel color will make your chestnut red hair look expensive and chic, especially if you have shoulder length hair.

30.     Chic red hair with baby highlights

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If you have dark red hair, or brown with a red undertone, adding soft, warm shades of copper will make your color stand out. Brighten your hair with soft copper highlights that will look completely natural against your dark red hair.

Red hair with highlights is a gorgeous hairstyle idea that will draw everyone’s attention. Whether you’re planning on an extreme hair makeover or simply want to elevate your natural red hair, we hope these 30 ideas have given you plenty of inspiration on how highlights will give that extra factor to your hair.