30 Killer Shaved Hairstyles Ideas for Women


The hair is a very important aspect of a woman’s life, so it’s only natural that shaved hairstyles might sound too scary for most. But the truth is that shaved hairstyles for women don’t necessarily mean that you’ll end up bald. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are many awesome ways to show off a cool and modern shaved hairstyle that won’t sacrifice your entire hair.

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Mastering the art of shaved hairstyles

Shaved hairstyles might intimidate us only because that means that you’ll have to chop off a substantial part of your hair. But once we’ve embraced the fact that hair does grow again, then shaving off at least one area of our head doesn’t become too much of a big deal.

Shaved Hairstyles for women include a wide range of possibilities. Whether you’re used to sporting a short hairstyle and simply want to spice up your usual look, or you’re looking for a bold haircut that will make a statement, there’s a high chance that you’ll find one that best fits into your current dilemma.

For example, if you looking for an understated hairstyle, undercut shaved cuts with middle length layers might be a great option for you. If, on the other hand, bold and edgy is what you’re aiming for, step up your hairstyle game with a cool mohawk inspired shaved look.

The truth is that, if you want to, shaved hairstyles can be as chic and polished as classic long hairstyles, but they can also be bold and daring, displaying a unique shaved design that will add that extra factor to your style.

30 Spicy shaved hairstyles for women

One thing’s true: you need to forget about the intimidating stereotype of shaved women. From half shaved to completely shaved hairstyles, these following 30 ideas will inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and step into the awesome world of the buzz cut look!

1.  Killer side shaved pixie cut

Curly Pixie Bob With Side Undercut

Pixie cuts can easily be taken to another level with the help of purple dye and a side shave style. If you usually wear your hair to the side, one shaved side will help you spice up your hairstyle. This idea is all you need to pull-off an amazing and eye-catching pixie cut.

2.  Sleek design side shaved hairstyle

Demi Lovato Reveals Dramatic Blue Hair At Vevo SuperFanFest

Fierce and sleek, this gorgeous shaved hairstyle idea from Demi Lovato is a must. Featuring a short, side-swept bob, one side has been shaved to display a subtle yet eye-catching striped pattern. If you want to bump up the classic short bob look, this shaved hairstyle is your answer.

3.  Half shaved hairstyle idea for a badass look

Women’S Undercut With Jagged Top

Half shaved hairstyles for women have become quite trendy. They’re ideal for women who enjoy pixie cuts while showcasing an edgy personality. This example features a short multi-layered top that leaves the sides and the back bottom bare. Cool and edgy, this hairstyle idea will turn heads as you walk by.

4.  Cute pixie cut with shaved undercut

58 Pixie Cut Hairstyles That Will Inspire You to Go Short

Pixie cuts are a great option for women who enjoy short hairstyles. Try shaking things up with a subtle undercut shave that will help emphasize the long layers. Platinum blonde hair will take this shaved hairstyle to the next level.

5.  Awesome short shaved hairstyle idea for women

All sizes | Beautifully Shaved | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

If bold and unique is what you’re aiming for, why not completely shave an area of your head? A rounded design that leaves part of the sides and bottom completely bare is an awesome way to take things to another level of boldness.

6.  Side shaved hairstyle for long hair


Who says shaved hairstyles are only for short hair? This stunning example proves that you don’t need to chop off your whole hair in the sake of style. Enjoy your beautiful long hair and shave only a side section of your head to showcase a fierce and feminine hairstyle.

7.  Fierce shaved hairstyle with long layers

It seems that the TV personality and fashion designer Kelly Osbourne is not afraid of needles! Although she has admitted that not all of her tattoos were actually a good decision to make, she loves to show off the one she got in 2014 on the left side of her head which reads "Stories..."

Lavender dyed hair is a great way to grab everyone’s attention, but if you want to take things a step further, try shaving a half of your hair and let the other half at the level of your chin. The result will be a killer shaved hairstyle that will showcase your unique personality.

8.  Shaved front sides for a sleek look


Displaying a subtle shaved area is a great way to add an interesting element to your usual hairstyle. This cool idea has subtle front shaved sides that make the whole look much edgier. Opt for this shaved hairstyle if you’re unsure whether shaving a noticeable area is a good idea.

9.  Bottom shaved hairstyle idea for a short bob

高木貴雄さんはInstagramを利用しています:「ピアスがギリギリ見えるくらいに。 カットラインにはしっかりとこだわりを持って。 #velohairsalon #vetica#shorthair #bobhair #刈り上げ」

If sleek and bold is what you’re looking for, this shaved under cut hairstyle is the answer to your prayers. A classic layer-less short bob that features a shaved bottom is a cool way to shake things up. This is a great idea for women with fine hair who can perfectly sport a layer-less hairstyle.

10.    Shaved hairstyle idea for a fashion pro look

These Shaved Hairstyles Might Convince You to Grab a Clipper

If Scarlett Johansson approves it, we all need it! This gorgeous shaved pixie cut hairstyle is all you need to elevate your every-day clothes. Half shaved with long top layers that subtly nod to the iconic mohawk, this look is a great way to let everyone notice your killer style.

11.    Side shaved hairstyle for long, wavy hair

Side Shaved #hairdare #womenshair #beauty #hairstyles #sidecut #longhair

Whether you have curly or wavy hair, showing it off may be important to you, especially if you keep it on the longer side. Shaving the side of your head will let you enjoy an edgy and bold hairstyle while still flaunting your long hair. Simply stunning, this shaved hairstyle for women is the perfect combination of feminine and fierce.

12.    Edgy side swept shaved side

See here so many amazing styles of undercut bob haircuts for 2019. Women and girls must use to wear this sensational undercut bob cut just to make them look cool and sexy.

A side swept pixie cut with long layers is one of the most popular ways to show off a side shave, which emphasizes the longer section at the top. Whether you shave both sides or just one, try keeping your long layers at the level of your jawline for a modern look.

13.    Awesome side shave design for medium length hair

20 Cute Shaved Hairstyles for Women

You can find many awesome ways to show off your edgy personality with a shaved hairstyle. Opting for a cool pattern like this one is a major way to step up your hairstyle game, especially if you combine it with a shoulder length bob.

14.    Cool under shaved hairstyle idea for women

My ideas: Best 55 pictures of short straight blonde hair #short #straight #blonde #hair

An under shaved stacked bob that goes from the front sides to the bottom half of the back is a great way to shake up this popular short hairstyle. Perfect for fine or thick hair, this stunning shaved stacked bob will add that wow element to your every-day outfits.

15.    Half shaved hairstyle for shoulder length hair

Short men's hairstyles shaved sides #short #mens #hairstyles #shaved #sides & kurze herrenfrisuren rasierte seiten & coiffures pour hommes courtes côtés rasés & peinados cortos para hombres lados afeitados & short men's hairstyles fade, short men's hairstyles for thick hair, short men's hairstyles thin, short men's hairstyles curly, short men's hairstyles new looks, short men's hairstyles military, short men's hairstyles shaved s

Half shaved hairstyles for women are highly popular because you get to maintain your length if you want to. This example proves that there are no limits when it comes to shaved hairstyles. A cool “color block” effect that displays your shaved bottom when arranged on a ponytail will make you look like a style queen.

16.    Bold under shaved idea for a unique look


If you want to pull-off a unique look, try a straight cut short bob and bottom shaved hairstyle. This is a fun hairstyle that makes a strong statement, thanks to the perfectly straight cut top layers that contrast with the shaved area.

17.    Cool tomboy under shaved hairstyle


If you’re more into a tomboy style, this cool shaved hairstyle idea will do the trick. Subtle layers at the top will take off some extra volume while adding texture and movement. Simple and classy, this hairstyle is the perfect excuse for showing off your edgy style.

18.    Long hairstyle with side shave

Long Blond Waves, Sidecut

Don’t sacrifice your long, beautiful hair for the sake of a shaved hairstyle. Simply try shaving a small area at the side to add that edgy vibe to your hairstyle. It’s a simple yet bold way to spice up your usual look without taking extreme measures!

19.    Eye-catching buzzcut hairstyle idea

Extra Short Pastel Pink Hairstyle

If you truly want to pull-off a true shaved hairstyle, what better way than with a purple dyed buzzcut? Go big or go home with this awesome hairstyle that will grab everyone’s attention! Easy and comfortable, forget about styling your hair with this awesome and classic buzzcut look.

20.    Cute shaved pattern hairstyle idea for short layers

Short Pastel Blue Hair With Back Undercut

Bottom shaved patterns like this one is a great way to make a statement. Arrow head lines at the bottom side of your nape are enough to add that extra element to your hairstyle. Whether a shaved hairstyle is your signature look or you truly want to pull-off a unique hairstyle, adding a fun pattern will definitely step up your hairstyle game.

21.    Black hairstyle with half shave

Tapered Short Deva Cut

Black shaved hairstyles are simply stunning. Showing off your thick, black curly hair in a mohawk inspired hairstyle is a fabulous way to spice things up. Add a simple yet edgy shaved pattern that goes along the bottom half for a fun twist.

22.    Interesting shaved design for buzzcut hairstyle


A buzzcut hairstyle will look stunning on anyone who has a confident and badasss personality. Add a razor cut pattern along your head to take things to another level. Edgy and fierce, this shaved hairstyle idea will make you stand out from the rest.

23.    Modern mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides

women with shaved hair styles | Pin Short Shaved Hairstyles For Women 2011 Picture To Pinterest
XXX arrives for the Australian Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2009 at Hisense Arena on November 13, 2009 in Melbourne, Australia.

Mohawks may not be your go-to option, but they’re definitely worth the try. You can try a pixie cut with shaved sides and long top layers and style it into a mohawk on special occasions, and simply side part your hair on a daily basis for a cool, casual look. 

24.    Pulled back long layers with half shave

#hairdare #undercut #360undercut #womenshaircuts #womenshair #beauty

A pulled back mohawk that displays a mostly shaved head is a stunning way to make a statement. Sleek and sophisticated, this shaved hairstyle idea for women also has lots of styling possibilities.

25.    Stacked pixie cut with under shave

23 Cool Short Haircuts for Women for Killer Looks, Cool Short Haircuts for Women Every woman, regardless of age, wants to stay attractive and stylish as long as possible. And although age-related chang..., Short Hairstyles

A stacked pixie cut is one of the most popular ways to display a subtle under shave. If you’re intrigued about shaved hairstyles but aren’t completely sure if they’re for you, try baby steps! This idea will be a great way to step into the shaved hairstyle world.

26.    Cool shaved blocks hairstyle idea

All sizes | Great Clpper Shave | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Cool shaved hairstyles are all about creativity! This killer shaved block look is a great example of how easy it is to pull-off unique hairstyles if you just spark your creativity.

27.    Cute under shave design for long hair

A simple, clean and very neat #undercut. #hair #haircut #hairstyle #girl #updo #shaved

Who says all shaved hairstyles make a strong statement? If you’re more into subdued hairstyles, opting for a under cut shave with a cool, minimalist pattern like this will be a complete yes. Keep you length and simply style it into updos or ponytails to show off your cool under shave.

28.    Eye-catching shave design for a bold style

Undercut and buns by Emma Kimsal at Dandelion salon in East Nashville, TN. www.dandelionnashville.com

If the previous example was too low key for you, this cool stripe pattern will do the trick. Cool and edgy, this unique shaved hairstyle will grab everyone’s attention!

29.    Fully shaved side hairstyle idea for a fierce look

Hunger Games star Natalie Dormer had to shave half her head for the role of Cressida, and fully embraced it off-screen. | The 27 Most Important Hair Moments Of 2014

If fierce and sharp is what you’re aiming for, this breathtaking shaved haircut idea is just what you need. A fully shaved side that contrasts with a long hair is, hands down, one of the best ways to make a fashionable statement.

30.    Perfectly shaved front side idea for short bobs

All sizes | Untitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Sleek and modern, this awesome side shaved bob is a great idea for women who want to add an edgy element to their every-day wear, especially for those who have natural straight hair. Let the shave look be the star of your hairstyle and opt for a layer-less bob that will make your shaved side shine.

Shaved hairstyles for women can be classy, fun, bold or fierce. But regardless of your personal taste, these 30 examples prove that even if you’re looking for that classic look, a shaved hairstyle will always add that extra factor to your every-day style. We hope these buzz cut ideas have inspired you to step out of your comfort zone!