30 Edgy and Classy c Ideas to Try


Stacked bobs are a great hairstyle you should try if you’re looking for a fresh new haircut. It’s edgy, fun and eye-catching, giving you an instant makeover that will be difficult to compete with. Whether you’re looking forward to take off some extra length, or simply want to update your usual short hairstyle, stacked bobs are the answer.

Best stacked bob ideas to fall in love with

Stacked bobs are one of the most popular short hairstyles for women. It’s been a favorite ever since Victoria Beckham made it her signature style in the early 2000s. Fast forward to 2020 and we’re still in love with this short haircut.

But what’s a stacked bob, and what’s the difference with regular bob cuts? First of all, what sets a stacked bob from the rest is the several and finely cut layers that create an angled back.

This is the most important aspect of any stacked bob: a back cut to perfection that becomes the focal point of the haircut. The multiple gradual layers create the “stacked” look that gives this haircut its name.

The result of this staking technique is a rounded and angled back that adds volume to the head. Depending on your hair type (whether it’s fine of thick), the amount of layers and the technique used will vary. From choppy and chunky layers to subtle and finely cut layers, a stacked bob haircut is flattering for any type of hair.

You can also opt for really short or medium-length stacked bobs. It will solely depend on how much you want to keep your length, but any length will bring out the best of your hairstyle.

As we mentioned, at the end of the day it will all depend on how perfectly the layers are cut. Stacked bobs are all about the back!

30 Ways to rock a beautiful stacked bob

If you want some extra inspo for your next hair makeover, check out these 30 awesome stacked bobs that will make you fall in love. From sexy chic to edgy and fun, these stacked bob cuts are for everyone.

1.  Stacked pixie bob for an edgy style

This stacked pixie bob is a great option for those who enjoy super short haircuts. It’s classy yet edgy, featuring multiple short gradual layers that create a voluminous upper part, which makes it ideal for women with fine hair. A gorgeous textured short stacked bob like this one will definitely step up your style.

2.  Short stacked bob with blonde highlights

Long layers at the jaw-line level are a great complement for any stacked bob. This adds an interesting flair to the look, but if you want to go a step further, try adding blonde highlights to illuminate your bob cut. Timeless and beautiful, this stacked bob has the potential of becoming your new go-to hairstyle.

3.  Stacked bob with choppy layers

If you want a dramatic transformation, try this choppy layered stacked bob. Perfect for adding texture and spicing up your look, this haircut idea features chin-length front strands, and choppy stacked layers that volumizes the head. Add bangs for a perfectly framed haircut.

4.  Beautiful stacked bob idea for light brown hair

A stacked bob with long layers is another awesome option for women who aren’t entirely comfortable heavy textured hairstyles. Subtle and angled long layers will make your hair look sleek and elegant, with a edgy hint that will help you add that extra factor to your every-day outfits.

5.  Dark rooted blonde stacked bob

Dark rooted blonde hair is a great canvas to work on, especially with layered cuts like the stacked bob. This is a modern take on the iconic Victoria Beckham hairstyle, with platinum blonde strands that take the look to the next level. Opt for an angled bob with subtle and long stacked layers for a cool hairstyle.

6.  Classy stacked bob with bangs

The right stacked bob can make you look classy and timeless. This idea is the perfect example of how stacked bobs can be anything you want them to be. Long gradual layers with a more stacked cut at the middle result will make you look chic and sleek. Add bangs for a cute hairstyle look that will steal tons of compliments.

7.  Textured stacked bob with baby bangs

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A feathered stacked bob with baby bangs is the ultimate edgy hairstyle. Perfect for a gorgeous textured hair, this idea will transform your entire style into a killer and interesting, fashion-pro style. Color your hair chestnut to illuminate your natural dark hair and look much more modern.

8.  Pink stacked bob for an edgy style

Looking for a cool and eye-catching haircut idea? Try this pink stacked short bob. Multiple layers volumize the hair, adding extra texture and bulking up the crown area. It’s a gorgeous way to incorporate a pop of color into your every-day outfits.

9.  Short stacked bob with multiple highlights

Multi-layered short stacked bobs like this one are ideal for women who enjoy chopping off their hair. If you want to take things a step further, try adding multiple shades of caramel and golden highlights for an edgier look. Dark bottom layers along with middle chestnut and top blonde highlights will make the most of your short stacked bob.

10.    Gorgeous stacked angled bob

Angled bobs with stacked layers like this one are a great way to add an edgy factor to your hairstyle. Stacked back layers that emphasize the crown area of the head will help you volumize your hair, making it look thicker and healthier. Try coloring your hair in an unusual color like purple or blue to step up your hairstyle game.

11.    Sleek and edgy stacked bob with subtle layers

If you have natural black hair, cutting it into a stacked angled bob will be a great way to make the most of it. Edgy, bold and modern, this haircut idea will freshen up your style. Opt for a long front and subtle, long stacked layers that will emphasize the crown are of your head.

12.    Cool stacked bob with long front

Long front strands are the perfect complement for sharp angled stacked bobs. This is a gorgeous example of how asymmetry can play in your favor when cutting your hair into a stacked bob. Eye-catching and stunning, this haircut idea will make you look modern and fresh.

13.    Stacked bob with caramel highlights

Dark stacked bobs can be taken to the next level with the help of caramel highlights. Perfect for achieving a shiny and dimensional look, caramel highlights will bring out the best of this modern haircut. A side swept style with long bangs will take your stacked bob to the next level.

14.    Shaggy stacked bob to spice up your hair

Edgy Shaggy Asymmetrical Bob


Shaggy layers are a not-so-subtle way to recreate a stacked bob. The messy look is ideal for women who enjoy volumizing their hair while adding an edgy factor. Long versus short layers cut with a stacking technique will add texture to your hair, making it look much healthier and modern.

15.    Cool stacked bob with rounded back

A voluminous stacked bob with a rounded back is one of the best ways to pull-off this haircut style. Finely cut long layers along with subtle angled sides will result in an edgy stacked bob that will make you stand out from the rest. Try this idea whenever you feel like trying an easy haircut that’s edgy and modern.

16.    Eye-catching stacked bob with chunky highlights

Chunky highlights are an awesome idea for those who want to take their short stacked bob to the next level. This classic stacked bob has been shaken up with bold and chunky blonde strands that add an interesting pattern to the hair. Sassy and edgy, this hairstyle will add that wow factor to your every-day outfits.

17.    Classy stacked bob to try

Medium stacked bobs with a subtle angle should be included on the top of your list, especially if you’re looking for a classy makeover. Sleek and fabulous, this timeless haircut style is easy to maintain thanks to the long and subtle layers that help give a slight volume to the head.

18.    Stacked bob with long, subtle layers

Short stacked layers at the nape area under long, rounded layers are a great idea for those who enjoy edgy and unique hairstyles. Chestnut highlights help illuminating the hair, resulting in a sleek and fierce look that will be difficult to compete with.

19.    Stacked bob with angled side

Medium stacked bobs with peek-a-boo bangs are a gorgeous way to shake up your usual short hairstyle. It’s a modern idea that will let you enjoy a low-maintenance haircut while bringing out the best of your hair. These long stacked layers are perfect for women with thin, fine hair that want to sport a bulkier hairstyle.

20.    Subtle stacked bob with voluminous crown

This short and sharp version of the stacked bob cut is simply perfect for women who enjoy easy looks. Finely stacked layers that emphasize the middle part of the head, along with a straight cut and classic bangs will give you the ultimate stacked bob look. Timeless and cute, make sure to include this idea into your to-do list.

21.    Deep angled stacked bob with beautiful highlights

An inverted stacked bob with long layers along with beautifully made highlights is a killer way to make a statement. Perfect for spicing up your regular bob, this idea will steal tons of compliments while letting you enjoy a versatile haircut.

22.    Sleek and smooth stacked bob with red highlights

Long layered stacked bobs like this one are the perfect excuse for rocking bold, red highlights. Both are edgy options that, when mixed together, result in a stunning and fierce hairstyle look. This stacked bob is all you will ever need to step up your style.

23.    Choppy stacked bob with extra texture

Choppy multi-layers are the ultimate way to bump up stacked bobs, especially for those who love all-things edgy. Try this haircut if you want a heavy textured hairstyle that’s fun and unique, and opt for middle length front strands for an edgier finish.

24.    Gorgeous stacked bob idea for curly hair

If you thought curly stacked bob cuts aren’t a good idea, think twice. Stacked bobs can be rocked by anyone, regardless of their hair type. This haircut idea is a great option for curly hair women who want to pull-off a bold and modern look while taking off some extra volume. 

25.    Sleek stacked bob cut with long layers

A sleek version of stacked bobs can be achieved with the help of long strands of hair over finely cut layers. Fancy an edgier look? Try coloring your top layers red! This idea will make the most of your stacked bob cut by illuminating the upper part and contrasting with the shorter layers at the bottom.

26.    Curly stacked bob with voluminous crown

As we mentioned, stacked bobs are for everyone, curly hair included. This take on the stacked bob look is a gorgeous idea for curly hair women who want to pull-off a fierce and bulky look. Heavy stacked layers at the back will emphasize the crown area, adding extra volume and texture to the hair.

27.    Classic stacked bob with long layers

Stacked bobs don’t need much to shine. Simply opt for long, subtle and rounded layers like these ones to pull-off a classic and sleek look. Simply gorgeous, this type of stacked bobs are all you need to elevate yoyr style.

28.    Gorgeous stacked feathered bob cut

Short Stacked Bob Cut For Thick Hair


A stacked feathered bob is a great idea for women who enjoy textured hairstyles. Straight-cut gradual layers will help build some extra volume as well, flattering your fine hair and making it look expensive and chic.

29.    Stacked bob with finely cut layers

An edgy take on stacked bobs, this idea features layers cut to perfection that help achieve that immaculate stacking effect. Long sides will make the look edgier, spicing up your usual short hairstyle.

30.    Cute stacked bob idea for fine hair

Stacked bobs like this one are the best option for women who enjoy classic and timeless hairstyles. Cute and simple, this stacked bob cut can be recreated with the help of long layers and a subtle stacked back.

There are endless ways of rocking stacked bobs: from edgy and bold to classy and cute, you can never go wrong with this popular haircut style. Next time you feel like sporting a fresh, medium or short hairstyle, try opting for one of these 30 stunning stacked bob ideas.