3 Easy Teacher’s Outfit Ideas For a Comfortable & Fashionable Style


There’s nothing worse than being a teacher and have your students gossiping about your fashion style. And, believe it or not, dressing to impress, even if it’s on a classroom, will always play in your favor.

Wearing chic and classroom-appropriate outfits will give you confidence and respect from your students, from children to adults.

If you’re struggling with your fashion game as a teacher, let me guide you through some cute and stylish teacher’s outfit ideas that will help you become a fashionable teacher who’s not only great at her job but also knows how to dress to impress.

3 Cute and easy outfit ideas for teachers

1. Preschool teachers

Dressing for kids and dressing for teenagers or young adults is definitely not the same thing. You need to keep in mind who your “audience” is in order to pull off the best and most appropriate outfits on a daily basis.

Dressing for kids has two important elements:

1.1 Wear color

Kids get distracted easily and, if you’re wearing black or white or neutral colors, they will have a harder time putting attention.

They need something that will catch their eyes while you’re talking to them. That’s why wearing color will come in handy.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to wear a clown-like outfit every day. A bright red jumper along with jeans will do the trick.

What’s important is that you wear at least one bright color item that will make you stand out and catch their attention a bit easier. Children are attracted by bright colors, especially primary colors, which is one of the reasons why toys are always colorful.

You can also mix patterns or prints with color. Simple things like a striped tee are great ideas that will help you look cute.

A tee with a fun slogan is another easy outfit you can wear to preschool.

Wearing a flowy bright color dress is what will make you stand out from the rest of the teachers. You don’t need to wear a killer outfit every single day, but if you do at least once or twice a week, then It is enough to earn the respect of the kids’ parents and the other teachers.

1.2 Comfortable outfits

A comfortable outfit is a must for all teachers, especially for preschool teachers. Sometimes you may find yourself running after a kid, or sitting on the floor to play with your students.

That’s why comfortable shoes and clothes will always come in handy.

Jeans paired with sneakers or flats are the best go-to option:

But, if you want to take your teaching style to the next level, try wearing overalls or casual jumpsuits.

A wide-leg pant is another comfortable bottom you should definitely include in your teacher outfits. Skinny jeans are comfy because they’re stretchy, but nothing is more liberating than ditching skin-tight denim for a looser one.

You can also opt for non-denim options. Flowy cotton pants, for example, are a great idea if you value comfort but won’t risk your sense of fashion.

A printed pair of flowy pants is one way of attracting kids’ attention while making you look stylish and fun.

Corduroy pants with a stiped or colorful printed t-shirt is another cute and easy outfit idea for preschool teachers:

2. Elementary and high school teachers

Wearing bright colors is not only a great tip for preschool teachers, but also for any type of teacher. Naturally, we all feel attracted, even slightly, for bright or bold colors, so it only makes sense that, at least every now and then, you should include some color into your outfits.

Wearing textures or prints will also do the trick. Ditch at least twice a week your jeans for a pair of printed pants.

If the school were you’re teaching at allows teachers to wear jeans, then you have most probably fallen into the jeans’ comfort zone. Branch out your looks with cute and trendy pants.

It’s also important to elevate your causal teacher outfits every now and then. To do so, wear a pair of dressy pants with a tee and sneakers.

I can guarantee you will instantly uplift your teacher style by wearing dressy casual looks.

Denim on denim outfits is perfect as well. Make sure to wear a trendy jean style such as wide-leg or mom jeans.

Wearing jeans is probably one of the comfiest options as a teacher, so make the most of them with trendy silhouettes. Opt for high rises and tucked in shirts for an effortlessly cute teacher outfit.

Remember that teaching at elementary or high school means that, as opposed to preschool, your students will actually pay attention to what you’re wearing. There’s nothing worse than being judged by pre-teens and teenage girls for your outfit choices.

That’s why you need to stay trendy, even if it’s just with simple details such as animal printed shoes or mom jeans.

If you want to take your teacher style to the next level, then you need to take one trend to the next level. Instead of classic animal printed flats, opt for a leopard printed jacket.

Instead of the typical mom jeans, opt for corduroy mom jeans or any fabrics that will make you stand out.

3. College teachers

Teaching at a college deserves another type of “dress code”. College students are preparing for their professional careers, so the way you dress should reflect how well prepared and experienced you are.

The best way of doing so is by following a business casual dress code. Not too casual, not too formal.

Wearing casual pieces like knit tops or flats will help you dress down any dressy piece. A plaid waist tie trouser paired with a knit top is a great idea for a professional but trendy teacher look:

Remember that comfort should never be compromised. Teaching requires a couple of hours standing or walking through huge campuses.

You don’t want to get blisters all for the sake of looking fashionable. Feel free to ditch high heels for a pair of cute flats such as loafers, mules or ballerinas and finish your look with a tailored blazer or jacket.

Few things scream “fashion pro” louder than monochromatic outfits. Earthly tones such as camel or beige are chic colors that will help you pull off a professional monochromatic look.

However, if earth tones are not your cup of tea, feel free to put together different shades of your favorite color.

The key to mastering monochromatic fashion is to layer. But layering shouldn’t be a must only on these occasions.

Wearing tailored layers such as blazers or vests will help you elevate your teacher fashion in the easiest way possible.

Sheath dresses are a great way of switching your pant outfits. If you’re a dress lover, this style should be included in your wardrobe.

Remember to avoid skin-tight dresses. You want to be looked at as a professional and stylish teacher, not as the teacher with the best body. Leave your tight clothes for other occasions.

Pencil skirts and teachers are two things that are often associated but in the worst way. Demonstrate that pencil skirt outfits aren’t as old fashioned as people think with a plaid high waist pencil skirt and a fitted sweater (or shirt) tucked inside.

Extra points if you include cute and trendy colors into your outfit.

A cute printed dress will also do the trick. Avoid dresses and skirts that finish above the knees.

Knee and midi length are the best ones for teachers.

Comfortable and cute shoes for teachers

There’s no denying that comfortable shoes are the deal breaker for teachers fashion. But you don’t have to look like an old-fashioned teacher just for the sake of being comfortable.

These are some great shoe options you can choose from for a cute and professional teacher outfit:

Flats (loafers, ballerinas, mules…)

For a trendy look, opt for pointy toe flats.

Low block heels: these are perfect for elevating your outfit with no need of wearing pumps.

Booties are perfect for winter and fall outfits. Opt for low heel booties if you want to add some extra inches (ideal for short girls).

Wrap up:

The old-fashion concept of teachers dressing in black and white outfits (including boring tailored pieces) will be vanished completely if you start dressing like the stylish girl that you are.

Teachers’ outfits should be comfortable, but they also need to be stylish and trendy. Otherwise, you might risk losing respect from your students, especially if you teach at a high school or university.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great style!