30 Gorgeous Updo Hairstyles For Any Occasion


Updo hairstyles are a beautiful option for long, medium or even short length hair. You can count on this look whenever you feel like showing off your shoulders, neck or décolletage, or when it’s simply too hot to leave your hair au-naturel.

30 Beautiful updo hairstyle ideas for any occasion

Updos are basically any hairstyle that arranges the hair at the head, accentuating your neck and shoulder. These can drastically vary: from basic ponytails and top knots to braided and curly updos.

This hairstyle is not only elegant and classy, but it’s also the best option on the following occasions:

When you want to show-off your bare neck or a fancy choker

When you’re wearing a top or dress (or even jacket) that has accent details at the neck or shoulders

When the weather is too hot and/or humid and you want to look cute

When you’re having a bad hair day and leaving it natural is a simple “no”.

When you need or want to look fancy and elegant, or want to elevate a casual look

If you don’t know how to style your hair, these six reasons will help you determine the occasions when updos are completely necessary. Lastly, remember that updos are classy and elegant, and make your face the center of attention so, as a last tip, choose this hairstyle also on those days when you want to accentuate your beauty.

1.Pretty and messy updo hairstyle

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We can all agree this beautiful low chignon updo idea is inspired by our favorite fairytale princess. Easy, elegantly messy and feminine, this is the perfect updo hairstyle for those who love effortlessly chic looks.

Try adding a sparkly headpiece or pin to elevate your hairstyle, or keep it simple and classy all by itself

2.Clean and sophisticated updo hairstyle idea

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To achieve a clean and elegant updo hairstyle, consider recreating this twisted know idea. Carefully grabbing your hair all the way back into a knot, this updo will make you look gorgeous by making your face the center of attention.

3.Eye-catching updo hairstyle idea for long hair

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For those who have long and thick or voluminous hair, this updo idea will make the most of your hair by arranging it loosely into a high bun. Adding volume to your high updo hairstyles makes you look not only important and elegant, but it’s also a trick to add a few extra inches, therefore appearing taller than usual.

4.Classy chignon updo hairstyle look

30 Bridesmaid Updos - Elegant And Chic Hairstyles ❤ bridesmaid updos low elegant textured chignon mpobedinskaya #weddingforward #wedding #bride #bridesmaidupdos

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A voluminous and low chignon with curled tendrils at the front is all you need to put together a classy and sophisticated look. Whether you’re attending a fancy wedding party or an early-morning bridal shower, this low updo will add that finishing touch to your whole outfit.

5.Trendy all-braided updo hairstyle idea

Melissa Cook ( Missy ) on Instagram: “Dutch Crown Braid w/ a Scarf ✨ Have you seen this video yet? I’m sharing 12 hairstyles using a hair scarf! 🎥 Comment below which hairstyle…”

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Adding a colorful ribbon to your updo hairstyles is one of the trendiest ways to shake things up. Not only is this ribbon adding a cute pop of color, but the whole all-braided look gives us some Italian coast vibes and therefore, makes this updo jump into our summer must-dos.

6.Updo hairstyle with messy high ponytail

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On those hot and humid summer days, a stylish ponytail can become our life savior. This easy updo features a mermaid braid at the top of the head and a classic, messy high ponytail that beautifully frame your face. Pull-off this updo hairstyle anytime you feel like refreshing without losing your sense of style.

7.Perfect braided updo hairstyle for elevating your outfits

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For a feminine and sophisticated updo hairstyle, a braid crown will always be a complete yes. This type of updo is a must-try that will add that classy touch to your outfits. Whether you want to complement an already feminine outfit or want to elevate a laid-back look, this braid crown will surely steal tons of compliments.

8.Gorgeous updo hairstyle for long and thick hair

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One of the best ways to pull-off cute updo hairstyles is by masterfully creating a hoop and weave messy low bun. A loose yet controlled updo that showcases texture and intricate weaving is enough to make your head the center of attention. Pair this updo hairstyle with solid or simple outfits to let your hair speak for itself.

9.Simple and easy updo hairstyle for short hair

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Rocking a updo hairstyle doesn’t have to be solely for special occasions, or done only at the hair parlor. Whenever you feel like switching your ponytail for something else, a messy and classic low bun will always be a safe bet. This cute idea also proves that short hair girls can still pull-off cute updo looks. 

10.Pretty mermaid updo hairstyle look to look fancy

Looking for the latest hair do? Whether you want to add more edge or elegance – Updo hairstyles can easily make you look sassy and elegant. So if...

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A loose mermaid braid that finishes in a low bun updo is a gorgeous way to showcase your sweet personality. Add a cute pin on one side of the bun to take your hairstyle to the next level with no effort at all. Make sure to rock this updo hairstyle on relaxed special occasions such as beach weddings or baby shower parties.

11.Sleek knot updo hairstyle idea

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Knot buns are one of the most popular updo hairstyles that can be sported on any occasion. Wear it all by itself during the weekdays at work, or add a set of pearl pins for a cute vacation style.

12.Mermaid updo hairstyle to sport your short hair

Braided Updo For Short Hair #braidedhair #shorthair ★  Discover trendy easy summer hairstyles 2019 here. We have pretty ideas for long, short, and for medium hair. #glaminati #lifestyle #summerhairstyles

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If you’re bummed that your short hair isn’t updo friendly, this is a great idea to pull-off the popular mermaid braid style. Simply divide your hair in two sections and create a mermaid braid on each one, finishing with bobby pins that will simulate a messy low bun.

13.Double bun updo hairstyle for a unique look

The Double Bun

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Bored of the same simple bun? Make it double! Two perfectly aligned buns will transform a so-so updo hairstyle into an interesting and unique look. Rock this double bun updo anytime you want: from casual weekend looks to polished business meeting looks.

14.Gorgeous updo hairstyle idea to step up your casual looks

Spaced out pipe braid collab w

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Take your casual style to the next level with this unique updo hairstyle. Featuring a looped ponytail attached to the head, this hairstyle is a great idea for those who love all-things-boho and chic. Pair it with tank tops and trendy jeans for an easy summer look.

15.Thick updo hairstyle idea for a glamorous look

mother of the bride hairstyles high curly updo for medium hair zuhra_stylist

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This intricate and thick updo hairstyle features curled loops and weaves that add volume and importance to the head. Perfect for wedding or fancy party looks, this updo is only for those who love to turn heads as they walk by.

16.Pretty updo hairstyle with multiple knots

Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair   - Browse our gallery of wedding hairstyles for medium hair and find the perfect one for yourself. Find out some hacks and guidelines for a flawless ‘do.

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This gorgeous multiple knot updo hairstyle is all we need to spice up our glamorous style. Classy, regal and elegant, adding an extra pizzazz to our looks will never be as easy as rocking this unique updo.

17.Adorable double top know updo hairstyle idea

14 tranças diferentes para você se inspirar e usar

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If you’re looking for a cute yet intricate updo hairstyle to complement your casual outfits, this double high braided bun idea might be just what you need. Pull-off a statement look with this idea that will add that extra factor to your whole style.

18.Feminine all-braided updo hairstyle

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Inspired by the cool cornrow braids, this killer updo hairstyle should be included on your to-do list right away. The tight braided hair along with the low braid bun result in a gorgeous and intricate updo that will complement any simple and/or monochromatic outfit.

19.Effortlessly chic losen updo hairstyle idea

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A messy and loose top bun is a popular updo hairstyle not only because it’s simple and easy, but also because it makes us look effortlessly chic. Loose tendrils around your face will add an innocent and carefree look that we can perfectly sport with our favorite weekend outfits.

20.Sleek French twist updo hairstyle

Effortless Bun ✨💫 Created by @kononova_stylist #citiesbesthairartists

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This classy French twist is a beautiful updo idea, especially for those occasions when you want to look clean and polished. Whether you have a formal event coming up or simply want to elevate your business style, make sure to try this cute French twist to add some glamour to your looks. 

21.Easy and elegant top know updo hairstyle

From Red Carpet to Real Life: Latina Looks You'll Want to Steal!

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A sleek and tight top knot is enough to make a statement. All you need to do is make sure that not one single strand of hair has been left behind. Add extra hair spray to perfectly fix everything into place and ensure that killer J-Lo updo hairstyle.

22.Unique and simple updo hairstyle for a casual look

The Inspiration: "The Victoria Beckham idea of beauty is very pulled together with a veryeasy kind of attitude. This very simple, sort of half-ponytail is both asophisticated look and an easy look with a little bit oftoughness and a little bit of softness." The Hero Product: Guido,Redken Global Creative Director, explains that the key to this look is the quality of the hair. So he first applied Redken Satinwear 02 blow dry lotion to damphair, then blow dries it back andaway from the face ...

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If you’re looking for unique updos, look no further! This cool idea is easy to recreate and will make you stand out from the rest. Sleek back hair tied into a ponytail, and a knot that’s been attached to the head with bobby pins are the magic ingredients in this effortlessly chic updo.

23.French braid low bun updo hairstyle

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An ever-classic look, this French braid updo hairstyle is a gorgeous idea you can sport at any occasion. From weddings and fancy parties to cool summer looks,  all-braided low updos like this one will definitely take your style to the next level.

24.Messy top knot updo hairstyle

Most Amazing Top Knot Bun Hairstyles You Must Try in 2018 | Stylesmod

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We can never get enough of simple top knot updos, so if you’ve never tried one yourself, maybe this cute idea will convince you to do so. A top knot is a versatile updo hairstyle that fits like a glove into your every-day wear, so feel free to recreate this look anytime, anyplace.

25.Elegant updo hairstyle with diagonal braid

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This stunning updo hairstyle features hoops and weaves is an elegant option to consider for your next big event. Sophisticated and elegant, this formal updo idea will definitely step up your dressy outfits. We can guarantee you will be stealing lots of compliments!

26.Twisted updo hairstyle for a sleek look

French Twist-- Tuck the loose ends of the hair inside the cone and use pins as needed to hold it in place and out of sight

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For those who have medium-length hair, this cute French twist option is a perfect option to showcase your sophisticated style. Sleek and feminine, a twisted updo hairstyle should always be your go-to option.

27.Beautiful low knotted ponytail hairstyle idea

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For those who love unique updos, this twisted ponytail holds everything into place while adding a cool texture and movement at the same time. Step up your hairstyle game with this fun and interesting low updo look. 

28.Gorgeous updo hairstyle idea with a pop of color

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A classic high twisted knot will always have a place in our hearts. But if you want to shake things up, try adding thin French braids in the bottom part of your head, weaving a white (or any color) thread all the way up for a cool pop of color.

29.Double bun updo hairstyle for summer

20 Photos That Prove Double Bun Hairstyles Can Be Sophisticated  #doublebuns #spacebuns #festivalhairstyles #festivallooks #hairinspo #springhairstyles #summerhairstyles

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For those who love cute updo summer hairstyles, this idea is a fail-proof option that will ensure a fun vacation look. Two buns with twisted sides adorn the bottom part, while French braid at the middle adds texture and uniqueness to the hairstyle. Perfect for hot weather days, this low updo idea will be enough to make you look like a fashion pro.

30.Easy and casual updo hairstyle

The biggest hair trend of the season, plus 20 fabulous and stylish hair clips.

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For those who are always on the run, this quick and easy messy updo hairstyle have the potential of becoming your new favorite. There’s no special secret here, simply arrange your hair in a simple knot and add cute bobby pins to showcase an effortlessly chic hairstyle.

30 Gorgeous updo hairstyles to accentuate your beauty

No matter if you’re attending a fancy party or just having a casual brunch with friends, updo hairstyles will always be the best option to frame our pretty faces. Messy low buns, French twists, curly weaved hair, or a classic high bun are some of the endless options you have to pull-off an elevated hairstyle look.