30 Modern Wedge Cuts for Every Hair Type


A wedge haircut is all you need to make a statement: it’s bold and timeless yet has a strong retro vibe that’s impossible to ignore. So whether you’re looking for an extreme hair makeover or simply want to complement your edgy style, a wedge haircut will be a fabulous idea to try and will make you wonder: why haven’t I tried it before?

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Wedge haircut ideas that are actually modern

Before we start diving into the fabulous world of wedge haircuts, let’s define first what this style really is. This retro cut made its way into the world back in the 70s and easily became a signature hairstyle of the decade thanks to American figure skater Dorothy Hamill.

What characterizes a wedge haircut is the really short bob cut and the voluminous effect that several layers help to achieve. Soft bangs are usually incorporated into this haircut, resulting in a pretty bowl-cut-like look.

Although it’s a haircut that traces back to the 70s, there are actually many different ways to pull-off a modern wedge haircut. From stacked layers to asymmetrical or choppy cuts, a wedge hairstyle will be the best option for those who enjoy really short cuts while making a strong statement.

Women with fine hair will find this haircut especially flattering: the bulky top, contrasting the usually neat nape, adds a beautiful volume to the hair, making you forget that you even have thin fine hair.

30 Awesome Ideas on How to Pull-Off a Wedge Haircut

But even if you are curly or have thick hair, a wedge haircut properly done should never be off the table. Check out these 30 gorgeous wedge cuts that will convince you that regardless of your hair type, this haircut is definitely worth trying. 

1.   Cool heavy layered wedge cut

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A heavy layered side swept wedge is perfect for those who love adding texture and thickness to their hair. The multiple layers makes the look much edgier and sophisticated than subtle layers would do. To step up your hairstyle game, opt for a contrast between dark roots and light blond hair.

2.   Perfect wedge haircut for strawberry blondes

Rose Gold Bob With Choppy Layers

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A choppy multilayered wedge cut is one of the best options for women who want to sport an edgy look, especially for those who already have an eye-catching hair color like these pretty strawberry blonde highlights.

3.   Modern wedge haircut for women over 50

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If you’re over 50 and looking for a fresh new cut, a wedge haircut with long bangs is a great idea that will help you pull-off a modern look. Stacked layers at the back will add an extra volume to the crown area, while long side bangs will frame your face in the coolest way possible. Easy to maintain, this wedge cut idea is just flawless.

4.   Textured wedge haircut for a cool style

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There is something cool in having ash blonde highlights contrasting brown roots, especially when you leave your shave nape area all exposed. Long blonde layers overlapping the short pixie cut  along with peek-a-boo bangs is a great way to bump up your hairstyle. Modern and edgy, try this look next time you go to the hair parlor.

5.   Pretty auburn brown wedge haircut

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A gorgeous auburn brown hair color styled into a deep side swept wedge cut is the definition of stylishly chic. This is a lovely idea for women who want to enjoy the perks of short hairstyles while showcasing a statement style. The trick here is add different lengths of layers to build in some volume and create a sophisticated look.

6.   Wedge haircut with long side bangs

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A pixie or a bob? Try this gorgeous wedge cut that combines both into one same fabulous hairstyle. Blonde highlights bring the best of a cool layering game, but the key ingredient here are the choppy long side bangs that take the style to another level of chicness.

7.   Classy wedge haircut with movement

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A blow-dryed bob wedge cut is all you need to achieve a sharp and elegant look. Make the most of your layered wedge cut and blow-dry your hair to the sides on those days when you’re having a bad hair day. You can spray some volumizing mousse to add extra thickness to your hair.

8.   Gorgeous multi-layered wedge haircut idea

30 Modern Wedge Cuts for Every Hair Type 1

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This choppy multi-layered with red undertone highlights is ideal for women who enjoy edgy and statement-like hairstyles. The long side-swept bangs add sharpness to the look, making it impossible to ignore.

9.   Sharp wedge haircut with stacked layers

30 Modern Wedge Cuts for Every Hair Type 2

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This beautiful stacked wedge haircut laves a bare nape that complements perfectly the long upper layers. If you have thick hair, you might want to give this idea a try. Edgy and simple, this haircut will make you look like a fashion pro.

10.     Copper red wedge haircut for a statement look

Чем старше возраст, тем короче стрижки. 7 примеров удачных коротких стрижек для зрелых женщин #edgybob Чем старше возраст, тем короче стрижки. 7 примеров удачных коротких стрижек для зрелых женщин

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A pixie wedge haircut is a lovely option for those who love classy retro looks. For copper red hair women, this haircut idea is simply stunning. Make sure to add some hair oil to give your wedge cut a polished and shiny finish.

11.     Bold and sharp short wedge cut with side bangs

Why We Now Love Jennifer Lawrence's Pixie Haircut - Daily Makeover

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Side bangs are the perfect complement for choppy wedge haircuts, especially those with heavy layering. If you enjoy really short hairstyles, this bold look is everything you’ve dreamt of. It’s a flattering wedge haircut idea for any type of face shape, so make sure to add it on your to-do list.

12.     Pixie wedge haircut with caramel highlights

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Long peek-a-boo bangs contrasting with the almost shaved nape and the shorter layers at the back is a gorgeous contrast that will make you look like a fashion pro. A dark brown hair with caramel highlights is a great way to elevate a pixie wedge haircut. A classic wedge cut with a modern spin is the key to step up your hairstyle game.

13.     Elegant long wedge haircut idea for wavy hair

Bob has proudly withstood testing with time and fashion. Being slightly upgraded each season, it does remain fashionable from year to year. These days a messy trend in hairstyles triggers certain changes in ever-classy bobs. They become edgier, shaggier and more texturized. Straight, wavy or curly shag bobs bring their own inimitable charm to the …

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If versatility and chicness is what you’re looking for, this wedge bob haircut might be the one for you. A flattering length that gives you the perks of a short hairstyle, this fabulous cut will let you play with different styling techniques.

14.     Classic wedge haircut for a bold style

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For those who have natural straight and thin hair and want to sport a bold hairstyle, a pixie wedge cut like this one will definitely do the trick. Long bangs at the jaw-line level swiped to the side and finely stacked back layers will flatter any face shape while adding an edgy flair to your looks.

15.     Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut

Noriko Blake in Marble Brown | Medium Brown and Light Honey Brown 50/50 blend

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If you enjoy all-things-vintage or are willing to pull-off an eye-catching hairstyle, recreate Dorothy Hamill’s signature wedge haircut. A stacked back and a bowl cut upper part are the key ingredients for this classic wedge cut. We recommend this haircut for thin or long shaped faces.

16.     Long wedge haircut with subtle layers

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A shoulder-length wedge haircut is perfect for those who want to keep their length. Long layers are the main element to pull off this sharp haircut. Add long side-swept bangs for an extra movement and style to the back for a sleek and elegant look.

17.     Cool wedge haircut for fine hair

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If you have fine hair, adding texture and volume with the help of layers is our best advice. This cool and modern short wedge haircut displays long side bangs styled to the back and short stacked layers at the nape area. A classic wedge cut with an edge, this idea will add that extra factor to your every-day style.

18.     Choppy wedge haircut for brown hair

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Choppy layers are a great idea for those who want to add texture to their hairstyle. This pretty wedge haircut idea keeps its classic look while looking fresh and modern at the same time. The secret? Gold and chestnut brown highlights that elevate the look.

19.     Stacked wedge haircut for an edgy look

Short Wedge Hair Cuts Back | Back View of Cute Short Japanese Haircut - Back View of Bowl (Mushroom ...

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This really short wedge haircut features a stacked nape area and long subtle layers on the upper part of the head. This is a common Japanese hairstyle that you can perfectly recreate to pull-off a sharp and edgy look, no matter if you have thick or thin hair.

20.     Modern and sharp angled wedge haircut idea

Asymmetrical Bob with Undercut for thick hair

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A really short A-line wedge bob haircut is enough to make a bold statement. Modern and sharp, this wedge cut idea has been taken to the next level with the help of gold caramel highlights that contrast with the dark brown natural hair color.

21.     Voluminous purple wedge haircut idea

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Few things can make a stronger statement than this killer purple wedge haircut. It’s not only the color, but also the bulky and voluminous texture at the crown of the head. Several stacked layers and longer frontside strands make this effect possible.

22.     Awesome messy wedge haircut for summer


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Sassy and stylish, this awesome wedge haircut is a great idea to freshen up your face. Opt for this multi-layered wedge cut as soon as the weather rises to sport a fabulous summer style. Easy to maintain, this messy wedge is all you need to steal tons of compliments.

23.     Killer wedge haircut idea for the bold

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This may not look like a typical wedge, but the boldness of it makes might make you want to give it a try. A shaved nape and long bowl-like cut sides and back along with the super long front side are all you need to shake things up. This asymmetrical wedge haircut will definitely turn heads!

24.     Short bob wedge haircut for wavy hair

Short wavy hair.

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A great way to give your natural thin and wavy hair a fresh makeover is with a classic wedge haircut. Keeping the signature Dorothy Hamill wedge haircut essence, this idea has been taken to the present with several subtle layers that add some fine texture. A side part will perfectly frame any type of face shape.

25.     Sharp multi layered wedge haircut with long side bang

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This fabulous pixie wedge cut is must-try for everyone. Finely chopped multi layers at the sides and back create a cool contrast with the long front-side bangs, resulting in a modern and sharp wedge cut that will instantly transform your whole style.

26.     Shaggy wedge haircut with bangs

A few shots from last week's #editafterhours! Loving how the balayage shows off all the amazing texture in this razor cut! Cut: Patrick @patrick_doeshair Color: Allison @allison_colors Makeup: LaRae @laraehilty Model: Becca @beccaemay

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A shaggy cut can shake up a classic wedge look, especially when there’s a major work done with coloring and highlights. Add choppy bangs to complement this messy but sophisticated look, and get ready to sport a modern hairstyle.

27.     Perfect wedge haircut for an elegant style

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This wedge haircut demonstrate that not all wedges need to have a strong angled shape or be heavy layered. Perfect for those who enjoy sharp and elegant looks, this copper brown haircut with baby highlights will definitely step up your style game. 

28.     Razored wedge haircut with bulky top

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For a fearless look, try this messy and heavy layered wedge cut. With plenty of texture, this example showcases the importance of playing with layers. Stacked short back layers along with medium and long layers at the upper part and styled to the side is a fabulous way to make a strong statement.

29.     Pretty wedge haircut for curly hair

Black Lace Frontal Wigs Brazilian Short Curly Wigs – wigsking

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Who says short curly hairstyles aren’t a thing? This gorgeous curly brown wedge haircut is really flattering for those who enjoy voluminous hair. A short back and a longer front are major components in volumizing the back while keeping a nice length next to the face. Pretty and modern, this wedge haircut for curly hair is a must try.

30.     Classy wedge haircut with ash blonde highlights

Uneven Wispy Razored Pixie #shorthairstylesforwomen

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Looking for a bold hairstyle? A choppy layered wedge cut with ash blonde chunky highlights is the perfect combo for you. The difference in the layers’ length create a gorgeous texture that’s hard to compete with. Add thin long side-swept bangs for a killer look.

30 Awesome ways to rock a wedge haircut

If you thought wedge haircuts were all the same, think again! These 30 ideas show that there are a wide range of styles you can pull-off depending on your taste and hair type. From heavy layered wedge bobs to sleek long wedge cuts, the possibilities to rock this style are endless. Make your hair parlor appointment right away and get ready to for a major makeover!