What to Wear With Green Pants: 32 Modern Outfit Ideas


They are certain colors that we wear less than we should, and If we do, most of the times are either as a top or as an accessory. Green is one of these colors.

There are some people that dislike the color green, and that´s okay. But it could happen that they simply haven´t given much of a though to all the cute, cool, edgy, modern or bold outfits they could pull-off.

Knowing how to pair green pants will open your mind to all these possibilities.

What to wear with green pants?

If you’re one of those people that think green bottoms are “weird” or “unfashionable”, then this article might change your mind. I´ve compiled the best 32 green pants outfit ideas that will prove that green can be as sophisticated as black and as bold and dramatic as red.

There are many shades of green, but the most popular ones in fashion are olive, sage, mint, and emerald. They’re all very different from each other, and they all can create different types of outfits.

1. Green pants for casual outfits

Skinny pants are worn by everyone, so if you want to step up your fashion style with green, it’s probably better to do so with green skinny pants.

Olive is one of the fashion world´s favorite shade of green. It´s versatile, suits almost all types of skin color, and looks very sophisticated. Knowing what colors to wear with olive green pants is a no brainer, as there are many that match perfectly with it.

But if you want to opt for a casual and laid-back outfit, neutral colors like white, back and denim are a perfect combination.

The best combination you can make with olive pants is white and black, even Emily Ratajkowksi knows it. If you want to elevate your casual look, add a classic black leather jacket for an extra dose of edge.

For a casual but stylish Sunday look, try pairing your green pants with a denim jacket and a neutral color t-shirt. Black is a great color to wear with olive pants:

Black and olive green are the perfect combinations for a casual date night look. If you’re planning on grabbing dinner with friends or watching movies at their house, a simple black and olive outfit will do the trick:

Joggers are a classic green pant option you can wear. They have a military vibe that will add a relaxed yet cool vibe to your outfit. Pair them with your favorite white sneakers and a neutral color top for a cool casual look:

Black and white are not the only colors that look great with green pants. Other neutrals like beige, camel or nudes look great with almost any shade of green.

As a rule of thumb, pair your green pants with white sneakers whenever you’re unsure of what shoes to wear. Sneakers and green pants are the perfect casual combo:

You can also add a pop of color in your shoes. Try pairing a white or ivory top with your green pants and finish your outfit with bright color flat shoes, like red or royal blue.
These red loafers are the key for transforming this outfit into a cool yet effortlessly chic outfit:

For an easy olive jeans outfit, pair your favorite white t-shirt with an eye-catching accessory, like a hat, and a denim jacket. You can roll up the hem for a trendier look:

Olive green jeans are perfect for fall. Olive is one of the typical colors in a fall palette, so wearing it during this season is a must.
A cool and easy fall look can include your olive skinny jeans, a leopard print accessory, black, white and/or denim:

If you want to dress up your olive pants outfit, try adding wedges and a chic handbag. It’s literally all it takes to take a so-and-so outfit into a chic and put together one.
High waist green pants are one stylish way of making the most of this color:

Add cool sunglasses for a chic lunch outfit:

Remember that olive pants are not the only green pants you can wear. An emerald green bottom will give you a head-turner outfit in the blink of an eye.

You can pair emerald with neutral colors as well, but try adding a burgundy accent to your outfit and you’ll see how sophisticated you can look with this combination:

When in doubt, especially with a unique color like this emerald/teal green, always opt for black or white pieces.

Even a black and white striped top can do the trick:

For a hipster look, wear wide-leg green pants, unique mules and an oversized cardigan:

Accentuate your waist with a high waisted waist tie band pant. Tuck inside a fitted t-shirt and get ready to look super cool:

If you want a bold look, pair your green trousers with a solid t-shirt in a bright or unique color, like this magenta top:

If you have a perfectly fitted high waisted straight-leg pants, you can do absolutely anything. You can pair it with a black fitted button-down and wedges for a chic elevated casual look, or with a grey top and sandals for a relaxed and casual outfit:

Green, grey, and red is a chic combination, not even I had thought of until I found this look. Red shoes definitely add a bold pop of color to any outfit, especially when paired with green pants.


Let’s remember red and green are complementary colors, which is the reason why pairing them together in an outfit makes a fashionable statement:

Olive and emerald are not the only green shades you can wear for a cute outfit. Mint is a color that many might think it’s hard to wear, that’s why I’ve brought you these cool mint pant outfits.
For a bold and edgy look, try pairing your mint pants with black combat boots and a white top:

For a cool head-turner outfit, try pulling-off an all-mint look. I love how this wide-leg cropped to make the whole outfit look relaxed because it matches perfectly with a green mint’s vibe:

If you want a chic outfit, try pairing your mint trousers with a white fitted top, and pair it with neutral color accessories, like beige or camel:

To elevate your mint green pants, pair them with block heels and a short top:

2. Green pants for work

You can perfectly wear your green pants for work, no matter how strict your workplace’s dress code is.
Victoria Beckham is our chicest fashion icon, and she knows perfectly that a green suit looks stunning:

If you want a low-key work attire, opt for fitted cigarette pants and blazer, all in a matching olive or emerald green color, and pair with black pieces:

The business casual version of this look is with a pair of white sneakers and a knit top:

If you want to take your green pants outfit to the next level, try recreating Cara Delevigne’s edgy and cool look. You can wear a lace tank top or bodysuit if you’re not comfortable bearing your chest out (few are as bold and daring as Cara!):

For a laid-back yet professional green pants outfit, try pairing it with a simple neutral color top and heels:

The business casual version is a white t-shirt and sandals, and a navy blue blazer if you feel like elevating your look:

If you feel like wearing a sexy yet professional outfit to work, try doing so with a pair of green leather pants. Few things are as sexy as leather pants and as bold as green, so green leather pants make the perfect piece to wear for an elevated yet edgy workwear look:

Wrap up:

I have to confess I only own one pair of skinny pants in my wardrobe, but writing this article has made me want to add many more!

Green pants, whichever the shade you choose, are the perfect addition to any wardrobe because you get to mix and match them quite easily.

If you’re wondering what to wear with green pants, remember that most of the times, neutral color pieces are the easiest go-to combination you can wear, but if you’re feeling a bit bolder, try adding one simple piece in a bright and unique color, and you’ll realize how easy it is to pull off a cool green pants outfit.