Women’s Shoe Styles to Invest In


When it comes to wardrobe staples, the right shoes are an absolute must. Not only do shoes complete just about every outfit, they can elevate a look and, if cared for properly, can often last for years in good condition. Whether you shop Birkenstock sandals on sale or enjoy browsing local downtown shops, the right shoes can make a solid long-term fashion investment. However, because women’s shoe styles are always changing, it can sometimes be difficult to know which styles to go for, and which will feel outdated quickly. From practical womens Birkenstock clogs to professional heels, though, there are a few styles that you can’t go wrong with if you want a well-stocked closet.

Sneakers and Casual Shoes

The start of a shoe wardrobe is usually in the realm of comfortable or casual shoes like Birkenstocks, since they’re one of the most common options for everyday wear. Additionally, you can wear a certain type of sneakers when you’re exercising, so this is one shoe that could easily pull double duty. When building your own set of timeless shoes, be sure to pick out a sturdy pair of sneakers that could work well either as a casual option or as an accessory for a light workout. You can browse womens shoes online to find the sneakers that most speak to you!

Dressy Heels That Are Still Comfy

Love them or hate them, heels are still a common staple of the professional wardrobe. Heels are a quick way to add a touch of class to any outfit, but if you want to wear them throughout the day or night without getting blisters, the trick is to find a pair that fits you well and genuinely feels comfortable. Be wary of heels that:

  • Are extremely high and could pose a danger for the health of your feet
  • Pinch your toes or the sides of your feet
  • Have too thin of a sole that doesn’t provide adequate arch support
  • Rub against your ankle the wrong way

Sandals or Flip-Flops

A warm-weather and vacation staple perfect for relaxed days, flip-flops are a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe, especially if you live in a warmer climate. Of course, flip flops are generally considered to be on the casual side, so if you want an option that looks cute even in the heat but lets you dress up a bit more, a nice pair of strappy sandals is the way to go. With one of each of these in your closet, you’ll have two solid options for dressing up or dressing down any summer look.

A good pair of shoes is a practical investment that can last you potentially for years if you look after them. However, because fashion trends are always shifting, it can sometimes be a little tricky to disentangle passing fads from classic looks that will always work well. If you want to stock up on wardrobe essentials that are sure to serve you well in any outfit situation, though, you may want to consider browsing for some of these tried-and-true choices.